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  1. DanLad

    Support for Gladwin

    Gillingham's young player of the year for the third year running, not League One's young player for the third year running.
  2. DanLad

    Loan Window

    That's just silly talk.
  3. DanLad

    Brexit Thread

    The 10 O'clock news seems to be indicating that there might be a deal to be had with the EU. I predict that everyone who has been saying that there should be no new referendum will change their tune, and vice versa.
  4. DanLad

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Had a Bolton fan singing Lowe's praises yesterday. I explained why he wasn't the most popular, and assured him that he should give Jason time.
  5. DanLad

    World Cup 2018

    I think we should announce that we are going to semi-boycott the World Cup. We should confirm that we are going to play the first three games, and then go home. It could spare lots of blushes all around.
  6. DanLad

    World Cup 2018

    Is it just me or is history repeating.? Our 'star' player gets injured before a major tournament (previously Beckham and Rooney respectively) and then gets picked to play in said major tournament even though clearly not match fit or match sharp. 'Star' player underperforms and we get knocked out, partly because we are playing someone who is not properly fit to the detriment of the team as a whole. In my opinion Kane has to prove himself to be back and at 100% before he gets picked. A fit Vardy or Rashford should get the nod ahead of a recovering Kane. Also, someone needs to nick that trumpet until after the tournament. That damn trumpet has been the funeral dirge accompanying English football for too long. It's a miserable noise. No wonder the players look lethargic with that horrible drone in the background. The theme tune for failure.
  7. Thanks for the advice, chaps. If the Fox is open from 10am I might have to see about heading out a bit earlier! Let's hope I'm in there celebrating afterwards, as well!
  8. I usually go to the Fox before the game, but the opening hours are stated as midday on Sunday so I don't know if they will be open. I have tried ringing them but they are not answering the phone! Does anyone know if the Fox is going to be open at 11-ish? I usually go to the Fox, and very occasionally the Navigation in Mill Hill (but a few of my mates have previously turned their noses up about meeting at the Navi!). If the Fox is closed does anyone have any recommendations as to where else to go pre-match that is relatively near the ground? Thanks in advance! Dan
  9. DanLad

    Big Sam

    Maybe we should give this JHC chap a go?
  10. DanLad

    Big Sam

    I was looking forward to seeing a hard to beat England who had a chance of not capitulating to the football powerhouse nations. Ah well, back to another inadequate appointment who will pick the same old failing faces and employ the same old failing tactics, but who essentially won't rock the boat. What a pity. Don't get me wrong, Big Sam might have failed too, but I would have liked to have seen something different. Daft by Allardyce (by the sounds of it, not seen the footage), but also daft by the press. Allardyce might have been able to achieve something, but would always have been a potential whipping boy for the press. The press could have had years of bashing him to their hearts content, but instead they have got him chucked out early with barely a front page or two to show for it.
  11. DanLad

    Name The Group

    I am trying to anticipate what some media people might try to twist it to be.
  12. DanLad

    Name The Group

    Venkys Out, or #venkysout It explains exactly what the goal is. It has effectively been around for years, and already trended on social media, so we can't be accused of being fickle due to a bad start to the season. Could the Knights be twisted to a racist thing?
  13. DanLad

    European Championship France 2016

    I don't mind Hodgson, he has bags of European experience and is not a bad manager. He had Fulham playing some lovely stuff, even if things haven't worked out for him elsewhere. Who would I replace him with, if required? Allardyce.
  14. DanLad


    There's an 'R. Daley Bread' just off Deansgate in Manchester. That makes me chuckle every time I see it.
  15. DanLad

    Takeover / Part Takeover ?

    They should think about having events at Ewood more often. One every fortnight during the football season might be an idea?

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