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  1. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Rolf Harris - Jake The Peg
  2. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Bob Dylan - Forever Young
  3. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Kenny Rogers (RIP) and Dolly Parton - Islands In The Stream
  4. darrenrover

    Football League Suspended

    You're spot on in this regard Tony: Particularly when you consider the standard of football that we've been witnessing. There have been few thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining games at Ewood for yonks and when you factor in the apparent lack of desire to truly compete for the promotion places, many fans will chose not to bother in future. The lack of attachment between the owners, those at 'the top' with fans will further compound the issue.
  5. darrenrover


    Probably the only statistics that can believed and on which comparisons can be drawn, is probably the number of deaths. Currently stands in major Europe countries as Italy 4,032, Spain 1,347, France 450, UK 177 and Germany 72. Considering that the virus originated in China, based upon those figures alone, the UK government is doing a sterling job compared with their European peers. I'm not a Boris fan and he generally gets up my nose, but IMO credit where it's due, I believe he and his team are doing a fantastic job in the circumstances. Funny though how those countries who kiss on each cheek as the normal greeting are top of the pops.
  6. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Bob Dylan - Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
  7. darrenrover

    Football League Suspended

    Aye,' Remember you're a Womble' seams an awful long time ago!
  8. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    The Beatles - A Day In The Life
  9. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers
  10. darrenrover


    What if a UK based company are first to produce a vaccine?
  11. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone
  12. I suspect it will be a pretty thin crowd in any event. If the ban does go ahead in the coming weeks, as is likely, it'll be interesting to see if we still post an attendance of 11,200 or not.
  13. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    The Four Tops - Reach Out, I'll Be There
  14. darrenrover

    Ben Brereton

    Spot on. Similarly, Gallagher was absolutely pants on loan at Birmingham but yet Mowbray thinks he's worth £5 million and will rip up trees for us. Gallagher's been what most of us thought he would be: shit! what spin's Mowbray going to come out with to big that signing up? Oh, and let's not forget Harry Chapman....
  15. darrenrover

    Ben Brereton

    Mowbray's protecting his judgement in having signed the player for a kings ransom first and foremost. If he was an academy graduate, he'd have been chucked under the bus as others have been. Blue blood is right to be annoyed.

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