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  1. no you haven't he was compared to Ferguson and clough on facebook this weekend, when i questioned this i was told my hatred for mowbray knew no bounds!
  2. He's got a point more chance of platting fog than any of those coming here, HSH have supplied managers thats about it
  3. To be fair to mercer i'd been told by that major changes are coming in the next few weeks but no one seemed sure what they are, that came from someone very close to the club
  4. Pickering played right back a number of times for Crewe last season
  5. Bury FC have been saved great news for a traditional Lancashire club
  6. We will win this and FB and twitter non match going brigade will once again urge us to back Mowbray and how lucky we are to have him
  7. Thing is we will probably scab a win saturday, the tonys doing a brilliant job lot will be back out in force spin and repeat this every 4 weeks
  8. i think one difference this season over the last one is fans are back, so once Ewood starts jeering he'll walk
  9. 8 wins in 34 just isn't good enough we will go round in circle until he either leaves at the seasons end or is renewed, if its the later i would have to consider if i renew and my kids as well, it would just signify further running down of the club
  10. Great idea from the club for once, its a real shame that some will stay away at all costs
  11. With the current squad and lack of backing Mowbray has had, if he gets us top 10 i would give him a new deal, with the likely hood of Nyambe and Rothwell going if they aren't replaced midtable if they are top 12 finish
  12. i believe the club did prior to the copa America, he probably has his eyes set a lot higher now suspect he'll be off in Jan, with Nyambe and Rothwell
  13. Social media doesn't equate to match going support, hence we get the melts on fb now saying BB won't sign a deal because the stick he got, which is nonsense. Some of our fans always need a stick to beat the the rest of the support. Its more a bigger problem as to how we negotiate contracts with Brereton has an option but doesn't look like he'll sign a proper extended deal. Nyambe, Lenihan and Rothwell all currently not re signing either, we either leave it to late or low ball offer players. Which when you consider how cheaply everything else is done by Waggott and co, that would be my bet
  14. well i am sure the trust and those of us who have complained directly to SW can all take some credit...
  15. Great idea by the club lets hope this encourages more supporters back to Ewood
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