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  1. Fraserkirky

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Tough one, but if you offered me Joao or Gallagher both at 5m, I think I would take Joao.
  2. Fraserkirky

    Reading (A)

    —————Walton————— ——Tosin Lenihan Williams— Bennett————Cunningham ———Travis—Johnson——-— ——Dack ———-Rothwell—- ————-Gallagher————- Think Rothwell needs an extended run in the team, it’s going to click soon for him and he needs to be consistent. Has the quality. First time I’ve had Bennett in my side, cause he was decent last weekend. Do want to see Nyambe and JRC get a shot there. Could also put Travis at RWB and have Holtby and Johnson as the two CMs.
  3. Fraserkirky

    Reading (A)

    Lucas Joao to score at anytime is a banker. Would take a draw now if anyone is offering.
  4. Fraserkirky

    Lewis Holtby

    I may be imagining this, but did someone not say he was training with us this summer, and he looked incredible.
  5. Fraserkirky


    Had about his best 90 mins yet this season.
  6. Fraserkirky

    West Brom Away

    I wanna see this team: 352 Walton --Tosin-Lenihan-Williams-- JRC------------------Downing -Buckley Travis Rothwell- ----Dack -------------Gallagher Balanced and creative.
  7. Fraserkirky

    West Brom Away

    Johnson was horrific in that first half yesterday, total passenger. Would not be surprised if Buckley takes his place and soon.
  8. Fraserkirky

    West Brom Away

    Strips were ridiculous today, not sure why that’s allowed.
  9. Fraserkirky

    West Brom Away

    Having Cunningham in at Left Back has given me a new lease of optimism.Seems to be pretty straight forward selection. Walton Bennett Lenihan Williams Cunningham ————-Travis—Johnson—————- —-Armstrong— Dack ——-Rothwell —————-Gallagher————— I prefer Rothwells pace, away from home especially, Bennett should be benched for Nyambe, but he hasn’t made any catastrophic errors this week, yet, so keeps the Jersey. As someone mentioned earlier, Buckley and JRC are banging on the door.. If we could find out scoring boots, we have some decent talent to kick on.
  10. Fraserkirky


    Decent point, Hoilett best player on the park when he came on. Cardiff were just as stodgy as we were, which made for a tight affair. I'd be dropping Dack, its just not good enough I'm afraid, total passenger today. Graham back to the bench too, he just isn't going to get any joy against decent sized CBs at this level. The Gallagher and Armstrong partnership looked to have some threat. I'm always a big fan of the little and large stiker combo in a 4-4-2. Get Rothwell and Chapman on the wings and we might actually cause some problems. The back 4 are pretty settled and you have Nyambe and Tosin competing for spots, Travis and Johnson are two soldiers in the middle, its finding the right mix in the other 4 spots. Still, happy enough with a point, with two tricky away games coming up in the next week.
  11. Fraserkirky


    I think we have a bit of our mojo back, fancy another win. Shifting Williams to LB is a scary thought, but I would rather see a confident Willams at left back with Tosin in the CB spot for his home debut against a collection of lummox's.
  12. Fraserkirky


    Walton Nyambe Tosin Lenihan Williams Travis Johnson Rothwell Dack Downing Gallagher
  13. Fraserkirky

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Would have had Williams as Man of the Match. Plenty others in contention, Travis best game of the season too. What a bloody relief that was.
  14. Fraserkirky

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Bennett costs us goals, I still wake up at night in cold sweats remembering the away game at Norwich last year when I swear they stopped going down the left cause they felt bad.
  15. Fraserkirky

    Fulham Away

    The time is now, what other formation allows us to play 2 of our 4 natural strikers, Dack in his favorite position. Bennett/JRC at Right wingback, Even Travis could play right wing back as he did throughout his time in the under 23s, and you could put Rothwell in CM with Johnson playing the half back role. Downing/Cunningham/Bell will all excell at Left Wing back. I also love the balance at the back with a choice of Tosin/Lenihan/Williams or Nyambe/Tosin/Lenihan. Perhaps this has been the plan all along but we haven’t had all three ready centre backs yet.

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