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Found 223 results

  1. CP Company Lad

    Leeds @ Wigan.

    Easy. .Good drink in Ormskirk. Soft @#/?.
  2. dingles staying down 4ever

    Glenn Hoddle

    Apparently rushed to hospital from BT studios. Sounds serious. Hope he is Ok
  3. Anyone heard with this chap? He was the only person who died in the infamous and quietly forgotten bridge collapse at an away game. Anyway, it turns out he was my great-grandad. So I guess I’m reaching out a bit. Chances are there is nobody alive now who knew of him but any information about him would be gratefully received. http://www.cottontown.org/Culture and Leisure/Sport/Pages/Blackburn-Rovers.aspx The Forgotten Football Disaster - Bury v Blackburn Rovers 1952 When the subject of football disasters is brought up, many people immediately start talking about Hillsborough, Hysel, Ibrox, maybe even Bradford but there is one disaster which is never mentioned, probably because it didn’t occur at a football ground but the people who were there will never forget it. I am talking about the railway bridge collapse at Bury in January 1952. © BwD - terms and conditions It was the 19th January 1952 and thousands of Blackburn Rovers fans had just enjoyed a 2-0 over Bury at Gigg Lane and were due to head back home on the train and were waiting for four special trains to arrive at Knowsley Street station. One train had already filled up and left the station and more than 200 supporters were waiting on a wooden bridge ‘packed like sardines’ for the second train to arrive when they heard a creaking, then a crack. Suddenly the bridge collapsed and the supporters fell 20 feet on to the track along with debris from the fallen bridge. Some people who had escaped the bridge collapse actually fell through the gap left by the bridge as the crush of people was so great. The leading porter, David Foulkes, saw what had happened and immediately sent out an ‘obstruction danger’ signal in all directions. His swift action saved many lives as one train stopped just 200 yards from the injured. Men, women and children were scattered along the track along which a train could pass at any moment. There was no lack of volunteers to go to the assistance of the injured. Some Rovers fans, including a young Jack Walker, scrambled down on to the tracks to help pull the injured people free. Jack recalled the event in an interview in 1992. “I was on the bridge with my brother Fred, but we didn’t go down. We were at the other end. There were thousands of people trying to get on the bridge, then suddenly it started vibrating, rumbling and shaking and then the middle just dropped out. It was frightening. We went down on to the railway line and Fred and me helped get helped get people off the tracks – including the mascot.” © BwD - terms and conditions Other supporters also described their experiences, Mr James Smith, a lathe operator at the R.O.F. talked of ‘a sudden crack and the whole floor went down beneath our feet’, one of the youngest victims, 14 year old Blackburn Grammar schoolboy George Haworth, described how his friends only escaped the crash because he had lost his return ticket home. Jack Squires, aged 23, fell along with his father Raymond and afterwards grinned ruefully after telling reporters how he had only just recovered from hurting his back in a fall through a garage room a few weeks before. Another man, Harry Steele, a shop foreman for Foster, Yates & Thom, was also a witness of the disaster at Bolton in 1946. Mr George Kay from Furness Street remarked laconically ‘The Rovers picked up points at Bury and we dropped on some’. The Fire Brigade arrived just six minutes after the incident and the Police arrived 5 minutes after that. Waiting rooms became casualty clearing stations and 30 ambulances and a number of buses arrived from Bury to act as a makeshift shuttle service conveying the injured to hospital. The last casualty was removed from the scene at 6.15pm. As the victims were brought into the hospital, faces blackened with dust and soot, local clergymen, hearing of the disaster, were there to help comfort the injured and offered cigarettes and tea. Operating theatres worked through the night and some of the injured were sent to the Royal Infirmary and Queen’s Park Hospitals in Blackburn. © BwD - terms and conditions Relatives waited outside Blackburn station on Saturday night and about 9.30pm two Rochdale double-decker buses arrived containing about 30 of the injured. They were transferred to Blackburn Corporation buses, manned by personnel who had finished their normal duties and volunteered to help with the emergency. Some of the others were taken straight home by ambulance. On the Sunday afternoon the Town Clerk, Mr C.S. Robinson, at the request of the Borough Police, authorised the provision of a special bus to convey relatives to Bury Hospital to visit their loved ones. © BwD - terms and conditions One person, William M Hargreaves, died in the tragedy and 175 people were injured, 56 of which had to be detained in hospital. They were visited by the Mayor Alderman William Hare and the Town Clerk, Mr C. S. Robinson. Officials and players from the Rovers, including Captain Bill Eckersley also visited the injured. Blackburn Rovers also arranged collections to be taken at the following home game against Luton Town in order that the injured might be provided with ‘additional comforts’. © BwD - terms and conditions William M Hargreaves, a widower and a retired weaver, aged 66, died in the tragedy and 175 people were injured. William was with three other friends at the time, he received injuries to his chest and back. He was described as a keen Rovers supporter, a season-ticket holder and always travelled to away matches. He lived with his son-in-law and his wife in Havelock Street. His wife passed away four years previously when he was living in Princess Street. Witnesses reported seeing Mr Hargreaves lying under another injured man with a heavy wooden beam pinning them both to the rails. He was rushed to hospital and he described the accident as “a nasty mess” but could not give a full account of what happened to him. He passed away at Bury General Hospital on the Monday night. Mr Hargreaves officially died from lobar pneumonia following chronic bronchitis and shock after rib fractures.Among the floral tributes was a wreath from the Directors, Officials and Players of Blackburn Rovers, in the blue and white colours of the team he supported with such enthusiasm for many years. Other wreaths were from the Green Park Veteran Bowler’s Association of which Mr Hargreaves was a member. Only members of the family attended the funeral service and the internment was at Pleasington Cemetery. There was an immediate outcry for an investigation into the tragedy and Bury Town Council held a special meeting on the Monday to discuss the matter and formulated a request to the Ministry of Transport for a public inquiry. On the Tuesday senior officials from British Railways conducted an on-the-spot inquiry and it was announced that Brigadier C. A Langley would conduct the public inquiry which took place on the Tuesday 30th January at the Divisional Offices of the Midland Region of British Railways at Hunt’s Bank in Manchester. © BwD - terms and conditions At the inquiry, it was discovered that the bridge on which the tragedy occurred was about 70 years old with a span of 60 feet 9 inches long, 7 feet 4 inches wide and although it was described as ‘an unusual construction’ it had passed inspections in 1944, 1946 & 1948. The Brigadier congratulated all concerned who helped with the injured on site and the Bury Hospital staff on the way they dealt with the emergency. A consultant engineer, Mr Arthur Cresswell, blamed the collapse on the lack of proper maintenance saying that “I would be surprised if the bottom boom of the bridge has been inspected in the last 25 years. Mr A Tims, a Blackburn contract engineer, said that the bridge was inspected in 1944 by a joiner, a man who had since died but from his report there was no immediate indication that the bridge was in a dangerous condition. He had taken the boards of the inside of the bridge but not off the outside. He did not take off the outside boarding because it was wartime and there were staff difficulties. The inspection in 1946 was carried out by a Mr Halewood during a time when the bridge was being repaired. It was having a new roof put on to the bridge, and the outside and inside boards were taken up, along with the floorboards. Mr Halewood looked at the straps at the bottom of the bridge by climbing up a ladder with a hammer and said that they were all right. It was also inspected in 1948 by another man, also since deceased, and his report requested that the outside boarding be replaced as well as outside down spouts and facing boards. None of these recommendations were believed to have been carried out. It was revealed that the man who carried out the inspection in 1948 was in fact a bricklayer, but it was agreed that he should have noticed any corrosion on the bridge. © BwD - terms and conditions Mr F Turton, bridge and steel work engineering assistant, said he had examined the bridge work since the accident and had made calculations as to its strength. It would have capable of holding a full load if it had been in good condition. He reckoned that the corrosion of the straps had taken approximately 10-15 years to develop. It was believed that the straps would have been covered with soot and unless they were thoroughly cleaned it may have been difficult to see just how corroded they were. Brigadier Langley told Mr Turton that he wanted further tests on the straps to ascertain their condition. After the 9 hour hearing, the inquest jury reached their verdict of ‘misadventure’ and in their opinion there had been no adequate inspection of the bridge for a number of years. It was found that the failure of the wrought iron straps at the bottom of the bridge had caused the collapse. All similar bridges were inspected and eventually replaced. It was a tragedy that most people outside Bury & Blackburn have never heard of, and even in those towns it is spoke of very little when people recall football tragedies, but any loss of life should not be forgotten, whether they support Liverpool, Juventus, Bradford or Blackburn Rovers, especially when all that person was doing was following his favourite football team. by Roger Booth
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46078651 what a crock of shite
  5. den


    Don’t worry, he’s OK.
  6. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Ipad playing up

    I've been accessing this site for years on my ipad, all of a sudden I can't ! I click on the site in the Google box and my ipad just goes straight to the wallpaper with my icons. This started a day or two back. Obviously I can access the site on my lap top which is what I've sent this message on. Anybody got any insights as to what is going on ?
  7. blueboy3333

    Rich Sharpe Live Q&A

  8. JHRover

    Ewood Virtual Tour

    Noticed this on the Rovers Business Twitter page, you can 'tour' around various parts of Ewood Park on your computer. I found it quite interesting. https://www.businessatrovers.co.uk/virtualtours.aspx
  9. No discussion in here please. Only links to stories / articles / newspapers / official confirmations.
  10. ISSUE 93 HAS ARRIVED!! For £1.50, we've got the usual full colour 36-page fanzine containing lots of great features (see below for more details). To order your copy please visit our ONLINE SHOP, or to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. Postage is only 75p for first class delivery in the UK. And if you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before the forthcoming home games from an hour before kick-off (at the bottom of Kidder Street). Issue 93 includes: An extensive history of Rovers conceding late goals, Financing Football the Waggott Way, Unpopular Opinions – Half-and-half scarves are great, History of the Rovers in Five Shirts - 1990/91, The Oxford Enigma, Sky Sports Leeds, Rhodri the Dragon’s “Voice From The Valleys”, Those Were The Days!, Who Were You? #7 – Dario Marcolin, From Bad to Worse, Arte et Lahore, Which player leaving Rovers hurt the most?, A Northern Joke, The Actors vs The Sitcom Stand-ups, From The Terraces, Quizzes and Crossword, Tash Force XI plus lots more!
  11. chaddyrovers

    new senior management team

    Rovers will announce a new senior management team, of who Steve Waggott will be working alongside, next week. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/16306771.LIVE__Blackburn_Rovers_Supporters_Consultation_Meeting/?ref=mac
  12. I have around 120 (I've never counted them) football related autobiographies that I am looking to give away. The majority are players and managers with a smattering of referees. They are all in decent condition. Please PM me if you are interested in them. The only stipulations are that they would have to be collected and it would be an all or nothing offer.
  13. Bigdoggsteel

    Training facilities

    Does anyone have aerial photos of the first team training center? How far is it from Ewood? Do the youngsters train nearby or in the same place? I see Liverpool are spending £50 million redeveloping theirs to have them training together. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/11503019/jurgen-klopp-delighted-by-big-statement-as-liverpool-begin-redevelopment-of-training-facilities They are selling Melwood for housing, so I am sure that will raise a fair whack of the overall outlay. When I see pics of the Rovers set up, it looks really good. Where are we at though in comparison to other Championship clubs? I have heard and seen it written many times that we have a "Premier league quality" training center.
  14. Does anyone know of any organised travel to Stoke on Saturday? My son and 3 of his mates want to go but will want to set off just after 12 as they're all playing in the morning.
  15. philipl


    If like me you wondered what the heck happened to sports coverage on Twitter and Rovers matches in particular, the rapacious fascist supporting fools aka Jack Dorsey changed the algorithm so tweets no longer appear chronologically. Apart from this change totally screwing all the poor folk in the States about to be flattened by Hurricane Florence, it also totally destroys live sports coverage and banter. BUT, you can get: Your Twitter timeline in true chronological order—without retweets, liked tweets, or any algorithm nonsense. Remember this url: http://REALTWITTER.COM (click "latest" on mobile)
  16. ISSUE 92 IS HERE!! For just £1.50, we've got a full colour 36-page fanzine containing lots of new features to keep you entertained – plus a continuation of some old favourites! To order your copy, visit our ONLINE SHOP, where full-season subscriptions are also available at just £10 for five issues. Alternatively, to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. Postage is only 75p for first class delivery in the UK. And if you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before the forthcoming home games in August from an hour before kick-off (at the bottom of Kidder Street). Issue 92 includes: Blue Is The Colour – but which one?, From The Terraces, The Rovers Resurrection!, Rhodri the Dragon’s “Voice From The Valleys”, Review of 2017/18, The Pearl of Pune, A Short History of the Rovers in Five Shirts, "Who Were You?" #6, Deja vu all over again, Football Kits – I Love ‘Em!, Three cracking quizzes, Crossword, Cartoon, Promotion Heroes XI, plus many more irreverent shenanigans!
  17. Its a long way come and no decent trains to get you all here in time for kick off is not helping.
  18. Not about the game. The trip down and back by train, coach, car any delays? did anyone use Parson Street rail station Stewarding turnstiles catering match day programme ease of purchase etc Were there any posters saying thank you for travelling all the way from Blackburn. Was the local info supplied of any use. Thank you in advance.
  19. oldjamfan1

    Jimmy McIlroy

    Has passed away. RIP to a Burnley great https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45246559
  20. Auburn Rover

    Shearer and Sutton

    This is a good article about times we all loved. Written with no negative agenda, it just looks back at Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton and the SAS partnership. Enjoy! https://thesefootballtimes.co/2018/08/31/alan-shearer-and-chris-sutton-the-original-sas-and-one-of-english-footballs-most-underrated/
  21. Vital Lincoln City

    Q&A With Vital Lincoln City

    Good Morning, We are looking for someone to answer a few questions ahead of Tuesday night's Carabao Cup game. The answers will be published on our Front Page. Interested? Please send me a Private Message! Thanks, Jules.
  22. Last proper weekend of the summer holidays so The M5 will grind to a snails pace from just south of the M5 at the M42 junction Start your journey some thing like 06:00am,well it is a 13:30pm kick off match was moved to sunday as they Rugby boys play friday night or maybe stay the weekend at Weston Super Mare Coming by road. Do NOT USE M4/M32 route and don't try to negotiate the roads and streets of Bristol YOU WILL GET LOST If you are coming by road use M4/M5 southbound to junction 18(Avonmouth) then follow signs A4 Bristol airport It looks the long way round but its quicker. Parking is normally in the streets around the area as long as you are there by 11:30am please don't block drive ways or park on corners. If you are coming by train the local trains to Parson street are not convenient on Sunday. BUT AND A BIG BUT,could I request you get the train ticket issued to Parson street as it push's up the footfall at the station its the same price as bristol temple meads Till Ashton gate haly comes on line,just curious why is there no rail station by the line as it pass's by your football ground When you approach the ground from the winterstoke road direction I suggest you walk past wickes using the pavement as the concourse area behind the big new stand gets very congested with bodies UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE THE JOHN ATYEO STATUE and Wallace from Wallace and gromit serie Split train tickets are available to Bristol from the London area and group save is also availble on GWR trains, but not cross country trains If there are at least three of you get a taxi from the station to the ground Make sure the taxi driver drops you in the Ashton Road end as it a very long walk round from the other end or use the brown buses from the bottom of the incline of the station at Bristol Temple Meads Casualty and Holby City were filmed in the City don't ask me about either of the programmes cos I think their both rubbish The young ones was also filmed in the BS7 area of the City(actually its Bishopston) Finally the block of flats on the left behind the dolman stand side as you are in the away end is "the" block of flats in "fools and horses" If your into your "STREET ART" there is loads to see in the Ashton area as we have just celebrated the upfest in BS3 Bring your camera and turn up early if you want to take any photo's Pubs possibly best one are in the cumberland road basin area novia scotia pump house and the cottage. Leave your car there and walk to the ground Buy your match day programme before you enter the away end. BBC Radio station is radio Bristol which has frequencies and 94:9 and DAB and 95:5. In 2015/16 957 blackburn fans visited Ashton Gate in 2016/17 556 blackburn fans visited Ashton Gate A final reminder that there has been no pay on the day for away fans I don't that will be change,so please buy your tickets in advance Can you please circulate to other Blackburn rovers forums and message boards as well as other Blackburn rovers followers If you want any further local info,don't be afraid to ask. IP: Logged exeterboro Posted on 17/08/2018 07:43 SET OUT EARLY SET OUT EARLY SET OUT EARLY
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45268203
  24. Admiral Nelsen


    For all those interested, Rovers under 23s are currently playing Burnley's kids at their place. So far, the game is going as you'd expect. About 20 minutes in, Rovers are 4-0 up.
  25. barry_


    18 Years. R.I.P

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