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  1. Fraserkirky

    Loan Window

    Saw him once against Arsenal and I remember he was bloody brilliantl
  2. Fraserkirky

    Hull away

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Smallwood gets loaned out aug 31st.
  3. Fraserkirky

    Loan Window

    Lucas Joao not in the Sheff Wed squad yesterday. Would take him back in a heartbeat.
  4. Fraserkirky

    Loan Window

    Who was the 4m player we missed out on from the Premiership? Edit: I have had a look not many 4m championship signings from a premier league team. Closest is the Celina kid from Man City who went for 3m. There was talk of a City Youngster not named Nmecha.
  5. Fraserkirky

    Loan Window

    Michael Hector from Chelsea is a C/D list guy I think we will be back in for as we aren't getting the A/B list guy Bauer. Can't believe we have to refer to these lists.
  6. Fraserkirky

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Some of my thoughts on where we find ourselves after a horrific deadline day. Firstly, I think Tony Mowbray is the bees knees. He will be very honest when he talks next about the deadline, although he won’t be concerned. That was extremely painful the last 24hrs. Why have we not bid for Brereton weeks ago? What is this no foreigner rule? Get the interested foreign based on your search engine Tony. Are our scouts not bothering to look too the continent? I know it’s risky, but is Your Freeneys and Whittinghams of this world. Bargains like Nzonzi out there. Palmer be better bloody brilliant Bauer, strange one, why have we gotten into a scrap with them? Just find out his price and say thanks very much,Charlton, we will get back to you. Would have been delighted to get him for 1.25-1.5m today. Wharton rush? Why did we feel the urge to get rid of him so soon, could it not have waited? Give Nyambe a new contract immediately. If Smallwood and Willliams get a contract for being bang average and sometimes poor, then Ryan needs one. Disappointed to see Nmecha join Preston, bet he does well there. Our Central Midfield options are actually okay for now. We have two hot prospects in there with Davenport and Travis, and two more experienced but limited guys. Also think Bennett’s best position is central Midfield. Rothwell feels unfortunately a lot like Gladwin II. I do wonder if Kasey Palmer play there with a more defensive minded guy like Smallwood or have Bennett do the covering. Might see that at home. Is Chris Samba still available on a free and can we sign free transfers? With regards to the loan market, I would have thought Chelsea and City, for example, would want to group their loanees out to particular clubs together. Would it not be easier to watch your prospects in a team? Improve teamwork, dynamics? Having said that, who have Chelsea got that’s surplus that fits our needs: Micheal Hector(Centre-back), linked early on, maybe on C list. Not got a move yet. Fits the need, could sort out a permanent agreement I would have thought. Charly Musonda, high rated attacking midfielder/left winger. Weird injury at Celtic and they shipped him back. Will be going out on loan again soon. Special mention for Lucas Piazon. Coming back from injury but would a good addition I think. Then the Pie in the sky Tammy Abraham dream. I am concerned, as others have said, about the lack of cover at the three positions mentioned. CB, LE and husky Striker. Hopefully we can arrange suitable deals for Bauer or Hector, Chapman or Musonda and Ben Brereton before the end of August.
  7. Fraserkirky


    That's the best team we have got right now. Heaven forbid we get an injury.
  8. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    Marvelous Wouldnt be that bothered if Tony hadn’t talked about 4/5 new players after Armstrong.
  9. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    Who are we waiting on confirming nothing is happening? Rich Sharpe? sharpening my pitchfork
  10. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    Just sick of this Marcus Maddison nonsense that has consumed this board for a month and half
  11. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    Ambrose would be a good shout
  12. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    So....er...... what’s going on?
  13. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    Saw Brereton play against Arsenal in the cup last season and he was brilliant. Fits the bill
  14. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    My Prediction: Nmecha Loan Freeman 4m Bauer 1m Thrilled with that. Deal for the American midfielder in the winter window. Travis, Davenport and Bennett all provide enough comp at Centre mid. Happy Deadline day!
  15. Fraserkirky

    Thursday deadline.

    Why would they use us to get Celtic going?? Seems an odd choice of club. One that hasn’t spent that type of money on a player in years

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