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  1. Mulgrew has just limped off for Scotland with an ankle injury, great!!!
  2. Mowbray has been asked about this deal by Andy Bayes of Radio Lancs " first I've heard of it" was Mowbray's response.
  3. I just can't help but think the exit will be Lenihan, so many previous exits have been on the back of "injuries" and currently we haven't had the exit that the owners seem to demand that covers the cost of all purchases. The ultimate pessimist in me which being a Rovers fan has led me to be has a nagging feeling that 2 of Lenihan, Mulgrew and Graham won't be here on Friday with just a few of the under 23's promoted.
  4. Are you for real?! You are a good poster but jeeeez, the Burnley players would be protected under Common Law self defence never mind worrying about breaking any FA rules!
  5. I've got a few Dingle mates (maybe not the time to admit!) and they make a decent point re Dyche, he isn't a quick fix. They said the original football was dire and he started rather indifferently which isn't acceptable in the premier league. He is a long term appointment and needs time to address the whole ethos and mentality of the playing side of the club, prem teams don't afford managers that time. He becomes a risk when he asks for time at a club like West Ham when they need prem money to fund the 5+ players on north of £100k per week.
  6. Embarrassing
  7. This doesn't even have the derby "bite" this just looks like a polished professional Premier League team against a pretty poor League One team.
  8. I work with a lad who is a massive Fleetwood fan and he was absolutely raving over Morris when he went on loan there. I don't think he ever actually played for us again after that loan spell, went away did well for other clubs whilst we loaned other clubs dross at the same time.
  9. Can't help but think the longer these "injuries" last the odds of him ever pulling on the shirt again decrease. He will probably leave for less than we've already been offered round about deadline day.
  10. As far as I'm aware neither of them or Adam Henley have a club now the season has started. Fortunately for Lowe he was so well remunerated here he can probably afford to retire!
  11. Totally get that point and respect that, BUT how many times have this club put any sort of substancial winning run together in the last say 5 years. Mowbray amassed a pretty long unbeaten run last season but there weren't too many wins, a winning mentality is very much missing here and I just can't see it coming back anytime soon especially after this start. I do actually include Carlisle in this start to the season as my worries from that game do seem to be happening every game still. I do hope I am very much wrong but the manager sees absolutely no issue with the way we are playing at the moment except individual mistakes.
  12. Two games in League One and we haven't as much as landed a glove on the opponent. I'm not wasting my fingers to make notes of the game as it was simply pathetic!!
  13. I just always think Rovers is a "steady number" for the players, extremely well renumerated, "crack pot owners" are to blame so players are never massively rounded on. You only have to look at those released last season only Akpan (Burton) and Greer (Kilmarnock) to my knowledge have even got clubs, the players aren't as good as what we like to think and add that to lack of effort ... it isn't pretty.
  14. Loosely, from what I can gather when you scan through a turnstile lights flash on the inside above the turnstile showing what category ticket has been scanned. Usually in the Riverside one person is checking all turnstiles so if you enter in a large crowd you may be missed. (I may be wrong!)
  15. It is so hard not to feel that any optimism has blown up in smoke after another abject perfomance that mirrored so many away performances like last season. The opposition goalkeeper barely made a save, we looked less fit than our opponents, we didn't look as hungry as our opponent, we didn't have the same heart as our opponents. Our players aren't world beaters, if they can't match the fitness, hunger or heart of the opponents I just can't believe we have the "ability" to see us to enough victories in this league for promotion, it is time to roll the sleeves up and get a few bloody noses! It is so frustrating to watch players look so confused playing the formation that is being asked of them. It is even more frustrating that their first goal came from a set piece that Mowbray insists he drilled the players on in training as Southend have used it before, we are in this league now and its hard we have had our awakening now its time to damn wake up!