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  1. And Holtby's vision/quick thinking that left the ball for Dack to score.
  2. Really? Decision making appears damagingly slow. The Ewood executives appear to have little if any power (Waggott: "As a club we've done everything", Cheston: "Coyle was the outstanding candidate") Not one successful manager appointed in 9 (nine) years.
  3. But the manager shouldn't be there padding out time, stage managed by Andy Bayes. Pasha should be there.
  4. It's a waste of time anyway, just like fans forum, just a super fans evening out.
  5. All seater is a joke looking at the Kop. Remember when Rovers stuck letters on BBE seats saying season tickets would be cancelled for persistent standing when away fans stood up every week.
  6. Hughton please no. Deflating appointment if ever there was one. Shades of Gary Bowyer and 3 more years of dross.
  7. Flowers Berg Hendry Pearce/Gale Le Saux Ripley Sherwood Wilcox Shearer Sutton
  8. They tow the club line because they don't want to lose their press accreditation.
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