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[Archived] Florida Trip

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Supposed training schedule:

Friday, February 15

Monday, February 18

Tuesday, February 19

Each session begins at at 10:30 a.m. EST

I'm not completely sure the numbers below apply to Rovers, but according to the Disney website:


Length of Event

Adult $19.50

Child $14.50


Adult $11.75

Child $9.00

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And the vast difference between this and playing a game on the Saturday in Florida is..............? Oh I know- I can't go because they announced it too late. If I'd known about this from the start of the season, I'd have been there (Although I hate Florida it's got to be better weather than here)

Clubs do this all the time on longer breaks.

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Dew was there alot of interest in the team or not?

You going to post some pics?!

Here is a link to a few pics I snapped: Disney photos

To be honest, there was very little interest. The session was not really advertised, and Orlando is a bit out of the way for most folks. There were several Disney and Ginn (U.S. real estate developers who are currently infiltrating Europe) reps there, and that was about it--Ginn sponsored the trip, btw. Most folks who stopped by were autograph seekers hounding the Atlanta Braves, who were training on a field nearby. Many did not know the Rovers, but were familiar with the EPL (there were Chelsea ads and pics all over the place). Several recognized Brad after I clued them in on who he was. Weather was perfect and the session was intense .

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