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    😄 and the word of the minute is.......

    Bugger! Wigan have scored in injury time!
  3. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    I can honestly say that it's the first time in watching football at Ewood for 35 years I've said "who the F$%K is this clown" and picked up the programme to check the ref's name. Fortunately, reading his name did make me chuckle and was cue for the 'off the boil today' etc jokes.
  4. Wimbledon v Rovers

    Bastards! I bought mine after last home game with 30% off!! Will wear with pride in Sunday! Great win tonight. Chuffed to bits! COYB
  5. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    That'll be David Oldfield - Ex Man City player. Just Checked, apparently he was/is assistant at Posh.
  6. Songs at Ewood

    Yep, liking it. Simple, and fits with the disco theme for Richie's tune. Now who can we use for a song to a bit of Kelly Marie?.....
  7. Songs at Ewood

    Cheers mate. Seems to have got a lot of love on here, must be cos it's simple but a bit daft! Did think about a quick re-word but it might lose the humour: Tony Mowbray had a star eieio. That superstar his name was Brad, eieio....with a dack dack here etc Let me know what u think guys, original or 2018 remix! 😄.
  8. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    What a great afternoon! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Am gonna really enjoy that first pint tonight. Bennett & Smallwood have to play together in the middle every week. Brilliant, just brilliant! Anyone else notice the pitch appears to have been made narrower? Looked like the touchline at the riverside had been moved in by about a foot. I assume the same on the other side. Thought it had to be kept the same all season?
  9. Songs at Ewood

    Nice one, thanks mate.
  10. Songs at Ewood

    Oh way oh, we've got Richie Smallwood Oh way oh, he's the king of Ewood Oh way oh, he never gives the ball away. Whilst we're on new songs, can anybody help with the words to the Charlie Mulgrew song. Everything's sung at such breakneck speed these days it's almost impossible to pick the words up! Something about we've got Mulgrew, Charlie mulgrew, then I'm lost!
  11. Adam Armstrong

    I'll be honest, until I saw him take his first penalty on that video, I was unsure if he was left or right footed! Not very often you see someone so comfortable with both feet these days. Welcome to Ewood Adam. Lets see a few more of those.
  12. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Cardiff apparently in for Bell as well - Had to laugh at their source of info though, especially as he's being quoted as an 'Excellent Source' : http://www.cardiffcityforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=191763 BTW, does TAP_Sheep remind you of anyone on here?
  13. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Do u know what? I was beginning to think it was only me who could see this! Dack & Graham work brillantly as a partnership! Yeah, DG might not be as mobile as he once was, but there's only him, dack & Charlie with an ounce of football know how about them! Anyhow, happy New year one & all. Despite all our differences, we all have one thing in common & that's our love for all things blue & white! All the best to everyone & their loved ones! RTID COYB
  14. Merry Christmas from all at BRFCS

    Merry Christmas one & all. Hope you all have a good one & I'll see u at Ewood tomorrow! COYB
  15. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    Cheers pal. I know where he lives so I'll drop him a crate off!