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  1. darrenrover


    After our pre season transfer dealings I'd have never thought for a minute we'd be building from the back but hang on a minute....... I'm happy to see what develops and to stand to be corrected on my previous thoughts.
  2. darrenrover


    Another clean sheet, I'll take that. Much to do in the creative department or is it work in progress?
  3. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Village People - YMCA!
  4. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Bad Company - Can't Get Enough
  5. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond
  6. darrenrover

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    Thought this may be of interest: a pretty decent summation of Bury's issues. https://www.gigglane.com/index.php?/topic/35681-my-take-on-the-bury-fc-story-of-the-last-7-years/
  7. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Forever Young - Bob Dylan
  8. darrenrover

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Has Mowbray EVER done anything (team selection, substitutions, tactics, formation, new signings) that the majority of supporters could understand and endorse fully? I'm sure his intention is always to leave as many people as possible scratching their heads. If we don't get shut soon the trap door awaits.
  9. darrenrover


    No, played for Under 23s last night!
  10. darrenrover

    Fulham Away

    He retired I think...
  11. darrenrover

    Fulham Away

    90 minutes watching through our fingers! Absolutely ridiculous.
  12. darrenrover

    Rovers v Charlton

    Just wait until Darragh gets injured, what will we do then? Shocking and unbelievable state of affairs.
  13. darrenrover

    Music Association Game

    Will Smith - Men In Black
  14. darrenrover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Ah well, as you were at the back then, heaven forbid. I just don't get it. Could be worse I suppose if we were Trotters or Shakers.
  15. darrenrover

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Indeed. Makes you realise just how vulnerable we are too. Be thankful for small mercies I guess.

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