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[Archived] Hypothetical Flying Chickens


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So we have heard all the debate about the effectiveness and indeed the point of 18/75.

Truth is we will know for sure in a couple of weeks.

Most if not all posters will have by now seen the flying pigs at Charlton.

As the staff picked them up from the pitch I couldn't help but wonder if you could claim back your pig after the game....

Anyway... Hypothetically speaking... If there was a flying chicken protest planned for lets say Newcastle at home on Sky on Jan 2nd

Who would be willing to take active part? i.e. Chuck a chicken on the pitch to stop play?

Who would be willing to break their boycott for such an event?

Personally speaking, I would break my boycott for this.

I also feel such an event would engage some of those younger fans as discussed at recent meeting.

Just to gauge opinion of course.

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I had the same idea. This sort of protest would raise more awareness and has a clear visual impact, the media would be all over it. Definitely break my boycott for this.

I would also add that it doesn't need to be a Sky game, videos of the Charlton pig protest are everywhere on social media and Sky Sports News covered it.

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It's the way to go i think as everyone associates us with chickens on the pitch anyway and chicken farming owners etc. When that Blackburn chicken was released a few times it got great coverage.

Newcastle at home and 2k plastic roosters from the BBE it is then, preferably when the toon are attacking !

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question - what would be the appropriate musical accompaniment to such a display? Ride of the Valkyries (as in Apocalypse Now), or the Chicken Dance song?

Imagine a drone enters the stadium to the dambusters... Hovering over the centre circle it drops a lone plastic chicken.

Cue to the few hundred who care to toss their chickens onto the field as drone exits the arena.

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Silent screaming chickens sounds about right with these chicken pluckers. No end in sight for this disastrous period in our clubs history.

The time for protesting was way back then but few joined in with me acting like a tit down Bolton Road shouting Kean out.

At this time the best protest is for no-one to attend and withdraw their emotional and financial backing from the circus. A picture tells a thousand words and empty seats my lord in an empty stadium would be crystal clear. However and as with all other protests few will support, nothing will change and the downward cycle continues.

I have been supporting actively for over 40 years and was unsure how I would feel not attending this time round. However spending time with my family, or simply working to help with first cars, first houses, university studies etc feels great. I have little respect or feeling for the owners, and zero affinity for management and our current players. I stopped enjoying the match-day experience as soon as Allardyce was potted, feel totally disenfranchised with all things Rovers related and have all this anger and frustration pent up inside at the lasting greed and stupidity of all concerned.

Hypothetical flying chickens sounds great. A chicken drone sounds great. Anything other than the football or following Rovers sounds great.

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Hire a light aircraft.

Banner behind...#venkysout

2000 plastic chicken skydive onto the pitch.

Only downside is I fear a plastic chicken dropped from a great height would hurt if it lands on your noggin.

Imagine if one hit Lowey finishing his playing career. There would be a criminal investigation and compensation claim for loss of earnings.

We need a big chicken gun on the hill behind the riverside!

Would be brilliant fun as chickens come flying over the riverside roof onto the pitch. Would need to be a chicken machine gun though..surely?

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