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Championship with TM V League 1 with no TM?

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Genuine question. If you were offered a scenario where we got relegated this season with TM leaving the club vs staying up this season but having to endure TM for another full season what would you prefer?

For me no doubt I would take league one with no TM. He, along with Waggot, have genuinely nearly made me lose all interest in the club. I can’t remember the last time I had any true faith in the club. It’s heartbreaking. 

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TM doesn't matter anymore. As long as we have Venkys they will continue making idiotic decisions that will ruin any and all hope we have. Venkys have to go. if we have to start from the bottom without them, but revert to being a very well run club, so be it.  

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Stick in the championship with him,only because we got lucky getting promoted back in the first season last time.Look at how long teams like Ipswich and Sunderland have been stuck down there in league 1.I can see that being us if we ever went back there so no thanks from me.

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Bizarre question. The reason Mowbray needs to go is because results arent good enough and indeed we are moving further from potential promotion and much closer to the threat of relegation. How would logically that mean that I want us to be in a lower league simply to get rid of him, at that point, id have lost track of the reason he needs to go in the first place, continued poor results.

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I think the more apt hypothetical equation would be...

Championship with Venky's as owners OR League 1 with new owners who have the best interest of the club at heart.

League 1 every single day of the week! Probably League 2, in fact, as for all the crap that Bolton have been through they now have a club to follow with all their heart again. 

I don't care which division we're in, I'd follow Rovers in any league. I just want owners who are Rovers through and through, too. 

Form and league position is temporary, having a team to be proud of is priceless. That was stolen from us in 2010 and has not been seen since. 



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