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[Archived] Next Rovers Manager

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These guys in Pune won't allow another outsider to do this manager's deal, so it will definately be Bowyer on the basis that it's just a change of title, pay-rise and re-work of the term maybe....she will oversee this one with a magnifying glass.

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Dickov failed at Oldham, what could he offer Rovers?

And berg -Appleton did amazing heroics at there previous clubs. ...don't forget the little word in all of this V E N K Y S

He's already calling her Madame and no doubt his tongue lapped the royal ring

That in itself is a scaring eebergeebee moment. Madam ???? Who the frig does the fat ugly bint think she is ?? Madame more like a scrubber in a dingy aids infested back street brothel .

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Sam Allardyce rated him highly as a coach.

pleased in doing well in Malta. I enjoy watching a game when I was over there once on Holiday. Great Sunny Weather

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