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  1. I presented the exact same team last week. Still think we need another tall striker to lead the line if we are going to just punt it up every time.
  2. It wasn't as bad as the Doncaster game, no way. I think tonight's game was useful, in that there are a few players that have really wrecked their chances of getting in the first team. Should make team selection much easier this weekend. Caddis is def second choice to Nyambe, Williams better watch his back as there is no way Doyle is worse, bet Conway is a better left back than Williams,Whittingham better get comfy on the bench next to Antonsson and Gladwin. Chapman a must start, as is Bennett. Samuel is first choice no question. We need a centre half badly and if Joao is available get him in asap.
  3. Terrible time for us to be drawn against them. More concerned about Saturday.
  4. Samuel and Chapman should be the first names on the team sheet in Saturday.
  5. Derrick Williams is the worst footballer at the club
  6. Absolutely bring him back in. Has all the tools just needs to play regularly. Sell Graham and bring Joao on a permanent
  7. No just noisey Rovers fans today!
  8. Didn't give the ball away, rather choosing to lamp it when necessary. Won everything in the air and rarely troubled. Thought he strolled it. He gave Gladwin a bloody bollocking for needlessly losing the ball at one point. Finally the captain in him has emerged. Smallwood is tough, very good in the air and decent on the ball. Twice the defensive midfielder that ol boy Jason is.
  9. MOM for me was probably Mulgrew. Other candidates were Ward, Smallwood, Samuel.
  10. I thought the formation was looked more of a 4-4-1-1 for those interested
  11. Terrific away performance from the lads. What a difference a bit of fight makes. Evans and Smallwood where busy in midfield, and Ward and Mulgrew were excellent at the back, EXCELLENT. Bradford barely got a sniff. Samuel was much more effective than Graham, and Dack was clever before being subbed. excellent, so happy!
  12. Oi Elliot Bennett after the pish you were spouting last week after the game on Twitter, time for a performance from you. I'm watching you.
  13. Nyambe injured. Is that 4-2-3-1 a guess?
  14. So why the hell does Mowbray put Caddis at wing back instead?? Really looking forward to the team sheet tomorrow. Think Mowbray will keep the system but will make a fair few changes in personnel.