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[Archived] Heath Ledger Dead

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My God! One of the best actors around. His turn in Brokeback Mountain was remarkable and his portrayal of the Joker has been gaining a lot of hype.

Clearly it's no more tragic than any other death under similar circumstances, but it's always shocking when people with endless talent and wealth succumb to exactly the same frailties as the ordinary populace.

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Recent NY Times interview

He tends to do that. He is here in London filming the latest episode of the “Batman” franchise, “The Dark Knight.” (Mr. Bale, as it happens, plays Batman; Mr. Ledger plays the Joker.) It is a physically and mentally draining role — his Joker is a “psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy” he said cheerfully — and, as often happens when he throws himself into a part, he is not sleeping much.

“Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night,” he said. “I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.” One night he took an Ambien, which failed to work. He took a second one and fell into a stupor, only to wake up an hour later, his mind still racing.

Even as he spoke, Mr. Ledger was hard-pressed to keep still. He got up and poured more coffee. He stepped outside into the courtyard and smoked a cigarette. He shook his hair out from under its hood, put a rubber band around it, took out the rubber band, put on a hat, took off the hat, put the hood back up. He went outside and had another cigarette. Polite and charming, he nonetheless gave off the sense that the last thing he wanted to do was delve deep into himself for public consumption. “It can be a little distressing to have to overintellectualize yourself,” is how he put it, a little apologetically.

Among other things, he began working with Gerry Grennell, his dialect coach, who has seen him through a dizzying spectrum of dialects and intonations. (“It’s rare that there’s a role that requires an Australian accent,” Mr. Ledger said.) Among his next projects are a film directed by Terry Gilliam, and another by Terrence Malick. Mr. Ledger is learning to play the piano and to sing. He also directs music videos, has a small independent record label called Masses Music in Los Angeles and is planning to direct a film at the end of next year.

One of the things that struck him most about the Dylan who emerges in “I’m Not There,” he said, was Dylan’s continual effort to resist easy categorization and his willingness to “recreate himself and not conform to people’s ambitions to put him in a box.”

That is how Mr. Ledger feels too, and he likes to keep an element of surprise, for the world at large and for himself.

“Some people find their shtick,” he said. “I’ve never figured out who ‘Heath Ledger’ is on film: ‘This is what you expect when you hire me, and it will be recognizable.’”

He continued: “People always feel compelled to sum you up, to presume that they have you and can describe you. That’s fine. But there are many stories inside of me and a lot I want to achieve outside of one flat note.”

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A sad story indeed. Yet another talented individual dies through drugs.

TBH i`d never heard of the guy, but the general vibe is that he was a talented actor.

It`s a shame & a waste :(

On the flip side of the coin, it`s a pity Winehouse & Doherty are still hanging on in there :(

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Apparentley the Westborough Baptist Church in America are planning on Picketing Heath Ledgers Funeral.

I'm sorry but that is just wrong.Only in america could a church organise a pickett for a funeral.

I think of nutters in one or two world religions that would have claimed that his death was the wrath of God for his script in Brokeback Mountain. <_<

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