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  1. I’d go: Walton Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Bell Rothwell Travis Johnson Downing Gallagher Armstrong Toss up between Gally, Brereton and Samuel to partner Armstrong. Straight 4-4-2
  2. Don’t quite get the angst I’m seeing towards Buckley around here. The boy was bursting his guy for the team on Sunday. The boy is absolute quality, and showed a new part of his game Sunday with athleticism and hustle.
  3. I would have no problems if Mowbrays time is up at the end of the season. Might be time for fresh eyes and style about the place. However, players back from huge injuries and expecting youngsters to kick on, the squad does look good for next season. That today, against a shite Derby team, missing their two best players, was absolutely diabolical. Too many players had shockers today. Tosin, Travis and Armstrong all looked like totally different people, and they weren’t the worst either. Bennett, I’m starting to move more towards embarrassment than anger towards him, just not his level of football as much as it is mine. There is no way on this earth JRC would have been as bad in the last two games at Right-back. There was a decent spell for us just after the break, Bennett pushed on nicely up the wing and found himself in acres of space just outside the box. He had 30 secs to line up a cross, and it was absolutely abysmal, hits the first defender. It’s completely unacceptable for a professional footballer. Brereton should have scored and was good for the first 15/20 then he slinked back into cutting a hugely gangly creature that cant jump, can’t run, can’t trap. Why?? Oh and Gallagher was worse. Buckley looked sharp when he came on, challenge was a booking all day long. Poor lad was trying harder than anyone else to get the ball back. Downing totally anonymous. Couldn’t tell if his crossing was good today or not, because we didn’t win one header in their half all game. Davies could have had his slippers on today. I am a self confessed Rothwell groupie, thought he did okay today, not great but we need him to be much better. This time last season he was our best player for me. It is in there, maybe just injury?? Rovers are just frustrating at the minute, I think we all know deep down we aren’t good enough to finish top 6 but we are still in the mix somehow, someway. The pain is dragging on to another week. Is it time for another Mowbray hotstreak? Hopefully Lenihan coming back, or more importantly Nyambe back to RB and Bennett in the changing rooms might be just the encouragement we need.
  4. Buckley challenge was a booking, he was late but at least he was trying to win the ball. Derby shitty players reaction was the reason he got sent off. That Curtis Davies had his newspaper and pipe out all afternoon. We were pathetic.
  5. Special mention for Armstrong today, you’ll struggle to see a more lethargic performance from our supposed form man. Looked in the huff from the start.
  6. Utility Sub???? He should never play for the club again. Abysmal footballer
  7. Bennett was lucky that got blocked, god knows where it was headed
  8. Every tackle we make goes straight back to them.
  9. Could do with winning a header in there box at some point
  10. Is it not too late for Johnson??
  11. Lost every second ball, every tackle we make the ball bounces to them
  12. All day and Gallagher at the back post. Beyond embarrassing
  13. Tosin 20m worth in the papers this week. Hilarious
  14. Armstrong been on the pints on the way down? Wake up son FFS

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