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[Archived] So What Name Will You Be Getting On Your Shirt(s)

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For me it will be Bentley for the home and Dunn for the away.

I was thinking of getting Santa Cruz for one, but he hasn't yet worked his way into my affections. Nelsen would be a good choice, because he will probably be here for a fair few years yet, but it wasn't really an "exciting" name for me. I love playing central midfield and on the right and both players are favourites of mine.

Is there a way of adding a poll to see whose name is the most popular on the fans shirts?

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Whoever signs it when I go to The Roverstore this afternoon, I'll have my shirt printed up with their name/number.

Which narrows it down to one from Tugay, Samba or Santa Cruz.

(I won't be getting the 'keeper shirt so that rules out Brad, unfortunately).

If there's a choice, I'll go for the one with the shortest queue!

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When the kids used to have this everytime we bought a shirt with a player's name the player would leave................gave it up as a bad job in the end!! :D

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