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BRFCS Season Ticket Market Research

BRFCS Season Tickets Market Research   

47 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you buy a season ticket if the price range was £250-£350?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Won't buy one at current prices (14/05/2023)
    • Won't buy one until there is a change of ownership
    • Have bought one at current prices (14/05/2023)
    • Have bought one at the early bird price (23-24 season)

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So following on from what @glen9mullansuggested in the season ticket thread I have created a poll to see where exactly people stand on the season ticket prices. 

You can choose more than one option in the poll. I've tried to cover as much ground as possible with the answers. Any suggestions on things that can be added are welcome. 

The poll will close on 31st August. 

If the mods want to merge this with the other st thread then they can but it would be good if everyone can vote that way we can get a good idea of where the fanbase (the BRFCS portion of it anyway) stands on this matter.

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I ticked the bottom box, I realise some people have other priorities, but for me it's the best value purchase of the year.

The poll is a good idea, it's easy to read a lot of comments from a small number of posters and see their comments as the common concensus.

There are also a lot of overseas fans who can't go, I'm assuming they will have to pass on this one.

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3 minutes ago, roversfan99 said:

I have bought at the early bird price but also answered yes, I suspect there is a bit of a misunderstanding from those who have renewed and not also selected yes, unless a price reduction would put them off?!

Perhaps they like moaning about how much it cost them 😁

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