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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    Charlton are quite a big physical bunch so we we're outmuscled a bit today, similar to MK Dons game at home. Williams and Nyambe played well too
  2. Rovers v Charlton

    You can say that again... Not pretty but I couldn't care less. If Conway didn't put in 110% effort think the boots would have been hung up a long time ago, lost it completely. Smallwood and Mulgrew bossing these games. Raya had a good day too! Onwards we go. Disappointed to see Wigan and Scunthorpe winning
  3. Transfers Part 3

    Lucas Joao not getting a game at Sheff Wed again. Would move Graham on, and bring Joao in and Chapman on a pre contract. Sign a winger on loan till the end of the season.
  4. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Good afternoon fine fellow fans, does anyone know if this will be live for overseas viewers on Ifollow?
  5. Transfers Part 3

    This ^ Now is the time to get a player like Chapman at a low price.
  6. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    Conway had an absolute shocker today. Everyone else was good, with Dack exceptional. Love when we press high up the pitch.
  7. Blackpool away

    We look good pressing high, Blackpool look dodgy knocking about the back. Maybe fling on Samuel for Bennett and go two up top. clinical from Bradley!
  8. Blackpool away

    Looks like one of our guys was basically assaulted at the back post for their goal.
  9. We are onto Oxford. Start of a big week, 9/9 would be great. Sounds like Dack is coming into a game. I like Antonsson as an inside left forward, I assume that's where he played today. Didn't see the game as Ifollow are a bunch of thieves. Might not tune in on Tuesday either as this seemed to work! On ye go ursel big Tony!
  10. Ifollow not working, biggest waste of money in my life.
  11. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    WTF are you talking about? He looked like a 14 year old laddie on that second goal last night. Did you see differently?
  12. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    David Raya=Weak Sauce Schoolboy goalkeeping
  13. I will take my 3 pounds back in that case. What an absolute joke. It was originally scheduled for tv is not an excuse.
  14. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    That's gonna be all over FB and twitter! Hilarious 😂
  15. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Thought he caused Pompey a lot of problems getting forward in the first half. Didn't get beat, has the pace and strength to get back when needed. Yeah is final ball can be better and he isn't outstanding in the tackle or in the air, but thought he played very well today.