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  1. I’d be interest as well @Merceri still think he’ll survive until the seasons end. I’m less confident about him going in the summer
  2. Not sure they’ll care i suspect they didn’t know the full impact of brockhall, and will act accordingly
  3. Journo wants to know a bit more would be good to get some comments on his thread
  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are given until the end of season, either that they’ll be gone next week
  5. I would agree with most of that apart from Waggott having the power to sack, that lies with pasha and balaji
  6. Part of me wants to agree with this as I don’t take what Mowbray says at face value. When you objectively read and listen to what he has said. I think he is a man under pressure he’s sounded like this for weeks. Which does make me think he’s been told he’s being moved on in the summer. A lot of what he’s saying now is damage recovery as most now think we are underachieving and other championship blogs etc have picked this up. Playing the hard done to crowd isn’t to venkys it’s for his next job. Also I do agree mercer stay on here just because it’s not happened doesn’t mean it wasn’t true at th
  7. From someone who attended the presser said he’s not walking, and it’s going to be a long summer. I took that to be he’s staying on
  8. From the bits I’ve been told today he’s going nowhere and is unlikely to go in the summer
  9. i think mowbray will be gone at the end of the season, his demeanour is not of a man who is un sackable
  10. not sure if its any better but pasha is the gaffer waggott has no power to hire or fire
  11. no he would actually have to get up off his backside and take an interest
  12. I hope mercer’s walk is a long one it’s going to be at least two months if he’s sacked at all
  13. Same I’ve asked in the one place I get info from he has heard nowt
  14. I suspect he’ll hang on and leave at the end of season, when most of the squad will walk as well
  15. The 3pm stuff was nonsense doesn’t mean the rest is, or if it’s changed overnight
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