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  1. Fraserkirky

    Rodwell signs

    I think we will see a back three of Lenihan Rodwell Mulgrew before the end of the season. Nice to see a centre midfielder for us actually win a header, been a while.
  2. Fraserkirky

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Fantastic 3 points after getting thumped on Wednesday. Not surprised to see Sheff Utd top of the league, they were outstanding, thankfully there are some bog standard teams in this league. Bolton being one of them. I thought the team sheet was excellent and kudos to Tony for freshening up the side. Loved seeing Palmer and Rothwell in the team in the wide spots, we looked much more dangerous with the ball, especially in first 30mins. Benno did okay today Lenihan had his best game of the season for me. Mulgrew strolled it as usual. Williams was okay, back to Bell for me, as he has a bit more energy to support. Rodwell was good early and then faded. Nice to see someone actually winning a header in our central Midfield for once. He is gonna be a big player for us once he gets up to speed. Reed was better than Wedenesday for me, albeit with a few wasted passes. Palmer showed his quality in spurts, pleased to see him back involved. Rothwell, what a player we have here, fantastic technique throughout. Saw a bit of everything today. Needs to keep his place in the team. Dack was poor to be honest but he is like a old fashion number 9, you fancy him to score. Graham wasn’t great either. Evans was dreadful when he came on, he couldn’t run, what was wrong with him? He wasn’t sprinting at all. Moody being on the bench?? Smallwood did okay and needs to get cozy on the bench, have no issues Tony tighning up a game by bringing him on.
  3. Fraserkirky

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Wow strong team that
  4. Thanks or another free trial with gFs email address!!
  5. How am I suppose to watch the game in the USA tomorrow? No game pass Thanks
  6. Fraserkirky

    Bolton vs Rovers

    I'd have Rodwell in for Williams and Rothwell in for Evans. Wont happened but we would be good to see.
  7. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Ugh...that was as unpleasant a 90mins of Rovers as you’ll see. After they went 2-0 we simply ran out of ideas, they sat back and just kinda laughed at us. They were quicker to everything, and their passing was exquisite at times, made Reed and Evans look like pub league players. Couple of notes: Bell and Armstrong in the first half had some success down the left flank, but time and time again the final ball was poor. We missed Ryan Nyambe very badly tonight. Doubt he would have allowed the first goal to happen. Mulgrew ran the show but totally lost Sharp for the second goal. Dack looked hungover to me, poor body language second half. Looked like he was in the huff about being shunted out to the right mid spot. Smallwoods passing is beyond diabolical Rothwell definitely has dodgy pictures of Tony Armstrong looked dangerous at times and at others looks totally out of his depth Reed got man of the match but he should be embarrassed to pick up the bottle of Champagne. I thought he was poor and won very little in the middle. He will play better and not get noticed. I don’t know what team Tony trots out on Saturday, but we have some issues with this squad and what his best formation is. The love fest with Smallwood and Evans needs to end, and Bennett needs start playing better, albeit he only ever seems to play well in centre midfield. Bolton on saturday is a huge game, another defeat and this could be a very long season.
  8. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    If you told me Dack was hungover I’d believe you
  9. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Armstrong looking like he should be playing under 13s.
  10. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Reed has been pish mate
  11. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Evans back to looking constantly injured
  12. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Had punters on here at the weekend telling everyone he passed the ball well. Worst passer of a ball at the club by a mile. Sick of it
  13. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

  14. Fraserkirky

    Championship 2018-19

    I really wish we had spent half the Brereton money on John McGinn. Anyway, we can move into the playoff spots with a win tomorrow night and a tasty derby to look forward to at the weekend. Enjoying this season so far!!
  15. Fraserkirky

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Bennett Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Reed Smallwood Rothwell —————-Dack———- Armstrong Graham

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