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  1. elwaxo

    BRFCS TV - 1992/3

    The review/coverage videos of 92/93 are so good right now. Such a magical time, seeing it all again is really helping me get through this time. Thanks!
  2. elwaxo

    Swansea City home

    Hahaha i know... 'plaaay ooffs?'
  3. Roy Keane, i think with him Rovers could have maybe won a few more titles, but who knows. It definitely stung though that one, I remember hearing on the radio that he was as good as signed...
  4. elwaxo

    Bryan Douglas - Cuttings

    Legend, cheers for those Tyrone!
  5. I finally posted a few of those old cuttings as promised.

  6. elwaxo

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    They sound amazing. My dad was a regular during those times, he'd love to see them. Hope Rochdale play a good game! Go easy on yr lad
  7. elwaxo

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    I wish I could, I'm thousands of miles away.
  8. elwaxo

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    Any luck with the picture?
  9. elwaxo

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    I'd love to see that. You could find someone to scan it for you, or just take a photo of it.
  10. elwaxo

    Fulham Away

    Tony Gale or Kevin Moran out of retirement?
  11. elwaxo

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    I'm not talking about what it said on the scarf, I'm talkig about my gran's reaction to it as regards to what she considered to be Lancashire.
  12. elwaxo

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    I remembered showing my grandma a rovers scarf which said 'The pride of Lancashire' in the mid 90s (she was in her 80s at the time) and she asked 'what about liverpool and united?'. I always went with her authority on this matter. She was rovers through and through btw.
  13. elwaxo

    Tugay just got his own song

    Not bad, not amazing either. Tugay references are of course, by nature, class!
  14. elwaxo

    iFollow Thread

    Please excuse me not reading back through this whole thread. Are the games on ifollow only available to stream live or can you watch the game later?
  15. elwaxo

    Kits 19/20

    I think they really are missing out on extra custom by not offering a shirt without sponsor, I for one don't buy shirts that I feel are ruined by a tacky sponsor. They could charge a little more and give the money to the sponsor if it would keep them happy. Love this new kit BTW! Smart collar!

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