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  1. Wood26

    Derby V Rovers

    Last game I went to a game was Derby away, stinker of a day. Time to put thing a right and if we are serious this year then let’s go for 3 points.
  2. Wood26

    Armstrong Signed

    Which is true. But playing wide, compare him to Benrahama or the Bournemouth guy who scored against us is night and day to me. I see Benrahma live and I shit my pants every time he got the ball. When Armstrong gets it I’m just hoping somehow he does something good on wing.
  3. Wood26

    Armstrong Signed

    I can’t see a Prem league side buying him and playing him down middle as their main striker. Much to our benefit.
  4. Cardiff that’s it. I also think just his presence helps us, and Dack says he’s toughest he’s played against.
  5. Im noticing the games BJ plays well we win. Today, Bristol away, others that escape me right now.
  6. So happy with today’s performance! Armstrong is on fire! I am well and Truely batterrd celebrating this win and I love it!! My bird is getting well pissed off asking me why do you keep sayig Dolan! Dolan! Dolan! Dooooolaan!
  7. Wood26

    Summer Transfer Window

    I don’t know much about Manning, but I want to sign him purely because QPR fans are calling it a step down to join us.
  8. Wood26

    Summer Transfer Window

    Ronaldo scores 1 in 40 fee kicks, but when he does twitter goes wild! Holtby should of scored, wasn’t surprised he didn’t. Lets get Dacky back.
  9. Wood26

    Summer Transfer Window

    Perfect role for him, makes senses why Downing wasn’t renewed. I was flabbergasted when Holtby was a false 9, much better in that quarter back type role.
  10. Wood26

    Summer Transfer Window

    I think it says more about our attacking players that in the last two games our holding midfielders (Holtby, Evans) have missed our best chances to score.
  11. Wood26

    Summer Transfer Window

    I don’t know a Rovers fan that didn’t want Gallagher or Chapman. Cunningham injury was unfortunate. Few of the others like Leutwiler did their jobs as back ups. I personally rate Bradley Johnson, think he was an improvement on what we had. Its game of opinions though. For every criticism of £7 million on Brereton I see no praise on £1.7 million for Dack and Armstrong.
  12. Wood26

    Summer Transfer Window

    Only reason is it’s out of budget, I’ve said before he’s not going to be given 7 million to sign Charlie Austin for example. I see your point though, but I’m also not going to hold a grudge on one bad transfer.
  13. Wood26

    Summer Transfer Window

    David Raya used to get slated on here. Did we miss him last year really? I don’t think so. We are never going to get £10 million for him, but £3 million plus some extras when he moves on, it’s not really that bad a deal. I personally think since Mowbray has took over he has done well with his transfers. (This is assuming he doesn’t have total control, like Brereton, which I don’t think he has, could be wrong). When we got relegated we kept all our good players, he’s signed Dack, Armstrong (slated on here constantly) Rothwell, Smallwood, Ayala, Cunningham, Downing. Great loans like (Reid albeit played out position) Adarabioyo. He has flaws of course, what manager doesn’t, but I’ve been far happier since Mowbray took over then I have been in previous 5 years, haven’t you??
  14. Wood26

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Got mine yesterday, first one in a few years as mainly stuck to away games. I’m going to be paying £10 to watch on iplayer anyway so hoping it works out financially for me with the £7.50 off next years when hopefully all is back to normal.
  15. Pointless tackle too, no need for him to clatter the guy the way he did.

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