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  1. windymiller7

    Academy & U21s

    It's also on BT Sport 1 at 5pm for those able to watch it. I finish at 4 on a Friday, so I know what I'll be doing! 😁
  2. windymiller7

    Darragh Lenihan

    It looked bad when I watched it, but Christ, if a picture ever told a story........ Evans & DouIglas (I think) are both ball watching whilst their 7 & 11 just wander into the vast chasm in front of Williams & JRC If Lenihan has gone with his man, then Trybull needs to drop deep, or better still DL stays where he is and let Trybull pick him up. Take DL out of that picture and put him between Del & JRC & all of a sudden it doesn't look quite as bad. Apart from Douglas & Evans having a nap obviously!
  3. windymiller7

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Good old Trampoline Boots can trap a ball further than I can kick it!!
  4. windymiller7

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    My mum & dad have Virgin & my dad watched the Watford game on red button last week with no problems as he couldn't be bothered messing about with iFollow & plugging the laptop into the tv etc.
  5. Agreed. Pity 'trampoline boots' was on the end of it!
  6. I said when we signed him that I'd seen a bit if him playing for Liverpool in the cup games & he looked quality. I'll be honest, I'd no idea he was THAT good. At 17, this lad is different quality to anything I've seen in a long while. He looks like he's been playing at this level for years. Not a chance we'll have him for longer than this year (unless we get promoted & can blag another year on loan) so, yeah, let's just enjoy it!!
  7. windymiller7

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Great performance today, but is anyone else abit disappointed it was 'only' 4? I know it sounds picky but that should've really been near double figures. I love Holtby but how he hasn't got a couple of goals today I don't know! Anyway, like I said, probably being picky. More of the same on Tues please lads!
  8. windymiller7

    iFollow Thread

    Just gone on to buy a pass for this afternoon - anyone any idea why there's no longer a PayPal option? Paid on my debit card but I have a thing about entering my card details into too many sites so always choose PayPal if available.
  9. windymiller7


    Ooh Kevin Moran! Loved watching Moran play. Now THAT'S a centre half!
  10. windymiller7

    Music Association Game

    Beverly Knight - Shoulda Woulda Coulda
  11. windymiller7

    Music Association Game

    Dobie Gray - The In Crowd
  12. windymiller7

    Music Association Game

    Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now
  13. windymiller7

    Music Association Game

    Simple Minds - Promised You A Miracle
  14. windymiller7

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    They must've been reading on here - just checked, so did mine! Literally 5 mins after I posted. 🤣
  15. windymiller7

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Do we need a code for ifollow for this one? The 'deal' with the ST said we'd get the midweek away games but I've had no code emailed from the club. I can watch it on the red button but that's even worse than ifollow with SD and no replays.

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