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  1. rickard

    Things you dislike about football.

    Yes! Hate this. If i was up to me, I'd give every one of them a yellow card for handball. The joke that is Financial "fair" play. Said to protect the smaller clubs... "Transfer bans", where the club are not allowed to sign players, but still can sign players, just don't register them for the club. Lex Barcelona, who presented 77 players the day the "ban" was lifted 2016. That's good transfer works, finding and signing 77 players in one day... General amount of money spent in footbal today. Average players making disgusting amounts of money. The list could go on...
  2. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Just a random though, what do you guys think we could have gotten for Alan Shearer in today's market? I mean, clubs buy 4th choice keepers for more than we got for him back in the day.
  3. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Ahh, the man with the most ironic last name in the history of football!
  4. rickard


    Yay! Go Sweden! 😀
  5. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    You'd think he would have become a better keeper at burnley, with growing that extra 6th finger on each hand and so on...
  6. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Blackburn Rovers proudly present "Wrong Direction"
  7. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    As usual, the biggest concern is whether the people in charge are capable of bringing in a replacement that is at least as good the the outgoing player. IE do we trust them to bring in a keeper that is better or at least at minimum as good as Raya?
  8. rickard

    Kits 19/20

    My team in Sweden just launched the "third kit" to be used this season. I like the design...
  9. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Chris Samba is still without club as far as I know. Wonder if he's still any good. 35 years old and probably used to a bit higher salary than we can afford...
  10. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    No Luca Toni???😳
  11. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    If we want an experienced keeper to teach Raya, Buffon is without club... I know I know, realistic targets...
  12. rickard

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Sad day for football. I wonder how FIFA would look today if he had won the election back in the day, instead of the living corruption that is Sepp Blatter.
  13. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Let's hope it turns out better than Whittingham in that case. There are a few interesting players without contract at the moment. I saw for example that Yoann Gourcuff has no club. He was thought to be a world-class player back in the days. Not that he would ever come here even today... Just a bit interesting what happens to some players.
  14. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Depends on the size of the sub I'd say. Oh wait, what were we talking about again? 😇
  15. rickard

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    That man was proper shite, wasn't he? Had a look at his wikipedia stats, according to that he's played 150 career games. For 11 different teams. Since 2006.

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