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    Just sickening.
  2. Rovers v Blackpool

    We are in great shape, no way Wigan win all four games in hand. Still waiting for Shrewsbury to fall off.... Tony Mowbray what a guy! Armstrong is some finisher, like Dack has no real business being in this division.
  3. Rovers v Wigan

    Chapman can't come back soon enough. Want to see him and Bell on the left
  4. Ha yeah. Bloody terrifying.
  5. I love Ifollow, best 100quid ever spent. Wish they could find a way to put the commentary in the live video, rather than the crowd noise. Rovers fans are too bloody loud this year!
  6. Rovers v Wigan

    Huge game obviously, as others have said. A win and promotion really would be ours to lose. Same team as Tuesday. Paynes spot is the only one on jeopardy. Could put Bell wide left or Antonsson, and switch Armstrong to the right. Defense is looking strong. Does anyone know if the game will be on Ifollow on Sunday??
  7. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Bradley Dack won't play worse than that and stay on the pitch. Absolutely woeful, gave the ball away every time he touched it. Frustrating. Apart from that everyone was good. Raya is a premiership keeper if he could catch the ball. Need him to stay on his line. Hope his calamities don't cost us down the stretch. Nyambe is so good at times and then gets lost. Love his ability to win the ball back with his physicality. Mulgrew and Downing strolled it. Williams is poor with the ball but decent defensively. Bell at home, Williams away. Bennett was man of the match for me, bounced back from the weekend when I thought he was shocking. Smallwood did better tonight, good to have a tough guy in there away from home. Passing was decent tonight too. Dack was dreadful Payne still lightweight. Period on the bench I think. Samuel tried hard but nothing coming off for him. Held the ball up okay at times. Armstrong, man do we need speed in this team. Quality finisher too. Up top every game please. Lenihan was tremendous when he came on. Like a new signing. Graham, did he touch the ball. Travis, unlucky with the challenge thought he went for the ball but the timing was poor. Tony 10/10
  8. Rovers v Oldham

    Can't believe no one is giving Oldham any credit. Think that was the best half anyone has had at Ewood since Doncaster dominated us. Payne and Dack where getting bullied in the first half today, and Downing and Smallwood both deserved the hook at halftime. Much better second half and as Tony said we showed our quality. Oldham where lucky in the end. Armstrong is lightning fast, was on full show a few times and Travis was exceptional when he came on. Payne looked tidy in the second half. Bennetts crossing second half was an absolute shambles. Ridiculous a professional winger can't cross a ball consistently. Tony all of a sudden has selection headaches galore.
  9. Rovers v Oldham

    What a player Jack Byrne is by the way
  10. Rovers v Oldham

  11. Rovers v Oldham

    Don't how Tony is getting the blame here, everyone seemed pretty happy with team. Getting out fought, and we are so slow with possession. Dack was been poor
  12. Rovers v Oldham

    Oldham look like Barcelona in this first half, not joking. Be lucky to be 1-0 at halftime
  13. Northampton

    I can't believe Conway is still getting a game. Looks 2 years past it to me.
  14. The January 2018 transfer thread

    As I said last week chapman will be the cherry on top of a terrific window. Tony kens whats happening
  15. The January 2018 transfer thread

    That is brilliant, take a bow! 😂😂