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On 07/06/2021 at 20:14, AJW said:

Kevin Davies takes some beating but a few other worth a mention

Barry Ferguson for crying back off to Scotland because basically he wasn’t as good as he Souness or us thought 

Matty Holmes , completely the wrong signing for a team that’s just won the league sent out all the wrong messages 

Danny Murphy , possibly the most disappointing signing of all time 

Bradley Orr , complete twat sorry for language but the word fits him perfectly 


The Matty Holmes one always felt like a kick in the teeth - a top-class centre-half and creative midfielder were all we really lacked at that time. Would have made us much more competitive in Europe and helped build on the initial success. Instead we got - at best - a squad backup player.

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When he speaks about how professional footballers should always be motivated I get unbelievably irate. It is a joke amongst my non-Rovers supporting mates that if Danny Murphy is on tele I will eventu

Murphy’s nadir was that home game against Peterborough - three nil down after about 20 minutes.  He didn’t lift a leg and was hauled off at half time.  I literally cannot watch/listen to any

Always thought the barracking of Andrews was well over-the-top. He never hid and always tried his best. Not his fault his manager over-promoted him. Compared to the likes of Murphy, Ferguson (could ha

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