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[Archived] Longest Name(s) In World Football

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Argelico f u c k s - Brazilian who carved out a half-decent career for himself as a central defender, but who is always going to be best remembered as the source of one of football's greatest football headlines: "f u c k s off to Benfica", Eurosport's famous description of his transfer from Palmeiras to Benfica

Kick van der Vall - Cult figure in the 70's with Dutch side FC Twente.

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Actually, that's reminded me of something I've always wondered - is Tugay meant to be pronounced Tuguy or is that commentary tact adopted to not offend?

Also, there was that goddam awful Argie who played for AC Milan - Andre Guglieminpietro (nicknamed Guly). And yes, I did have to look up his name to spell it...

Dwight Wille - the Belgian youngster who came on loan to Rovers to play for the academy side. I seem to remember that a few people found his name amusing. Sounds like the sort of thing that Souey would've roared as he threw himself into a two-footed challenge on Dwight Yorke.

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Vennegoor of Hesselink has to be one of the longest...Anyone remember Edouard Ufarte...None of the presenters would say his surname...

Played for Spain in 1982 world cup.

Me and my brother used to laugh every time he was mentioned :)

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