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[Archived] Players Who Came Back


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With transfer gossip linking us with old boy James Beattie, I was trying to remember players who made a successful return to Rovers.

Off the top of my head.

David Dunn and Colin Hendry are the only players I can think of, that have made a success on their return as players and Mark Hughes who returned as Manager.

I remember Dave Wagstaff coming back but his return wasnt a real success.

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I know its off topic but i was surprised to find out that Peter Crouch actually started his career at Tottenham.

Also I think players like Keith Gillespie and Andy Todd should be given credit as they left the club on-loan when it looked like their Rovers career would be over and came back and played big parts, the following period.

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I was told years ago that in the 50's and 60's the club had an unofficial policy that anyone who had left would not be taken back. One or two companies I worked for had a similar policy. Pickering was the first player to breach that rule. I was going to say that he was a shadow of his former self when he came back. Not strictly true.

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