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Carlisle away

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Thread not started so I thought I'd get one going. Anyone going. What team would people play. I'd go


  Nyambe.   Downing.  Lenihan  bell

               Whittingham Travis

       Rothwell.    Palmer.     Conway


* Assuming Davenport isn't fit

Subs. Leutwiler, Caddis, williams, Smallwood, simmonds, samuel, nuttall

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1 minute ago, chaddyrovers said:


Nyambe Lenihan Downing Bell

Conway  Travis Whittingham Rothwell

               Nuttall Armstrong



I think I'd prefer the players who are coming in playing in the formation the first team use. That way the players Tony will have a better understanding of what is at his disposal

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Travis Lenihan Downing Williams

Davenport/Smallwood Whittingham

Conway Palmer Rothwell


Subs: Raya, Nyambe, Bell, Smallwood/Evans, Samuel, Nuttall, Tomlinson

Give Mulgrew, Dack, Bennett and Graham the night off.

Give Armstrong an hour for fitness, and Palmer and Rothwell also could do with the minutes.

For me, Palmer, Rothwell and Whittingham are the 3 there, Davenport if fit too, who could make themselves a starter for the weekend with a good performance.

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Travis             Downing                      Williams                  Bell

                       Tomlinson                    Whittingham

Armstrong                        Palmer                               Rothwell



Subs :Raya, Lenihan, Nyambe, Davenport, Smallwood, Conway, Samuel

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hoping we see a few u23s giving a crack at it, along with a few first teamers like conway and nuttal start to see if they can actually pull there weight, 


gk -fisher

rb -nyambe

cb -downing

cb -lehihan

lb -bell

 rm -rothwell

cm -davenport (if fit)

cm -travis

lm -conway

st -nutall

st -simmonds


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I think Travis needs to start, might as well give Whittingham a run out also.






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