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[Archived] Where Have You Been Watching Rovers?


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Ever wondered how many stadiums you've been to? Tick them off on the "Ground Log Day" feature on the www.WeWillFollow.co.uk website.

All current and old grounds listed, and we have an overall and Rovers only leaderboard. It's free, just go to the site, stick in your name and club and tick away.

Would like to see Blackburn on the leaderboard, top members for a Premier League club is 89 Newcastle.

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I've only been to 32 grounds. I didn't know if i meant with the Rovers or in general (should delete that as it says Rovers only in the title but oh well), i've gone to a fair few non-Rovers games when i were a child, i just loved going to football and standing on the terraces of old stadiums like Boothferry Park. I remember when they were playing their derby against Scunthorpe and Gary Alexander scored, i somehow managed to be moved from one end of the East Stand to the other end of it by people jumping and picking me up cheering. Come to think about it, that sounds a bit dodgy that people would do that these days.

I thought i would of been to more grounds than 32 TBH, it'l be up to around 40 by the end of the season. It wouldn't let me select the De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam on that list, same with the Vetlins Arena in Schalke from the world cup so it should be 34.

Anyway good thread Scottie.

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Away travel has never been as fun since the good old days of Ribblesdale Coaches..Does the survey include setting off in a clapped out old bus but not getting there?

No ,but Ince has included a couple of clapped out old coaches you can take to away games ^_^

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