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  1. Your looking for: - Grabs player by the back of the neck and throws to the ground
  2. Toughest game left on the schedule and we dig out a draw, and people are on here still not happy. Huge two home games coming up, still all to play for. Didnt see the last minute offside call for Armstrong, maybe a good thing for the officials. Never ever a penalty for them.
  3. That is the most ludicrous penalty award I’ve ever seen. Ref should be sacked for that.
  4. What a finish!!!! Hell of a first touch too
  5. Be nice if we could get even close to a second ball. Sleeping
  6. You think Buckley will start tomorrow?
  7. Fraserkirky

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    It just feels like we have some momentum, and it’s all down to the back 5. If Walton and Bell plan on keeping up these performances then we have a chance. Need Rothwell back, and I think Armstrong has to do a job wide left or right. Balance in the squad just isn’t there for him to play up top
  8. Fraserkirky

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    We need Rothwell back and to his best ASAP, to have a really chance.
  9. Fraserkirky


    Time for some supporters to get off Amari Bells back, excellent again today.
  10. Fraserkirky


    Fulham are third on 56, we have 50
  11. Fraserkirky


    Finally get some bloody help from other results. 6points to third.....😳 I will start believing if we can overcome the Brentford game
  12. Fraserkirky


    Somebody needs to check Stewie Downings passport, never 35 years old.
  13. Fraserkirky


    Tosin taking the absolute piss this afternoon.
  14. Fraserkirky


    This is all coming from the strength of the back four right now, look a solid unit. Lenihan has been immense first half. Playing Downing more central is a master stroke.

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