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  1. windymiller7

    Rovers Player of the Year

    Danny Boy all day long!
  2. windymiller7

    The mysterious case of Joe Rothwell.

    Artists & Soldiers. Artists & Soldiers, that's what you said Tony. Well, the artists you put on the field are more like Painters & Decorators and as for the soldiers, the ones I dip in my egg put up more of a fight!
  3. windymiller7

    Mowbray’s Future

    I don't think it's pressure from above so to speak. But I think he's very aware that the tide is starting to turn with the fans. Whilst there's no hatred along the Kean/Coyle lines, people will only put up with watching defeat after defeat and listening to the same crap coming out of his mouth for so long and that time is more or less at his doorstep. I also get the feeling that there's a bit of discontent in the ranks adding to the pressure. So whilst I don't think he's in danger of getting sacked any time soon, he's basically in a job where the boss thinks he's great but all his work colleagues, suppliers and customers, who he used to get on well with, now all think he's a bit of a nob. That sort of pressure starts to manifest it's way out eventually.
  4. windymiller7

    Mowbray’s Future

    Mowbray is starting to get on my tits now! I think we are seeing signs of a man under serious pressure starting to lose the plot.
  5. windymiller7

    Preston at Home

    Ok. U know me by now. I only post when I feel the need. Rodwell for me is the best midfielder we have by a country mile & needs to start in there. Rothwell needs to start - I don't care if he's run over TM's cat, he has to start. RS I love him to bits, but is out of his depth. Recall Downing at all costs, he's not the best ever but he's a CH and apart from DL is the only one we have! If I can see this and TM doesn't then, thanks Tony, but we have to move on.
  6. windymiller7

    Birmingham Away

    😄 I think Warwick Davies would win his fair share of aerial battles against our back 4!
  7. windymiller7

    The Second Class - Rovers Hall of Fame 2020

    Tony Parkes for me - qualifies on all fronts. Player, Coach, assistant manager & manager (albeit caretaker). Over 30 years service to the club. If that doesn't justify a spot then I don't know what does.
  8. windymiller7

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    I feel physically sick after watching those last few minutes! Why can't we ever see a game out?!! Merry fecking Christmas!! Cheers Tony!
  9. windymiller7

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    Don't know if it's been posted elsewhere or not, but it looks like this one is available via the red button: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/34681/11587962/david-pruttons-boxing-day-sky-bet-efl-predictions
  10. Wow! Off topic I know, but what just happened to the message board in the last hour! Are we celebrating the birth of a new baby boy! 😁
  11. windymiller7


    Looks like our Tony might still have a soft spot for the baggies! FFS!
  12. windymiller7

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    That squad under TM would absolutely waste the rest of the league. Don't get me wrong, I think he's too overly cautious at times but he's not daft enough not to realise that with cairney, Rhodes, gestede, Duffy, Hanley, king and Conway in his prime at his disposal he'd walk this division. That was an embarrassment of riches criminally underused imo.
  13. windymiller7

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Absolutely loving it! More labore than arte today but who cares. Great result! I have say I think we've got a bargain with Rodwell. He's different class to anything we have. Him & evans in midfield look great together. Get him tied to a longer contract Tony. I don't think we'll be able to hold on to him if he keeps this up. At least if he's on a longer deal we'll get a few quid when the vultures start to circle. Would also love to get reed on a perm. Am gonna enjoy a few pints tonight at my missus 40th and she has the bonus of me being in a really good mood from the start!
  14. windymiller7

    Ben Brereton

    I wonder if Tyrone will 'donate' his user name to Ben when he finally cracks it!
  15. windymiller7

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    I always knew there was 'something about you'! Don't worry Tom, I won't let anyone know that Kylie is on in Liverpool tonight - your secret's safe with me!

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