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[Archived] FFP Again

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I think the fine they previously paid was around £8million. 

The article above says they only made a loss of £9.8m due to the owner/shareholders writing off a load of the losses. 

They will either pay another £1.8m(ish) or nothing will happen. 

I want QPR to be punished but at the same time I kinda want the rules to be abolished. 

Boro and Derby seem to be immune from these rules entirely (on the face of it at least, I’ve not looked into there accounts)

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Clubs should be allowed to try to buy success without failing being a reveune source via fines payable to the TwoHats at the FA/ EFL.

The top PL clubs buy their success so why not everyone.

If failure ensues so be it.

With the top 6 or is it now the top 9, including feckin Leicester, West Ham and one other nobody, failing in their greedy bid to get a bigger share of international TV money I hope the PL implodes sooner rather than later and the BIG clubs beggar off and join Europe. Good riddance.

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I'd love to know how they plan on forcing QPR to pay a £40 million fine. Its unenforceable.

The closest they could get is to put them under a transfer embargo until such time as they have paid it off, but as a mediocre Championship side that could take decades. They can't force shareholders like Fernandes to stump up the cash. If they tried he could just walk away leaving the club on its knees.

Another idea that regardless of the idea behind it we will see it fail to be implemented properly.

Meanwhile Bournemouth and Leicester, who are as guilty as QPR but managed to survive in the Premier League, can carry on regardless.

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