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  1. I think Mowbray sanctioning Ayala has put paid to any ability he has to dictate ex boro boy transfers
  2. Interesting that in this thread there are comments about potential buyers around march/april, venkys were looking at additional income streams last November time and interested parties that came to nothing, it shows there is life after venkys.
  3. admin makes no sense when they haven't tried to flog the club, that said i know of a number of staff who have left really unhappy
  4. I do think somethings going on in terms of belt tightening and lack of backing, same old though owners miles away out of touch with whats going on and not giving two hoots
  5. No as he isn't HSH and Mowbray isn't going anywhere
  6. I think the forum needs shaking up a little bit and the club should be challenged more, it should be a chance to be a critical friend of the club and attempt to hold them to account. From the meeting minutes every time its just waggott saying he will look into it and thats about it. It needs a new attendee list and people not afraid to continually challenge the club
  7. You basically saying we are the footballing version of Michael Carroll!
  8. in nutshell that's the problem change was needed it as usual Venkys do not make it, our second potential play off squad has been squandered by a manager out of his depth. We are now faced with scratching whatever loans we can get off PL clubs. We could sort contract extensions out for Mowbrays boys last summer and waste that money, yet key players like Armstrong got left he should have been extended two years ago. Instead the club hierarchy were again asleep at the wheel focusing on flogging brockhall for a few quid
  9. its almost like those in power got distracted with other failed ventures last season, and neglected some pretty fundamental stuff
  10. I think mowbray will walk he was rattled last season with no fans if this season is a shambles which is looking likely he will walk, then no doubt it will hsh recommendation and in walks pulis and the cycle continues. Not so sure SW and TM are as close as people think heard various different accounts of a falling out
  11. my daughter wasn't as she is only 5 i was, as i was the season before and before that all the way back to 2000. Great to see you can predict the future whats the lotto numbers this week
  12. 🙄 yeah i'm sure they got an individual alert to notify them that i personally had switched on to watch
  13. not really as i didn't think it was cheap renewing last season when i knew we wouldn't be able to attend!
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