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SINCE 1996
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Match Previews Wanted !

Ste B

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Please post in here or PM me if you fancy doing any match previews. Iran V Angola especially required.




USA v Czech - american

Angola v Iran - Rog of the Rovers

USA v Italy - USRoverME

Germany v Poland - Rovers Air Force

Argentina V Ivory Coast - Blue/White

Australia V Japan - PhilipL

Tunisia v Saudi - PhilipL

Ecuador v Costa Rica - PhilipL

Spain v Ukraine - IHatethedingles

Portugal-Iran - Rover4ever

England v Paraguay - All you need is duff

Angola v Portugal - Rog of the Rovers

Angola v Mexico - Rog of the Rovers

Portugal-Mexico - Oklahoma

USA v Ghana - Hypo Luxa

Switzerland V France - HypoLuxa

Korea V Togo - Exiled Rover

France games - Eddie

Mexico v Iran - Bobby G

Trinidad & Tobago v Sweden - Yawnsie

Chech v Ghana - Rovermatt

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With all the tickets that keep coming available for that one, I bet it will become one of the most exciting group matches ever. I'm predicting 8-7 on a stoppage time 35 yard screamer.

I'll at least do the first US one. Not sure my computer access for the other ones, though.

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Is this a lower form of life?

Put me down for any Australian game still going free.

In a less tongue in cheek mode, I doubt I'll have much competition for Tunisia v Saudi and Ecuador v Costa Rica

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Go on then, I'll have a crack at any that are going.

Let me know which are free and I'll pick a couple.


Anything not listed on the first post. Theres still some decent ones left.

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