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[Archived] Players That Have Played For Rovers And Liverpool

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Thought this might be a bit of fun

Ok me and mate (liverpool supporter) were having a discussion on players that have played for Rovers and Liverpool.

Critera being must have played from the 80's onwwards and must have played at least 1 game for one side and at least been on the books at the other side or played in a friendly

Names we come up with were

Brad Friedal

Stig Inge Byornebe

Jason Mcateer

Kenny Dalglish

Dominic Matteo

Stephen Warnock

Mike Newell

Stephen Henchoz

Robbie Fowler

El Hadji Diouf

Craig Bellamy

Markus Babbel

David Thompson

Robbie Fowler

Nathan Eccleston

Anyone think of any others ?

What 11 whould you pick from that?

For me it would be


Mcateer Babbel Henchoz Warnock

Diouf Thompson Bellamy


Fowler Newell

Subs Ecelston, Bjoyrnbe, Matteo

Think it would also be intresting if anyone could come up with an 11 for other sides as well can it be done?

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I've just checked wikipedia for the list of Blackburn Rovers players. There are four Campbells listed and Nudger isn't one of them!!

J Campbell definitely played for us, came from Liverpool, had the nickname of " nudger " and I think was called Jack.

I knew him as Mr Campbell.

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