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In Memoriam: Gary Leigh


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Gary Leigh, my cousin, died over the Easter period, at 38 he was way too young to go.

I've deliberately taken some time to clear my head before sitting down to post this - it's been a very emotional time; the cause of Gary's death has still not been established.

Gary (or Gaz as he was known to his mates) was an ardent Rovers fan, as are all his family, and he will be sorely missed both at Ewood and on Rovers travels.

I'm not writing this to put Gary up on a pedestal or to go into some long winded eulogy about him, those who knew Gary would know he wouldn't want that.

What he would want is for somebody to tell Rovers fans - his mates - that Gaz won't be down at Ewood any more, even though he'd like to be.

Rest In Peace, mate.

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Very sorry for your loss, John.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Didn't know him John but puts everything in perspective.Deepest condolences fella.Somehow the world isn't right when somebody like that dies so young and we have to read about footballers who ''weren't in the right frame of mind''. Tragic.

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Thanks everybody for your kind thoughts - I'll share them with Gary's dad.

I'd prefer not to go into details of the circumstances on here, suffice to say it was very very sudden.

As you may be aware I have chosen to live in Brisbane, Australia, and at times like these it is very hard to come to terms with news like this. Your sincere comments help.

Once again, thanks from all the Leighs.

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