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    A group of concerned supporters have set the wheels in motion to form the #VenkysOutParty. We plan to stand for the Blackburn parliamentary seat in the upcoming General Election. Essentially a single issue party, our aim is to have an elected member who can lobby for change in the governance of Football, and attempt to safeguard Blackburn Rovers FC for years to come. Arguably, there is no bigger local issue than the state of our proud town's club. Rovers is hugely important socially, economically, and culturally to the people of Blackburn. We have been let down thus far, by every individual, group or governing body trusted to ensure our football club continues to thrive. We need to, and we will, fight back. In a time when global disillusionment with the political establishment is at an all time high, this is the greatest opportunity ever to use a protest vote that could actually make a material difference. The running of the country will be contested by the major parties, to whom our town and its football club are insignificant. We now have a unique chance to assert some real influence and pressure, by electing not a career politician, one motivated by self gratification and fulfilment of their own ambition, but a supporter who bleeds Blackburn, Blue and White. It is early days or far. But a group of committed fans are already working to make this work. We need your help. Now. Ideas and support would be gratefully received. We have an unofficial slate of 5 candidates who will be approached. Ideas and nominations welcome. Over to you BRFCS. Arte Et Labore.
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    He makes a salient point though about how much online gambling is involved in sponsorship of football. The FA have Ladbrokes as one of it's main sponsors. And one of the the aims of sponsorship is to get people to use the sponsors products.
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    Well then, this game is rather sizeable, isn't it? A bit about our opponents to begin with...... Villa were formed one year before us in 1874 and are the fifth most successful club in the country. They won the European Cup in 1981-82 and are one of only five English clubs to have done so. Like us, they are a founder member of the Football League. They were formed by members of the Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel in Handsworth (now part of Birmingham). After they moved to the Wellington Road Ground two years later, they soon established themselves as one of the best teams in the area, winning their first honour in 1880, The Birmingham Senior Cup. By the end of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1897, they had firmly established themselves as the most successful club in the country and they had moved into their current home, then known as the ‘Aston Lower Grounds’. The supporters coined the name ‘Villa park’, though no official declaration listed the ground as ‘Villa Park’, I suspect that’s what is on the land registry nowadays…. As it stands at the moment, they are one of four Chinese owned clubs in England (all of whom are based in the Midlands incidentally). The others being; local rivals Birmingham City, Wolverhampton Wanderers and their Black Country rivals West Bromwich Albion. I suspect most would say that the appointment of Roberto Di Matteo was an odd one and perhaps unsurprisingly, he didn’t last long, only to be replaced by Championship stalwart Steve Bruce. (For those of you that use Twitter, search for Steve Bruce at weddings for the LOLs). I think that based on the squad they have, their fans would probably say that this season has been a disappointment overall. Which leads me nicely onto the next part! I’ve got a couple of friends from Uni who support Villa, but I only have the mobile number of one, so he’s been kind enough to provide his input! Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Joel Hagan. Thanks for your contribution and I hope you’re well! KH- How do you feel this season has gone overall? What have been the highs and lows? Who has performed well? Who has performed poorly? Who would get your vote for player of the season? JH- This season has been a bit of a rebuilding one for us. I believe a lot of fans were delusional enough to believe we would go straight back up so have caused some problems for Bruce but I think actually, overall it's been a decent season. New manager, a lot of new players, new league so we couldn't have expected too much. It's hard to look past (Jonathan) Kodija for player of the season for his goals, however (James) Chester has been solid and a good leader for us, so between those two. Jack Grealish has to be the biggest disappointment. All the talent with absolutely no desire to achieve. Overpaid, massive ego and no work ethic. Could be a great player for us but doesn't care. Highs of the season would probably be the recent run of form. I believe seven clean sheets in a row and a good win streak before the last few games, hopefully we can carry that form into next season. Low would be Burton Albion away....Just the fact that we have to play Burton Albion in the league. What has happened to us?! KH- One of the most memorable things (granted, for the wrong reasons) to happen to your club this season would be Ross McCormack and the Gate incident. Instead of Steve Bruce being passive aggressive, then making full use of the camera on his mobile after turning up at his striker’s house, don’t you think he could have used that same phone to call McCormack and offer him a lift? I’m sure Ross McCormack had a step ladder on the grounds to enable him to conquer his adjoining wall….. JH- Haha! Ross McCormack. On loan, so technically could come back to us, if we take that gate out. I believe Bruce could have handled the situation better, yes. I think it was clear to a lot of people here that there was ore to him not coming to training than a big gate! But Bruce decided to call him out on it. It turns out he has suffered with depression in recent years so maybe a little discretion would have been nice from Bruce. Hopefully he can come back to Villa fully fit. If he does, we have a player on our hands I think! KH- I’ve seen a few comments online from Villa fans (possibly with tongue firmly in cheek) saying that they would take a loss at the weekend if it helps your city rivals suffer relegation. Would you take a defeat at the weekend if it meant ultimately relegating Birmingham City? Our need is greater than yours, btw! JH- Ha! I also heard this bandied about last weekend at the game. Ermmm, I am a bit torn on this one. I don't like to concentrate in the blues as they really should be insignificant to the Villa, so I would usually say that I would prefer the Villa win. However, two things make me want Blackburn to win. One is Blackburn is a bigger and better club and should not be going down over the blues. Two- I'm bored of them thinking they are at our level so I wouldn't mind seeing them flounder round the bottom two leagues for a couple of decades. KH- What are your hopes for next season? From the outside looking in, the new owners seem to have let Steve Bruce to get on with his job, is this the case by and large? JH- I think you are right. The owners have let Bruce get on with things. They have given him money and seem to stay out of where he spends it. Hopefully we can build again and push for a finish in the play offs. If we keep the back line together, we keep Kodija, get Hogan firing and sign a top class midfielder or two, I think play-offs could be for us. I do however think that Dr Tony's four season prediction for CL qualification has gone now... KH- Finally, what’s your prediction for the weekend? (You don’t have to be kind, we know just how poor we are!) JH- Haha. Well you may be poor but your last three results have been decent so you've got fight in you against the drop. Our season is over really so I think it will be tough. Your boys seem to fancy a draw as well so I'm going to go score draw at 1-1. If you do win and drag the blues into the relegation zone, then so be it!!! Some Famous Villans Tom Hanks- Prolific actor David Cameron (when he remembers they aren’t called West Ham United) Benjamin Zephaniah- Poet, Rastafarian & recently seen in Peaky Blinders Prince William- Member of The Royal Family with a worldie of a sister in law Oliver Phelps- One of the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter franchise (his twin is a blue nose) Pauline McLynn- Mrs Doyle in the comedy series Father Ted Ozzy Osbourne & Tony Iommi (both of Black Sabbath) Simon Le Bon & Roger Taylor (both of Duran Duran) Ian Bell (Cricketer) Some Connections between the two clubs Paul Lambert (managed both) Alan Wright (played for both) Rudy Gestede (played for both, then went to Middlesbrough to get the band back together, only for Middlesbrough to selfishly sell Jordan Rhodes to Sheffield Wednesday) Gordon Cowans (played for both) Stephen Warnock (played for both) Brad Friedel (played for both) Head to head Villa 74 wins Rovers 61 wins 35 Draws The last meeting between the two sides came in November at Villa Park, where our opponents ran out 2-1 winners. Being the pessimist I am (where Rovers are concerned), I’m fully expecting a drab 0-0 draw and for us to go down with a whimper. As long as it doesn’t take us an hour to record a shot on target, I guess that would be an improvement from the weekend’s game at Molineux at the very least……
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    Id vote for anybody that wasnt nigel evans to be fair
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    Florian Thauvin. Signed by Newcastle, from Marseille. Then sold back to Marseille. Agent Mondial Sports Management. Diego Payet. Signed by West Ham, from Marseille. Then sold back to Marseille. Agent Mondial Sports Management. Remt Cabella. Signed by Newcastle, from Marseille. Then sold back to Marseille. Agent Mondial Sports Management. Draw your own conclusions.
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    He's spot on about the massive hypocrisy of the football authorities when it comes to the gaming industry. Other than that, he's got his just reward. If only the FA/Premier League etc put as much effort into investigating the massive corruption that goes on with agents, owners etc.........
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    Karma. Should've been out of football and in prison a long time ago. Scumbag disguised as intelligentsia.
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    Honestly some threads should carry health warnings. The other day it was SK and OC. Today it's JA. And I'd just finished eating my breakfast too.
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    Did West Ham get the punishment they deserved last time they broke the transfer rules with Tevez and Mascherano? Did they heck! Brookings connection appeared to protect them and id expect the same this time. Individuals may be done, but not the club
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    All you do, Chaddy is ignore the past. Venky's have been here for around 7 years and in that time we have gone backwards year on year. The very structure of our club has been dismantled. The players we had have disappeared and any replacements brought in had been such a downgrade that it's a wonder we are still in with a shout of staying in the championship. The fans have been at best ignored and at worst insulted and so far sidelined that it's a wonder any still attend. And against this, all you say is that's the past, why go on about it? We go on about it because it matters, because we shouldn't forget how this lot, the Raos, Anderson and co, agents, players, our own director, the FA, the premier league, the media have treated us. I'd love it if the past I was dwelling on was winning the Worthington Cup, the Premier league, watching Tugay, Shearer, Bellamy, and other great players many on here will have seen that I don't know. I'd love it if the football thread was us discussing matches we've seen or would like to have seen. I'd love it if the transfer thread was about potential real signings who would bring something good to our team and excite us. I remember walking down the Champs Elysees and seeing on a day old newspaper that we'd signed Mark Hughes. The next night the kids were hanging out of the hotel window in the pouring rain desperately trying to get radio signal to hear the match because Hughes was playing. That's the kind of excitement I want to feel about my club again, but it won't be achieved if we simply gloss over the awful things that have happened and been allowed to happen at Rovers. I doubt those responsible for the destruction of Rovers will ever be brought to book in this life, but I, like many others won't forget what they have done.
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    I do agree. It is a salient point. However, the function of his comment-like many others in his statement-is to distance himself from personal responsibility. A certain football chant seems relevant here..."Always the victim, it's never your fault!"
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    If we had him this season we would be safe.
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    Depends how good their squad is, I guess. Obviously for the players coming in, it's a chance to try and push their way into the play-off starting eleven, so they shouldn't be lacking in effort. Quality on the other hand...
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    I read that Betfair his online bookie reported him and his account details to the FA. Not good imo. As long as not betting on the team(s) that he is directly linked with I see nothing wrong. The FA are a money making profit centre who know that Barton will just be replaced by another player punter. Their prosecuting Moyes for easy money says it all.
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    Stokesy will play but only if shown live over the internet
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    Looking forward to the party political broadcast from the 'VenkysOutParty'
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    Sly And The Family Stone - It's A Family Affair
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    Good preview, Andre. For me, one of the greatest sights in the history of British football has always been the Gordon Cowans cross-field pass skimming the top soil as it fizzed to the feet of a teammate, and lesser mortal. An effortless midfield maestro. It was a pleasure to see him in a Rovers shirt. https://www.villatalk.com/topic/16388-pre-match-thread/ Some Villa fans comments. I especially liked:- 'I don't care what team we put out, so long as the Football League fine us for it' A Villa ladies team* and a Cowans-esque performance from J-Lowe and we could scab a win. 1-0 Rovers *The captain of Villa's ladies team...and possibly Mercer's friend/colleague.
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    Get behind the K-Hod FFS!
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    Brentford are a dangerous side and score plenty of goals. They've won 12 home games this season. They put 5 past PNE earlier this season, 4 past Reading, Rotherham and Derby and 3 past QPR, Brighton and Villa. 73 goals scored this season which is only bettered by Norwich, Fulham and Newcastle. If we're still alive by the time we go there it is going to take a big effort to go there and get the win that might well be necessary. Amazing what they can do on 10,000 crowds and a shoestring budget Mike.
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    The idea WAS for him to turn out for his country despite not playing in Rovers first team let's not gloss that over.
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    Are Venkys leaving now cos of it?? The concept has been explained to you many times. The 18/75 was a very simple opportunity to show people the depth of feeling amongst Rovers fans. The answer? Well, we don't feel that strongly about it at all. We aren't interested in showing a united front. In fact, we'd much rather just watch the match and we'll be out of your way, dothing our caps as we shuffle out of Ewood. At 95 minutes, not 75 - cos we might miss a goal (between leaving our seats and getting to the concourse). Can you imagine the conversation with the Sports Minister? You know, that meeting that you have also pooh-poohed as pointless? "So gentleman, excellent presentation, how many fans feel this way" "Oh, thousands." "How many people attended the recent march?" "Well, a couple of hundred. It was a bit overcast and cold." "How about the 18/75 protest that I read about?" "Similar" "Out of 12,000 fans?" "Well, erm, we believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion so we try not to cajole people too much in case they..." "BEND OVER?? I'm not sure this is a good use of my time." But thanks for your support, Chaddy. (Of course now I've said that it'll be the fault of the protesters again - JBizzle, Rev or Parson will be along in a bit to confirm).
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    Whatever business we do in the summer it will be flawed and doomed to fail, as it has virtually every summer since they arrived. In hindsight it is a miracle that Bowyer managed to piece together the squad he did with relative peanuts, I suppose a policy of picking up players surplus to requirements at recently promoted clubs not to mention free agent journeymen on much bigger wages than offered elsewhere was the only way he was going to be able to put together a competitive Championship team. You can bet your bottom dollar that Rotherham and Wigan will already have plans in place for League One. They will know which players are going, they will know what their wage bill is going to be and will have targets in mind with a view to assembling a squad capable of promotion next season. It might not happen for them but at least they'll give it a shot. Then we've got the likes of Portsmouth and Plymouth coming up from League Two with confidence, momentum and a winning habit. Some sensible purchases for them this summer and they'll fancy another promotion push. Meanwhile when our fate is confirmed we'll have a period of 'confusion' aka the owners couldn't give a stuff and will make decisions when they can be bothered, which usually means late May or early June before anyone at BRFC has any idea what financial structure will be in place and what the owners want. If we need a new manager expect another 2 month 'search' carried out by unqualified people before another poor appointment. If we don't need another manager Mowbray will be left in limbo and unable to add to his squad until pre-season is well underway. We'll be playing the catch up game again like so many times before. Even with a half decent squad that doesn't bode well, but with our probable squad next season it will be a disaster.
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    And I guess that's why I will call in the blues Bar instead.
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