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[Archived] Advanced Fantasy Football


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I've always enjoyed fantasy football, but I have also felt that it doesn't quite live up to the experiences that I have in other fantasy sports because of the fairly limited options and basic set-up. As a solution to this I have thought about running a sort of 'advanced' fantasy league. In the league each player would only exist ones, transfers between sides would be possible (although they would always have to be trades) and scoring would be based on slightly more developed statistics (goals, assists, tackles, saves, pass completion %, negative points for fouls, red cards, etc...)

The idea is to have a 20 league team with 20 players per squad. Let me know if you're interested. There would be a draft to pick the teams and each week you would be head-to-head against another side with 3 points awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and nothing for a loss.

Post here if you are interested and we can see if there is the demand for it.

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Just out of interest how do you think the draft will be sorted eddie? Have you any rules in place, just wondering how it will all work.

I was imagining that I would draw lots and then we would do a snake draft with the order reversing each round for the 20 rounds. Hopefully just get a chat room or something set up so that it could all go quite quickly.

Hopefully that would work quite well. You'd obviously have to pick one keeper and a minimum of 10 outfield players, but apart from that would leave selections open.

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A mate of mine ran a Football Manager type league that always looked interesting. Will be fun to see how this plays out or if it peters off.

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