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  1. cesus


    After watching tonight all I can confirm is that we have spent nearly £15m on Brereton, Gallagher and Armstrong but they surely can’t come close to starting before a combo of Graham and Dack. Oh and we can’t defend or make saves!
  2. cesus

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    I have no idea, that’s why I asked the question. People usually have some reason behind writing cheques for £9m+
  3. cesus

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    That is an incredible sum of money if it just to keep us within FFP. Hopefully it’s for a few new defenders. The shear amount of money (self inflicted) that has to be pumped in annually is absolutely frightening, football finances are crazy!
  4. cesus

    Championship season 2019-20

    Raya got beaten by a header from outside the box today, awful positioning!
  5. cesus

    Rovers v Charlton

    Signing Cristiano Ronaldo would be pointless whilst these chumps (bar Lenihan) are selected in defence. Nobody wants Mowbray to be wrong, a successful Mowbray is a successful Rovers but after watching Mulgrew miss ANOTHER high ball and Bennett being selected OUT OF POSITION and messing up for a goal it’s almost like a nightmare being played out in front of you as you know the outcome before it happens. Please Tony sign some ugly defenders who can defend and play people in the positions they have developed to play all their professional career.
  6. cesus

    Rovers v Charlton

    It’s so bizarre that we haven’t strengthened the defence more when it’s the first game of the season and I’m petrified at the defensive line up. On the flip side we have strengthened to the point in other areas that I’m disappointed that Rothwell isn’t playing, and we could have started with one of Gallagher, Graham or Brereton up top quite happily.
  7. Surely our Jase is one of the 3! Top man.
  8. Wycombe 30/100 tomorrow, free money?
  9. cesus

    Premier League Stuff

    Pope is injured, according to a dingle mate. Should be back after 1st game.
  10. cesus

    Premier League Stuff

    The dingles are selling Heaton to Villa for £8m. Can’t help but think it may blow up in their face, him coming in for Hart was in direct correlation to their up turn in form. It seems they now appear to think Pope is number one and £8m is good business for a 33 year old.
  11. I can completely understand why nobody locally has come forwards, you are signing up to a financial black hole. If regulation was brought in and the same problems wouldn’t arise in 1-2 years time then I’m sure local people would help but there isn’t and good local people would lose their hard earned cash into the cess pit that is English Football. The clubs aren’t requiring a few quid to keep the floodlights on they are pretty much asset less with multi million pound costs.
  12. The money is absolute madness in the game, the dominos have started to fall and there is little to no way of stopping them. The next problem to come is non league teams with wealthy owners pushing community clubs out of the EFL, I have no problem with competition but that is simply financial doping.
  13. cesus

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Agree with this, we have to be so careful with contracts for senior players on our budget. Giving them too much money ends up actually costing us money when they move on for closing the gap between their new contract and Rovers one.
  14. cesus

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    For me Adam was too much of a gamble on anything other than a basic salary with appearance top up, I simply cannot accept him taking up places ahead of young up and coming players. This clubs future revenue stream looks to be producing, building then selling young players. I’m loathed to criticise Mowbray for this summers transfer window without knowing any facts, did we simply get gazumped for players or not having enough players scoped. I went to an evening with Gary Bowyer when he was Blackpool manager (long story!) but he said something very interesting which I think could apply here. Bowyer said he could do lots of work finding a player and negotiating with his club only for the players agent to ring around other clubs saying “player X is available for Y what would you be willing to offer him” then losing the player. We may well have been victims of this a few times at the 11th hour, we will never know.
  15. cesus

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    I always liked Gallagher last time he was here. He does owe me 20 goals this season for how much he upset me against Preston in the relegation season too!

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