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[Archived] Where do the issues lie?


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Arsenal away was particularly bad too when we got tonked 7-1. He was the pick of the litter that day.

Just another example of a signing that made certain people a pocket of cash. I clearly remember the stories in the press about him being high on Spurs wanted list!

The man was useless, maybe it wasn't his fault and he realised **** was a useless ******.

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Venkys are not the blame for our current predicament. They are funding the club and backing the team. Some may not like to get used to that idea but its something that you have to live with for the time being and its time for moving on.

GB lack of tactics are to blame.

How many points have we wasted fro winning positions ? 30 maybe more.

How many points have we thrown away because we haven't had a plan B or C ? Ad another 7 or 8.

We have wasted more points than a lot of teams together. We should have been high and dry and well positioned in the top 2. We have the players we have the quality whats been missing is just how best to get the best out of these players and that falls on the managers head.

It is a simple reasoning.

Now then, lets move on for next season and give it one final chance of getting up. That means Abbey relenting on the venky abuse, it means losing the morons from the fans, it means creating a siege mentality at the club and it measn the club goes for it from the off next season. Its the only way forward.

Venky's not to blame? Who is then the tea lady

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I think what's most frustrating is that if Venky's had taken their current stance from the beginning, it's highly likely we wouldn't be anywhere close to our current situation.

Imagine they'd come in, given Allardyce the same backing they gave Kean/Bowyer, kept themselves quiet and just allowed the board (at the time JW and Tom Finn) to get on with their jobs! Along with a sensible transfer policy and a determination to keep our better players, we would have been absolutely fine.

We didn't expect champions league football. We didn't expect huge marquee signings or a transformation of the club from top to bottom. It was fine as it was. They tried to fix something that wasn't broken and have now ruined it to the point where a sensible approach is no longer enough to amend their mistakes.

It was all so needless.

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Well the club was losing money and had debts, manageable ones though compared to now.

Venkys came in for the money, they were told that if they ran the club in a spectacularly different way, then they would make loads of money.

Loads of money were made but not by them! Hard to feel sorry for them as innocent victims in the circumstances.

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Ironically, if they had sucked up a few million losses each season yet maintained our position and status in the PL the club would now be turning over 100 million and the Venkys would be showing a very healthy yearly profit. Another 20 million bashed this year. The figures are mind boggling. The wastefulness is disgraceful. That includes the Walker Trust. Hold on to their investment three or four more years, benefit from the new TV deal and then sell for at least double from a position of strength in the PL.

Both businesses have failed to maximise their opportunities with the Rovers.

No idea why these owners remain after failing so disastrously. Possibly chasing their money but with no idea what to do.

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They are all to blame.

Venkys for their monumental cock ups since they bought the club.

Previous managers, agents, and club directors.

The current manager's apparent lack of nous.

Under performing players past and present.

The keystone to any change lies with the owners.

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