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  1. First game of the season that I have actually turned off. Worst Rovers performance of my life time. Seriously regret getting the full season pass on Ifollow
  2. I'm having a really hard time watching this game. We are absolutely diabolical
  3. Antonsson to score at anytime seems like a good bet
  4. Sort of. Better than Evans who was atrocious again
  5. Elliott Bennett Fan Club in here again?? Another shocker from him, as slow as a weak in jail, can't head, can't anticipate... Tony, Danny Graham has lost it, clear as day. Wake up
  6. Bare minimum Caddis had to hit the target. Shocking
  7. Completely out muscled and out paced
  8. Much better, they haven't had a sniff
  9. Dack for Harper by the looks of it
  10. He looked gassed after 20mins. Won't get started on Elliot Bennetts first half, as to not upset the fan club on here. Woeful would be an accurate summary.
  11. Like a ridiculously well drilled pub team
  12. Elliot Ward has been bailed out by Charlie and Caddis numerous times. Hate these small pitches where they just lob in behind the full back then crowd you out, not unlike rugby. We have a couple of great chances though.
  13. This is dire so far. Williams shanking it all over the place. Bennett hiding as usual, Antonsson useless.
  14. Would like to see Dack, Graham and Chapman get a start. I think Mowbray will field the same team as Sat but with Mulgrew in for Downing. Any word on Nyambe yet?
  15. Great three points. I'll take the first stab at ratings. Raya-8 Didn't have to save anything. Kicking was okay, and good aerial ability shown today. Wont have an easier afternoon. Caddis-7 Solid enough. Needs to start whipping it in first time when he is in the right area. He is a smart player. Downing-8 Didn't put a foot wrong. Solid signing on first viewing. Ward-8 Got to give it to him, I thought he was done, but he has been excellent the last three games. Williams-7.5 Great game going forward. Should have had a couple of strikes when he has the chance. Not sold defensively. Bennett-8 great cross for the opener. Had a good game overall. Good cover for Caddis for first 60 mins then switched to the left Smallwood-8 lovely finish, worked his socks off. Clear fan favourite, fans didn't stop signing his song all game. Love seeing a tough tackling hard man in centre mid for us. First name on the team sheet. Evans-8 Looked Sharp throughout, great workrate, and was sound positionally, starting to see the real Corey Evans? Works well with Smallwood. Conway-8 8's straight across the midfield. Worked his socks off for 65 mins, as usual. Saw him beat a man today as well. Samuel-7 Worked hard, quiet first half. Think he set up Antonsson. Didn't get much of a sniff, apart from the one that fizzed across the box that both he and Antonsson missed. Antonsson-7 Nice finish, should have had a couple again. Encouraging performance today. Looks like an out and out poacher. Subs Chapman-7 Looked great again, there was a fabulous turn on the half way line that absolutely binned his marker. He is going to be brilliant for us this season. Surprised not see him start but Bennett and Conway are much more solid defensively. Dack-6 Pretty quiet when he came on. Don't think we will see him start on tighter pitches as he gets muscled out pretty easily. Graham-7 Well about bloody time he got fit. You can tell he has been training hard the last two weeks. Looks much more mobile, and did pretty well when he came on. I missed his goal as I turned away when I thought the keeper got it. Mowbray- 10. Got a settled formation now, and the squad looks great with plenty depth at most positions. Even with 3 starters out today we had no problems. Great to see a fit Danny Graham come on. New boys starting to shine. Smallwood is looking like the best signing for this club in years.