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  1. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Terry Jacks - Seasons in The Sun (or was it 'Burnley on the run'?)
  2. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Billy Joel - Surprises
  3. darrenrover

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    I think Damien Johnson has been working with him and doesn't it show. Superb display today.
  4. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
  5. darrenrover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Tony, don't get a nose bleed if we're close to a play off place. Today along with Ashton Gate, should have proved to you to have belief in your convictions. Just go for it and fear no-one: Leeds are doing as they normally do and imploding. Christ, we could even get into the top 2! Stop fucking about with your formations and stick with a simple formation that every bugger can understand and relate to! Just thrilled to bits at a great day!
  6. darrenrover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Wow. A fantastic performance and result. The question has got to be how can we be so shit for several games and then pull a performance and result like this out of the bag from nowhere yet again? Tony, if you've stumbled across a formation and tactics that work, for fucks sake don't feel the need to tamper with it! COYB!!
  7. darrenrover

    January transfer window 2020

    That's horrendous if correct: so Venkys have learned nowt? or don't want to? It strikes me we're just a 'launderette'.
  8. darrenrover

    Preston (home)

    Dirty Leeds 2 down at home to Wednesday
  9. darrenrover


    I can see this and I'm a Brexiteer. There's no reason why this needs to change post Brexit. The non-EU citizens trying to gain entry into the UK illegally should have been turned back long before they reached the Channel ports, that's the problem. Why do you think they by-passed all the other EU countries in an effort to gain entry into the UK and still continue to do so in increasing numbers?
  10. darrenrover

    January transfer window 2020

    Pal, play any player in any position and they should still manage the basics!
  11. darrenrover

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    Can any supporter just turn up on 6th February or is it by official invitation?
  12. darrenrover

    January transfer window 2020

    You're quite correct, strikers do need confidence: that's the coup de grace for finishers. Before that though any footballer needs to possess the basics. He did not play well against Bristol City, he may have been less bad because he once controlled a ball but that's it. I'd love Ben Brereton to come good but cannot see it. It piss's me off no end however to have to fend comments from the likes of yourself who clearly don't expect much for a £7million investment from a club that are now skint as a consequence. It stinks, sorry!
  13. darrenrover

    January transfer window 2020

    In his years at Blackburn Rovers, you can count the good halves of games for Evans on one hand. Ben Brereton has not been ripped to pieces by fans which is remarkable as he hasn't yet demonstrated he can either trap a bag of cement or walk with a ball at his feet. I'm not a knocker of players at all but merely stating an opinion based on what I have seen.
  14. darrenrover

    Preston (home)

    I can't be arsed doing the maths, research on average attendances, away followings, percentage supporters versus demographics etc. etc. because Blackburn Rovers will still be the most successful town club in the World. Mowbray has a habit of pulling something out of the bag when required and it's about time the 'plastic city upstarts' went home with a flea in their ear. I've nothing to base optimism on but fancy Rovers to win well tomorrow.
  15. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    The Animals - The House of The Rising Sun

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