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[Archived] Talksport Jim White

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On 18/02/2017 at 7:10 PM, tkturner said:

Not posted in a while as totally fell out of love with football and The Rovers...

Do still read every now and then...

Just listened to this complete recording and for me it just felt really weird all the way through (from the presenters).

I kind of thought, is Coyle under some pressure with losses and further attendance drops so has spoken to his mate to do a piece on the club?

Get people thinking they have some of the media on their side with the whole "Venkys, we're coming for you" repeated several times with strong "don't boycott, support the team" messages and perhaps the attendance thing will start improving and in turn the heat on Coyle decreases? 

There continues to be things happening behind the scenes at the club that we are not aware of in my opinion and this kind of feature on national radio that's come out of nowhere proves that for me.

All very weird...

Did Swiss Tony get interviewed on there today or was it just his comments being read out?

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Can i just be the first one to say a massive thankyou in advance to jim white for single handedly saving not only rovers but all teams plagued by poor foreign ownership. im sure any day now the evil in football will come crumbling to the ground. a true man of his word. shame more people in football are not as transparent and honest as wee gems mate. remember,if you think you have got away with it, you have not. HES COMING FOR YOU !!!!!

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