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  1. You only have to look at the sponsors of all the teams in the Premier League and the Championship to see how difficult it is to get a sponsor that isn't either gambling or has strong links locally or strong links to the club owners. Outside of the 'Big 6' it seems that it's only Leeds, West Brom, Coventry, Swansea, Derby and Oxford United that don't.
  2. The kits were designed in FIFA kit creator so it's possible they just been designed based on the leaked info. They may have put Totaly Wicked as the sponsor as nothing has been announced yet about it changing, so it could be pure guesswork.
  3. Hopefully Norwich will play for a win next week no matter what happens tonight as you would think they would rather play Southampton in the semis instead of Leeds or Ipswich.
  4. I can only assume JDT didn't want Wahlstedt to make his league debut against Leicester and immediately ruin his confidence.
  5. The shirts are designed by someone at Rovers. I seem to recall that the person to designed the kits for the previous two seasons tweeted that they had stepped down from the role and that the news shirts would be designed by someone else. Macron can definitely do reversed halves on the back, as the new Crystal Palace shirt has them, so it must be a case of the designer not implementing them into the design. It's probably something that needs to be brought up at the fans forum so that it can hopefully be used in next seasons shirts, although the designs may have already been selected as the are chosen a year in advance.
  6. If Brighton want BBD, then I think we should ask for Deniz Undav in return on loan although they would probably offer Julio Enciso on loan instead.
  7. Given that Brighton have just sold Clarke and Chelsea are now supposedly after Webster, I can't see Brighton wanting to lose Van Hecke too.
  8. He's a left back. Presumably signed as Cucurella's replacement.
  9. I tried using it the other day and had the same result. Nothing listed in the 'Message Centre' other than the option to create a new query. There is another 'Contact Us ' section at the bottom of the page where you have to state your name and email address. You could try that and see if you have more luck with that.
  10. Judging by the video the club posted of people buying the shirt and various pictures that people have put up on Twitter, it appears that the sponsor is being printed a bit lower down than what was originally shown.
  11. It's so the club can print the sponsor off centre... I would imagine the reasoning this year I'd due to the sponsor not being finalised until recently. It could also because the Ladies team has a different sponsor so it's easier to send blank shirts and print them accordingly.
  12. I apologise if it sounded that way but but it was just a prediction of how the kit may look. After all, we had a remake of the yellow kit from the play-off final from that season so it would never surprise me if we were to get a remake of the home kit from that season this season. I think the last time we didn't have the sponsor in black on the home shirt was when Dafabet sponsored us.
  13. The new home shirt being based on the shirt shown in your avatar?
  14. Lee Johnson is a great choice if we want to keep falling apart around February time and drop down the league.
  15. I think the reason why Rothwell hasn't signed a new contract is because he hasn't even been offered one. Going by Mowbray's comments in the Football League Paper, he doesn't think he's that good.
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