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  1. Bradford City (home)

    I can't go for 3 at the back as you depict: Bell has shown he's currently lost as a wingback on the occasions he's played there, Evans and Smallwood offer nothing as a pairing in an attacking sense and with 3 at the back, Charlie would struggle to venture forward and spray the ball about. I'd like the front 3 though! I'd go: Raya Travis Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Conway Bennett Smallwood Dack Graham Armstrong
  2. Attendances

    There's still one in Sarlat bob, not that I think I'll be unbuckling my belt!
  3. Attendances

    It's Rovers Vinjay, it will. I'll be quite happy to drop my kecks in the proverbial 'Burtons Window' if we're home and hosed before we play Oxford.
  4. Attendances

    Can you see Rovers being 6 points clear of either Wigan or Shrewsbury before we play Charlton in the penultimate game of the season? I can't.
  5. Attendances

    and free travel to Charlton.
  6. Bradford City (home)

    I agree Tony, we have to win our next 2 and hopefully Shrewsbury may drop a couple of points against Rochdale and Oxford in their corresponding games over Easter. By my reckoning, we've then got a couple of games at home to Southend on 7/4 and Gillingham away on 10/4 before Shrewsbury play Bradford away on 12/4. We should be aiming to win all 4 and then emphatically throwing down our marker at Bristol Rovers on 14/4! If only, it's nailed on that Charlton and Oxford, we'll be biting finger nails and chain smoking!
  7. Bradford City (home)

    Shaun, the contra argument is Thursday night and Easter Monday could make it a great Easter. I really believe that in the run in, we as fans, can and should make a big difference, the more the merrier. On Good Friday Wigan have Oldham at home and Shrewsbury Oxford at home. You'd expect both to win. MK Dons away on Easter Monday is a key game for me and I think Rovers have missed an opportunity in not offering free away travel in order to maximise a potentially large away following. But I agree, let's hope the lads, TM and we as fans, have the balls for it.

    Play well consistently for 9 games and we'll win all 9 and go up. I can't believe we're third and lost once in 26 games, with the way we've generally played but there you go.

    One I think as it was 2 yellows and not a straight red.

    And you would guess another player under suspension as a consequence of today's sending off?
  11. Bradford City (home)

    The Good Friday Eve game, courtesy of Sky, is the first of a series of 5 games in 12 days. We'll start the game in third place and I consider it imperative that we as supporters are out in force and vociferous on Thursday night and prove to be the 'extra man'. I'd think that we need at least 4 wins and a draw from the 12 day montage. On a personal note, my wife's joining me at Ewood for the first time in a while and the last time she watched Rovers play Bradford was away, on the day of George Courtney's re-introduction to Rovers! We have to win. COYB!!
  12. Gillingham complaints.

    I'm lost for words regarding that comment Rogerb, I can only guess you didn't make the trip on Saturday. I can assure you that Rovers fans that made the trip are well and truly wound up, of that make no mistake!

    Well we were 2 up and nearly chucked it against both Walsall and Wigan. Come on you Saddlers!
  14. Gillingham complaints.

    I don't personally see a problem with that.

    I agree but I've had a 'saver' on Wigan to win 2-1 as the second part of a double, the first part was Shrewsbury to draw 1 apiece last night.