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[Archived] Ronaldinho

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Taking the ###### out of your own club?

I knew from many of your previous posts that you had an unorthodox view on things, but this post is just too weird.

Who do you support?

On Ignore.

I don't question his support of the club but his antics on this messageboard recently leave a bit to be desired, insults and attacks on everyone who disagrees isn't needed.

What I find funny is his absence in the Liverpool thread after predicting a hammering due to Kean.

I just hope come February more people can get behind the club and bring some harmony back this pettyness is pathetic.

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So Ronaldinho is currently in Pune with Balaji and Venketesh they finally got their man

He is promoting Balajis company's new film:

Ronaldinho Vs Aliens

How I wish this was a joke


Credit to Kamy for finding the pic

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Not sure how this is a bad thing? At present it looks like we will need funding from our owners of which Balaj is supposed to be the one who is putting his money/balls on the line regarding Rovers, therefore a venture that could generate money for Balaj is indirectly good for us (or am i missing something??)

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No real thread to stick this but, firstly, Messi. What can you say about him? Unbelieveable.

But do people still think Samba went to Russia simply out of despearation to get away from Rovers?


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Despite the crazy figure written into the contract, according to a report, an unknown Russian club triggered it, and offered the world's greatest player £460,000-a-week to tempt him away.

Don't fancy a run-down East Lancs club instead, do they? :blink:

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