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  1. Fraserkirky

    Summer transfer window

    Good gosh...a defender, great idea.
  2. Fraserkirky


    I would have Bennett at the Check-in Desk with Conway, if I was in charge.
  3. Fraserkirky


    Yeah we have seen first hand from Sheff Utd and Boro, and I think maybe Brentford, how effective the 3-5-2 can be in this league. That’s what I would do for next season but we havent got 2 centre backs to play right now nevermind 3, so it will have to wait. The 3-5-2 will allow you to play dack a bit deeper but still as an attacking midfielder. I’d be looking at bringing in at least 2 proper centre halves, and creating some competition back there, rather than people keeping their places through default. All three of our centre halfs have had shocking errors this season over various games. Wonder how that Patrick Bauer fella has is getting on at Charlton. I’d have Nyambe as my right wing back and Bennett on the bench backing that spot. Have Bell and a new signing compete for LWB. Launch Del So CB, CB and LWB.
  4. Fraserkirky

    Next 6 Games

    We need to toughen up and do it quickly, we don’t look like beating anybody at the moment. Lose the next two including to the likes of Rotherham, then get ready for a battle.
  5. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    Well Shotton is more of a right back and Friend is more of a left back, but what a luxury to be able to just slot them into a back 3 when needed. I agree with getting bigger and more physical. Evans and Reed looked like wee laddies today.
  6. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    The best part of the season is going to be when we are mathematically safe, and we can start looking at other ways to play, and hopefully some youth prospects. Painfully went back and watched the game a second time. Very jealous of Boro 3-5-2 system, they have a plan and execute it well, and the 3 Boro centre backs today in particular were very good, apparently two of the them aren’t regulars. Would be the first names on our team sheet. I am not going to blame the money gap here but they had some expensive players in terms of transfer fees and wages. Assombalonga was quality, and him to score at anytime today was a freebie. Nyambe did well on him in the second half I thought for the most part. We must be the most boring and slow team in the league. Rodwell did okay first half, although a reckless challenge for his booking and a really stupid shove on BA after the whistle blew are causes of concern. He was however much better than Charlie who had his worse rovers game to date. He looked ill to me, like terminally. Evans was totally and utter useless today, and a waste of a Jersey, it’s performance that makes you miss Smallwood. Our movement off the ball is dreadful. Our passing is slow, pointless and ponderous, even the commentators on sky and espn said the same thing. We missed Rothwell today, or the thought of Rothwell today. Reed was adorable up against Mikel. The amount of shit Bell gets on here is incredible, the ball into the box on 51mins was fantastic. He was about our only threat to beat a player today. Dack coming deeper is fine with me, if you have two strikers up top. He worked hard today I thought, and he really should have scored, great save by the keeper. Armstrong for me just goes missing way too much in games, his pace was largely useless today. I do think he would benefit, maybe more than anyone, with a formation change. Bennett and Graham struggles mightily today, not for the first time this season. Both are squad players for me. Wonder if Magloire will play tomorrow night for under 23s? Would like to see Brereton prove it in the under 23s.
  7. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    I just watched them destroy Brentford. Think again
  8. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    Evans is shit as usual whole team looks like they were out on the piss last night.
  9. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    No got it yet pal, thanks.
  10. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    No mate Says event hasn’t started yet. Fucking fuming
  11. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    Anyone else having problems with ESPN? Specifically that’s its not fucking on!!
  12. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Boro

    Wonder if Nyambe could do a job at left back?
  13. Fraserkirky

    Reading v Rovers

    Too much to quote but some comments: - I thought the time to rest Dack and Graham was on Saturday after the knocks at Brentford. - Evans doesn’t move with the ball at all, just stands there and passes it. Useless with the ball. Then to have two other players right next to him that are also useless with the ball is just madnesss. - Love hearing the calls for a summer clear out! The deadwood everyone is talking about all just got new contracts. - As usual the commentary on ifollow was bizarre. A Draw is no good for anyone??? I would have snapped your hand off before the game for a draw. - Bet you Travis is a premature ejaculator. He blows his energy in the first 60 mins of every game. Totally dead on his feet tonight. - Armstrong is a good weapon, he is a winger/inside forward in this system. Graham Or Brereton up top. - Quality of our crossing is absolutely Horrific, and has been for years. - Bell was bright second half and won a few tackles. Fouled for the first goal I thought but maybe a bit soft from him. Been begging for him to make runs like he did for his goal. - The problem is the system. Slow, ponderous and completely lacking of surprise or intelligence. - Raya is a problem, where on earth was he going at that corner kick? Somebody get a hold of this lad for gods sake. “When you get it David, just fucking lamp it” - Why did Conway not square it, after good play by Bell in the first half? He has made a career out just squaring it. Armstrong and BB where there for a tap in. Game just totally passed him by. - Something just doesn’t feel right in the squad. Was Dack proving a point by going so deep tonight? - Brereton played well but is so awkward at times. Couple of really nice turns. I have loved Tony Mowbray longer than anyone on here, being a Hibs fan also, but not sure he can take us forward. This season we will be a lot closer to the bottom than the top, that might be Tony’s ceiling. Where now: - Rothwell and Dack together please. -You would think an appearance from the Starman would be coming soon -Travis-Reed In the middle with Rothwell-Dack-Armstrong and Graham up top. -Get Nyambe in ASAP -Give Leutwiller a shot
  14. Fraserkirky

    Reading v Rovers

    Rothwell assist

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