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    All you do, Chaddy is ignore the past. Venky's have been here for around 7 years and in that time we have gone backwards year on year. The very structure of our club has been dismantled. The players we had have disappeared and any replacements brought in had been such a downgrade that it's a wonder we are still in with a shout of staying in the championship. The fans have been at best ignored and at worst insulted and so far sidelined that it's a wonder any still attend. And against this, all you say is that's the past, why go on about it? We go on about it because it matters, because we shouldn't forget how this lot, the Raos, Anderson and co, agents, players, our own director, the FA, the premier league, the media have treated us. I'd love it if the past I was dwelling on was winning the Worthington Cup, the Premier league, watching Tugay, Shearer, Bellamy, and other great players many on here will have seen that I don't know. I'd love it if the football thread was us discussing matches we've seen or would like to have seen. I'd love it if the transfer thread was about potential real signings who would bring something good to our team and excite us. I remember walking down the Champs Elysees and seeing on a day old newspaper that we'd signed Mark Hughes. The next night the kids were hanging out of the hotel window in the pouring rain desperately trying to get radio signal to hear the match because Hughes was playing. That's the kind of excitement I want to feel about my club again, but it won't be achieved if we simply gloss over the awful things that have happened and been allowed to happen at Rovers. I doubt those responsible for the destruction of Rovers will ever be brought to book in this life, but I, like many others won't forget what they have done.
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    Elton John's chin has hits more balls than Anthony stokes's right boot.
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    Villa. I like their colours and hope they play in their claret and blue. Hudds away kit is vomit inducing. Seriously I think we will have more of a chance v Villa who are all hopefully on the beach listening to their fans and wanting Brum relegated. Hudds even their reserves will be trying to impress Wagner..I think
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    The gutting one is Gallacher who looked a good player under Coyle. (And his only good signing.) As for the rest none have looked that good at all and have either been crap, crocked or both so it's hard to tell if they're sulking or just at their own low standards. Not that I disbelieve you just they're that poor it's hard to tell.. Think it's unfair to put Evans in there - he's always crocked apart from when Northern Ireland play. Wouldn't make a difference who was manager no one would get more than a dozen games a season out of him Imo. Also interesting to note how quickly Mulgrew got back under TM...
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    Sly And The Family Stone - It's A Family Affair
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    Brentford are a dangerous side and score plenty of goals. They've won 12 home games this season. They put 5 past PNE earlier this season, 4 past Reading, Rotherham and Derby and 3 past QPR, Brighton and Villa. 73 goals scored this season which is only bettered by Norwich, Fulham and Newcastle. If we're still alive by the time we go there it is going to take a big effort to go there and get the win that might well be necessary. Amazing what they can do on 10,000 crowds and a shoestring budget Mike.
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    If there is a problem with Emnes then that is us sunk imo as the only chance of survival for me is to successfully pair him up with any one of the other strikers. Its clear he is the only member of the squad with a bit of vision and time on the ball capable of bringing others into play and I think we always play much better when he is on the pitch. Strange how perceptions change depending on who the player and/or manager is. This story about Emnes could well be complete cobblers but he and Joao and a few otbers allegedly dont buy into what Mowbray is trying to do and are castigated az villains. The likes of Marshall and Graham don't try or bother to get themselves fit all season for a less popular manager in Coyle and they're hailed as heroes and the manager is in the wrong. To be fair something doesn't seem to be right in the camp though wherever the blame lies. We need wins, yet since Preston the manager has gone ultra defensive, exactly the opposite of what is required and the players don't appear to be putting much of a shift in either.
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    The idea WAS for him to turn out for his country despite not playing in Rovers first team let's not gloss that over.
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    Same..... ...And I'm only 33.
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    Mowbray should be calling these players out. People on here are already saying he's not good enough, so alot of the blame for relegation is likely to end up at his feet. Emnes surprises me to be honest, Mowbray spoke very highly of him in one of his first interviews having worked with him in the past. I'd Chuck Bennett in the good guy camp also, he has improved under Mowbray but has also stood in with the fans to watch the game when injured.
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    Sorry for the late reply Chaddy; just seen your post. I'm not entirely sure how many players are involved in this but I think I can speculate with a degree of accuracy. Steele- I wanted him replaced months ago. Mowbray knows him of old. I believe Mowbray wanted Raya in several games earlier but didn't want to destroy Steele. When Steele visibly demonstrated an 'injury' the other week during a home game (Preston?), I didn't believe he was genuinely injured. I think his confidence is completely shot and he wanted to be rested. Hoban- I know some like him but I haven't been impressed since his return. Wasn't he dropped for the last game? A strange decision if true. Isn't he a loanee and therefore leaving soon? Feeney- he is a Coyle man and Mowbray has publicly had a problem with him since day one. Feeney has infuriated Mowbray in my opinion. Gallagher- another Coyle man and far worse under Mowbray. Graham - anyone who saw his innocuous 'hip injury' within minutes of coming on the other week would have to be sceptical. He certainly seemed to recover remarkably quickly to now be back in contention. Can anyone honestly say his body language this season has been indicative of a happy player? Stokes- wtf!! Corry Evans- see Stokes/Graham above Where is Greer? Akpan- incongrously arrived in a taxi before the last home game. Not sure that is partuicularly relevant to this thread but he played like he he had been on the ale. Guthrie- I rate him but I think he is a gobby scouser who rubs managers up the wrong way. I bet he would offer an interesting view on the season after a few pints! Emnes /Joao - big buddies and travelling companions. Very talented but absolutely zero interest in our club. A bad influence on each other and collectively, a manager's basic nightmare. I see Raya, Conway, Mulgrew, Lenihan, Lowe, Nyambe,Williams and Mahoney as the flip side of the coin and basically the good guys. I called relegation before a ball was kicked and I call it now. Mowbray must be gutted. He is a genuine good guy surrounded by scoundrels and wastrels. Oh, for a Kevin Moran or a Craig Bellamy! Even an Ian Miller or a Robbie Savage!
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    If that is true, TM must leave them out completely and only include in the squad those who want to give their all for the team, even if that means bringing some of the under 23s into the squad.
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    Love how you have plucked this 25 game figure to suit your argument! How about a team that lost 16 games out of 31 have now lost 3 in 13, what does that say about the job he has done? I agree with the point about coaches and transfers to a certain extent...However he deserves praise for what he has done so far, he is also clearly a man of integrity, which gets a thumb up from me.
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    And I guess that's why I will call in the blues Bar instead.
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