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  1. For me, the simple fact is it's an entertainment business, it's about fun. Away games generally oblige for a host of reasons. Home games are mundane by comparison. I think you're looking too deeply into it Stuart, to think there's a host of principled NAPMers going away but not at home would be a complete fallacy in my view.
  2. Does building from the back not apply anymore? I can't believe all the debate regarding 3-5-2, 3-1-3-1-2, 4-1-2-1-2-1 etc. stuff the twiddling with formations, we need a solid defence that doesn't leak goals. We've a bag full of attacking options if we can rely on defenders. Write this season off for me, Ward is an appalling centre half, Charlie is a midfielder and our 2 full backs can neither attack or defend. If anyone thinks our set up off the field and our squad of players is anywhere near good enough, fit enough or motivated enough for even the play offs you're living in cloud cuckoo land. We've already lost 3 from 7. No doubt we'll beat Shrewsbury next week, scabbily no doubt and it'll be game on again for many but not for me. I'll still be cheering the blue and whites on as often as I'm able but I've seen enough already to believe we'll be mid table come season's end unless there are significant changes. We are nowhere near good enough, even at this level IMO. We've been lucky so far this season, not unlucky and we've still lost 3.
  3. We had a break for internationals, did Wimbledon? I can't believe you've said that Gav, bloody ludicrous excuse for us.
  4. It's grated on me since last season. At home particularly, whenever there's any expectation, (Bristol City, Doncaster, Wimbledon to name but 3) we fail to turn up and appear to play without any direction, understanding or motivation. Add to that, why are our 2 key signings this summer (Whittingham and Dack) not deemed good enough to feature in our starting line up? Why have we not signed either a centre half or full back who are genuinely worthy of the word. If we have youngsters who may be good enough, why are we not blooding them? I stated midweek that I was less than convinced, despite the 4 wins and today's performance and result sadly came as no surprise. We are crap at the back and need that solid foundation to build on. 2 decent centre halves who do the basics well frees up so many other options in an attacking sense. Sadly, there's only one common denominator. He's a nice guy apparently but nice wins bugger all.
  5. Possibly the same reason Lenihan's injury took a month to be diagnosed?
  6. I agree with that Tyrone. The main thing for me that automatically hands the opposition an advantage is Mowbray's insistence pre-match every bloody week, in telling the world that we're in for a tough game irrespective of who we are playing. Next week we're playing the top of the league away from home: keep your gob shut Tony, look at the opposition and pick a team and formation that is capable of beating them and send them out bloody well motivated and believing in themselves. By the way we're playing @#/? Shrewsbury and we're Blackburn Rovers!!
  7. 4 wins on the bounce is great but for me, we have been far from convincing in any of the games, Rochdale were just a woeful side. The 2 games that we lost are the 2 club's sole wins this season thus far in 14 games. I don't wish to be a profit of doom and gloom and am thrilled we've won the last 4 games but I'm not getting carried away yet. Hopefully we put Wimbledon well and truly to the sword, Mowbray sets the team up positively to thrash somebody at home and doesn't spout too much prematch about how we need to be wary of the opposition. Just get into 'em and tear the Dons a new one. 5 on the bounce and a truly convincing, positive performance at home would be brilliant and I may start to believe! (oh, and don't fanny about with the formation TM!)
  8. Nowt to fear second half. We need a tad more composure at either end. Harper(?) should have buried the header towards the end of the half and Samuel should have headed rather than trying to chest the ball down. Need to stop the sloppy defending though.
  9. That being the case it would be Graham and Antonnson up top in a 442. Bit harsh on Samuel to be left out wouldn't you think? I've a feeling that Mowbray may revert to a lone striker tonight (Samuel) with Dack behind.
  10. Still going strong in 2017 on trips from The Craven Heifer and Spinners!
  11. I'm not a techie and have signed up to ifollow but I need to get the app for my MacBook to be able to subscribe. I've tried all sorts without success, any help with the process from start to finish in layman's terms would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I've had enough of the platitudes tbh. I like Mowbray but I just wish he'd say very little now and let his team do the talking on the pitch. COYB!
  13. Feck Venkys, I wish I could be there. COYB! WE Are The Rovers!!
  14. Hope the travelling fans have a great day and Mowbray and the boys put Rochdale to the sword as they should. No fannying around, go for the throat from the off and frighten the opposition to death. Let them worry about us. WE Are The Rovers!! 4-0 Rovers.
  15. I'd love to know on what you base your opinions of individual's form or performances or that of the team in general JAL? Genuine question because I believe you haven't gone to games and therefore not seen any player live for some time. Surely you're not basing your opinions on here say?