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  1. Blackpool/Oystons

    If Venkys are multibillionaires, who have been wrongly advised, then come on Rao's sue the arse of the wrongdoers.... It has never happened which to me says they are complicit.
  2. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Slightly tongue in cheek but a general attitude of consistently going for the throat in the first team would do for me.
  3. A great read, thanks. I remember an old song from the sixties and early seventies " all we are saying, is give us a goal" I'd rephrase that slightly current day to say " all we are saying, is be fit to wear the shirt" first and foremost.
  4. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Smallwood's only considered decent because he's got some bollocks in a complete ocean of others who haven't a clue how to be nasty and put a blood thirsty, bone crunching challenge in once in a while. Fair play to him in fairness after being cast aside by the mighty Rotherham! I really can't understand anybody thinking Mowbray's management is anywhere near good enough based on what we've seen in the past 12 months but perhaps with our owners and their level of involvement and interest, it's as good as it's likely to get. Not for me any more, I've had enough.
  5. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    In my humble opinion, Dack is our only decent signing and some bugger still needs to get a tune out of him on a regular basis. If he truly believes in 3 at the back, then why the hell did he not set his stall out in the summer to buy/loan the players to fit the system? Played with the right players, it's a great formation but you need 3 complimentary, intelligent, natural no nonsense defenders to start with and in my eyes we don't have one of those. Thats before we then start with wing backs with pace that work the line, etc......
  6. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Gumboots will no doubt respond and stick up for herself! I'd say Gladwin is behaving like a complete fanny and needs to man up!
  7. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Absolutely, I long for the day when they're on £100 a week basic and the rest is made up of lucrative performance related pay. I bet you'd witness a lot more drive and determination then!
  8. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    I'm sorry but how would you interpret differently " At the top teams players can take control. Have you never heard of player power?" That approach may be fine with you but it isn't with me. It's planning to fail and that's exactly what we're doing and have done time and again for years.
  9. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    I'd settle for a pint out of a pint pot as opposed to the half a gill that we're having to witness!
  10. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    I don't agree that players take control at successful clubs. I've read both Ferguson's and Keane's autobiographies and I'm in no doubt who the gaffer was at United 100% of the time, rightly so. Perhaps since Ferguson stepped down, player power has kicked in. If that's the case it's no wonder they've been shit.
  11. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Are you really a fly fisherman or do you prefer course?
  12. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    TM picks the bloody team and sets the stall out: Managers manage and bosses boss. It's one thing soliciting opinions from players and then putting your personal stamp on it as a manager. It's absolutely not acceptable to totally abdicate responsibility. Out of interest, would Mowbray have blamed the players for 'sorting themselves out' at half time had we lost to Barnet?
  13. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    That says it all about weak management for me.
  14. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    You're right regarding the form. If he has any faith in his own ability he should keep quiet, grit his teeth and be determined to perform better than he has thus far. I think it's more a failing on Mowbray's behalf to be honest that this has made the press. Mowbray clearly struggles to manage in the true sense of the word, we have seen this trait manifest itself in many guises. Nice guy but not a manager nor motivator of men.
  15. Academy & U'21's

    The only way to get us back in the hunt is by playing a more expansive, pressing game, positive mentality and attack with purpose, power and pace. Sadly we don't appear to have the players in the first team squad with any of the required attributes to do so. Are they lurking in the development squad perhaps?