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Stolen by the Ref

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Is the match on Fox at the moment?

BTW, I will not dignify your joke with a response tongue.gif

Matches are on PPV, I follow them on Guardian's minute by minute. They will be showing them on a few days delay on FSW. 3 days, I think for the Quarters and 5 for the Semi and Final (or the other way around). Try www.soccertv.com

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Did I mention that I hate the BBC. Every Saturday BBC World, which I get on my satellite radio in the car, plays the Radio 5 matches (I love them for that). So now that it is Euro time, do you think they'd be playing the matches, which I understand they are broadcasting on Radio 5? Nah, that would be too easy. Instead I get to listen, yes listen, to tennis. Not that it is the most exciting sport to begin with, but try listening to it. I'd rather spend a night hanging out with Lofty.

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Full time

bloody stupid useless effing ref

goes to silver goal now - Terry might have been fouling the keeper but really innocuous


if we lose there will be blue murder in lisbon now

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G Neville just sent a Portugal player sprawling in the box but ref gave them nothing luckily, maybe he relisles what he did in the 90th minute.

I got to say I cant see us winning this unless we get a miracle ( Silver goal on 15 mins)

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whatever rolleyes.gif

I tell you mate, the disallowed goal aside, that ref has been absolutely abysmal. Its not simply that most awards are going against us, but his decisions have been poor for Portugal as well. The difference is they'v been at times that matter for us.

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