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  1. Wood26

    West Brom at home

    Gutted Davenport didn’t put his chance away. Annoyed with Holtby wasting 2 good chances, so it feels like a loss but they had far more chances and a draw is fair. That has to be the worst performance in a Rovers shirt from Graham. Absolute garbage today, gave it away at every opportunity. Poor from Armstrong too. Going to miss Tosin. Well done to Gallagher when he came on looked good.
  2. Wood26

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Their second goal is exactly why Mulgrew was shipped out too. He can’t run, so relies on an offside trap we just never play. I never see our back line trying to work an offside trap, but with him in he has to, and as we saw, didn’t work.
  3. Wood26

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I wasn’t buying the hype of the “improved Brereton” of last 2 games. What did he create? He went round the keeper and fell over? If anything, he was his usual self, runs with the ball, only he was getting fouled before he gave it away. I can’t understand his red card. It wasn’t it my eyes, but the foul? The guy is on touchline, absolutely no need.
  4. Wood26

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Totally dejected. Was on a high after Bristol, thought Wigan was a frustrating blip, but today has such a blow. I always backed Tony with not playing Rothwell before, and after last 2 games, I stand by it, he’s just a nothing player for me. Yeah it looks nice if he runs with it, but nothing ever comes of it. We missed Travis big time in the middle. Holtby is clearly very good footballer, but just looking at the team I can’t see why TM thinks we will get goals with him as our man down middle. He can be so more effective in Rothwell role and Graham down the middle. Subbing of Armstrong annoyed me. You got to leave goal scorers on. Shearer was never subbed. Kane doesn’t get subbed. Look at Kane against West Ham, nothing all game, gets chance last minute and scores. Samuel was really wasteful a number of times. I’ve no interest when Gallagher comes on, he’s not going to grab us a goal. Even the commentators were annoying me. Get Nyambe further forward. Why bother? Who he gonna cross it to? Holtby and Armstrong?
  5. Interested to know what they thought they fell victim too? Also their gaffer looked like a baseball coach on the sideline. I have never cared about Wigan before, but the way their fans treated Dack when he got hurt, I hope we tear them apart. My boozing is carrying on well into the night tonight!
  6. I find with Gallagher playing it encourages Lenihan to play 30 yard balls that never pay off.
  7. Agreed, Samuel has shown he’s no worse then Gallagher since his injury, if anything more useful.
  8. My last memory of Rovers was sitting in a car park for an hour after watching a hopeless performance against Derby. I just had a read of Bristol fans on twitter, know how they feel. So tonight, I’m thoroughly gonna enjoy this win with multiple beers.
  9. Wood26

    Season Restart

    I missed first 10 minutes. I will give them benefit of doubt now, as first game with mass viewings, and hopefully it’s fine going forwards. Saying that, I do feel for the older generation who probably find technology more stressful and likely gave up when couldn’t log in at kick off, hope Rovers take care of them.
  10. I can’t remember last time when I was looking at our bench and thinking of all the good options we got to bring on.
  11. No matter what level anyone has played at, you just know Travis would be a pain in the arse. 90th minute and he still all over there left back to stop them playing out. Come on Rovers!!!
  12. I’m so glad that was worth the wait! Evans, Travis, Brereton my stand outs. JRC for filling in against a good opponent. Mowbray team worries me at start but tactics paid off well again. Table looks beautiful. Counting down to next week already! Enjoy your Saturday evening all.
  13. Mine says please wait while we sign you in now with a bouncing ball to keep me entertained
  14. That’s the message I’m getting too.
  15. That was such a hard watch, bored shitless in second half knew we wouldn’t score. Brereton was useless, as was Gallagher and Bennett. Rothwell non existent first half and very sloppy second half. Thought Bell had a good first half. Pure garbage today.

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