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    Fixture changes

    It’s all based on a risk rating system. This is predominantly focused on the away support and is a combination of clubs previous history of trouble, % of arrests to number of fans attending, amount of fans expected etc Unfortunately for us Leeds and Preston fans have a high % of arrests to number of travelling support. Therefore a boost to their numbers poses quite a high risk.
  2. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    On a side note, what have Huddersfield done to their badge?????!!! Looking forward to this kit, hopefully yellow and blue away too like this
  3. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    Anyone able to mock this up as our home kit? Love the paler blue myself, would imagine it'll be white socks next season too since it was blue last season.
  4. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    Previously I think there has just been a lack of organisation that led to no sponsorship - namely the first season in the Championship. I think we are in a very different place as a club and structure now though and imagine that the fact Dafabet signed a decent deal (money wise) with us for 3 years with an option of an extension, coupled with us being in league one and not knowing whether we would go up is the reason this time. Dafabet would’ve held the cards and we would’ve been waiting on them. The fact the club said at the fans forum they’re just decided between a few now shows they haven’t just waited for Dafabet to decide but have got alternatives in place for when they said no. Actually quite organised for once.
  5. laughatthedingles

    New Kits

    Such a shame we don’t have Nike still or even Macron!
  6. @Rovers @SkyBetLeagueOne https://t.co/gfEvOwg36A

  7. @DazRogers85 @imacelebrity What’s up Sid? https://t.co/H458I58hYz

  8. RT @Awaydays23: Blackburn Rovers at Blackpool tonight #BRFC https://t.co/8DuuxnPSNW

  9. @MousCase @JodiMan7 At thanks, any idea when cases will be shipped? Ordered about a week ago

  10. @MousCase @JodiMan7 Did this get sorted? Worried as just ordered two cases?! Also @MousCase will there be the full… https://t.co/QY1DM0PI6h

  11. 😂😂😂 @Tyson_Fury @TonyBellew now that build up just would be class!!!! @FightDisciples https://t.co/BiPDrXSXhV

  12. RT @MattHoltTips: Stavros Flatley, then and now.... https://t.co/ewq1cerMZo

  13. @MatchroomBoxing @anthonyfjoshua Yes he did!! 👊🏾👊🏾 https://t.co/VuUfqq9oMI

  14. Whisper it but it might actually be happening ⬇️↘️➡️↗️⬆️⚽️🔵⚪️ https://t.co/ihMq0hxwcw

  15. @amirkingkhan is confirming what everyone thought about him before. Shame we can’t vote him in the ring with @SpecialKBrook #plank

  16. RT @Stevema21185499: 7 years on Sunday since this shower the Rao family took control,then we were,top 10 premier league, average gate 23k,n…

  17. Friedel, Berg, Tugay, @David8Dunn & @mrmjansen £20 - I win #Rovers https://t.co/3ofKAhQUtN

  18. @anthonyfjoshua is the AJ store likely to have a stock update before Christmas champ? 👊🏻👊🏻

  19. @richsmallwood33 good night? 👑 ⚽️ 🔵⚪️ https://t.co/F38NesoCQn

  20. 116-113 to Beefy. Outclassed Williams throughout and controlled everything about the fight. Class @LiamBeefySmith #SmithWilliams2

  21. @paswanney https://t.co/wK3vpuwMx0

  22. Calling all Football Manager and #Rovers fans, how are you finding Blackburn Rovers? All your feedback is really va… https://t.co/uO54HHb358

  23. @HasyMarysU18 @rovers_chat David May, Patrik Andersson and to a lesser extent Sherwood. Only Duff who left at peak improved though.


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