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  1. windymiller7


    Looks like our Tony might still have a soft spot for the baggies! FFS!
  2. windymiller7

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    That squad under TM would absolutely waste the rest of the league. Don't get me wrong, I think he's too overly cautious at times but he's not daft enough not to realise that with cairney, Rhodes, gestede, Duffy, Hanley, king and Conway in his prime at his disposal he'd walk this division. That was an embarrassment of riches criminally underused imo.
  3. windymiller7

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Absolutely loving it! More labore than arte today but who cares. Great result! I have say I think we've got a bargain with Rodwell. He's different class to anything we have. Him & evans in midfield look great together. Get him tied to a longer contract Tony. I don't think we'll be able to hold on to him if he keeps this up. At least if he's on a longer deal we'll get a few quid when the vultures start to circle. Would also love to get reed on a perm. Am gonna enjoy a few pints tonight at my missus 40th and she has the bonus of me being in a really good mood from the start!
  4. windymiller7

    Ben Brereton

    I wonder if Tyrone will 'donate' his user name to Ben when he finally cracks it!
  5. windymiller7

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    I always knew there was 'something about you'! Don't worry Tom, I won't let anyone know that Kylie is on in Liverpool tonight - your secret's safe with me!
  6. I think they've let a 5 year old control the main camera for this one!
  7. Am I asking too much to question why it's not in HD? 😁
  8. Thanks for that Mike, I was starting to get cold sweats when I could only get the Ipswich match! Phew.
  9. windymiller7

    Championship 2018-19

    Oops sorry. Reading goals for instead of difference! Doh!
  10. windymiller7

    Championship 2018-19

    Realistically we can only go back to 5th with a win tomorrow - can't see us winning by more than the odd goal or two if we do manage to put them to the sword.
  11. windymiller7

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Not quite true - he played a couple of pre-season games for Watford whilst on trial there this summer. Granted, not exactly competitive games though!
  12. windymiller7

    Premier League Stuff

    I'm not being funny, but give me championship football any day of the week! Much better to watch than prem teams scared to death of conceding a goal! Don't get me wrong, I'd love us to be there but, Christ on bike, it's crap to watch!
  13. windymiller7

    Loan Window

    Very good article. If he means the things he says & puts those words into action TM might (and I mean might) have just pulled off a masterstroke.
  14. windymiller7

    Loan Window

    A bit 'meh' on this one. Lad certainly has ability. Does the desire & attitude match these days? I'm not so sure. TM has a good record of getting players motivated though so could turn out to be a shrewd signing. We'll see. Anyway, he's a Rover now so welcome to Ewood Jack!
  15. windymiller7

    Digital Advertising Boards

    Agree wholeheartedly. They were ridiculous. Even when they turned them down a bit after about half an hour they were still far too bright & were starting to give me a headache. Wouldn't surprise me if they played a part in Reading's 1st goal either. Raya's first movement was backwards after DL knocked it back. I did wonder at the time if he 'lost' the ball in the light. Needs sorting ASAP!

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