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  1. It’s not your money. Or mine. And it wasn’t out of our budget for that season. It was the owners, taking a gamble with their money on an investment. Why fans like you get so up tight about billionaire Indians spending their cash I will never know. There wasnt 7 million available to buy 2/3 players. We had a separate budget for that. They saw a chance to invest and took it. It’s really not rocket science.
  2. Such a ridiculous statement. Based on what? We have spent more then we have received over the last few years.
  3. Why out of everyone we signed you picking Ayala and Pears? Ayala although injury prone is a good player, and pears was signed as back up. What about Dack? What about Armstrong who he knew from Coventry?
  4. Great effort by them. If only our supporters could be like that. Instead of not getting one cos they don’t like the manager or owners or price of hot dogs.
  5. Spot on. It’s very hard for some people to understand he was brought as an investment. It was a gamble. We need to take these gambles. The point fans slammed Venkys and Mowbray for doing it really is mind boggling. He’s still very young, and maybe we will make money on him one day. If we don’t, we don’t. You gotta take these risks.
  6. Lost count of how many games we have conceded a goal out of nothing to go 1-0 down this season. I rate our keeper, but defensively we are a shambles. I am going into the summer with an open mind on who we keep around. Start of season I would be desperate to keep hold of some of them, but now I couldn't give a shit. And maybe I am doing them a dis-service and a new manager would get more out of them.
  7. The last 4 games are going to be be rough to watch as a fan, nothing left to play for, not in the stadiums. Sure the buy rate on Iplayer will plummet. What will be interesting is the team he picks. Douglas and Bell both probably off so that doesn't matter. JRC injured and no CBs so expect THB, Branthwaite and Nyambe still. But if the likes of Buckley/Dolan/Brereton aren't starting then it really would make no sense.
  8. Glad we got the win to secure safety, cant believe we would be in this position start of season. Taylor HB was superb today. Really good performance, shame about the players who we own. I been pro Mowbray all season, even when it went south I was on here defending him, give him until end of season hoping he could turn it around. I now accept that he cant, and although I stand by my defence that he deserved time, those who I argued with I apologise to as you are proven right, there is not enough time, we have been awful with the squad we have, and players I considered to be "key" are only going backwards. Happy with the result, but hoping for changes in summer.
  9. 100% this. I get constant emails from them to buy stuff, yet they have nothing in stock. £10 voucher for having a season ticket, and again, nothing in stock or worth buying. Im envious of mates who support other clubs that have branded clothes you can wear. The casual clothes from Rovers store are god awful. They did a Umbro buy one get one half price on training gear and had nothing in stock to buy. Then after 8 games with no win, email me saying get home shirt for £30! How appealing
  10. Should Mowbray leave end of season, like he probably should if we are a mile off play offs, he should be remembered for turning this club around. If he goes, he leaves the next manager a great squad of young players. Kaminski, JRC, Pickering, Travis, Buckley, Dack, Armstrong, Brereton, Dolan. IF he goes, he’s been a success, and taken us as far as he can and left us in a good position to progress.
  11. Interesting no Lenihan or Dack. I have no idea who our best team is to be honest. We was winning with JRC, then he got injured, back today with a win. I know Nyambe is popular but jury really out on him for me. At one point it was a case of who is worst between Douglas and Bell, but now I think Douglas is coming good. Big fan of Johnson, and warming to Trybull, no interest in Evans. Holtby and Rothwell can be so good and so non existent. I feel when ever Gallagher doesn’t play we are in trouble, he’s only player with height (I don’t include brereton he can’t head it) so feel Gally needs to play.
  12. With everyone fit what do you see as our best starting 11 out of interest
  13. No what is weird is when your team wins and fellow “fans” rush on social media to tell you that opposition was poor, goals were a fluke, we are still rubbish, our top scorer should never start again.
  14. I was loving your post until the “proves we got players not the manager”. He played 2 strikers on the wing and a winger down middle, and it worked wonders! As I said earlier, Gallagher played out his skin. He doesn’t always do that, yet his position was the same. Our players need to up it, they can do it when they are on their game as today showed.
  15. Such a harsh judgment of Armstrong. Yes he scored goals when we was steam rolling teams, how is that a negative? Maybe we steam rolled those teams because he was playing? Stats don’t lie, he shoots a lot! I think 50 more then anyone else in league, and yes he’s not best finisher, but he’s a very good player for us. Most recent I can think of is QPR he laid it on a plate for Elliott who skied it from 6 yards. Dolan was superb today, he’s not better then Armstrong.
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