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  1. The harshest part of our demise under the ownership (I'm struggling to call it that trust me) of these leeches is that they actually purchased us when just running us correctly with everything that was in place would have literally earned them "free money". Nick Harris the journalist has released a report tonight on twitter (think he writes for the mail) showing Man United have earned £1 Billion in Premiership prize money alone. What really caught my eye and most certainly made them water was in our 18 years as a Premiership club we amassed £407.4m in prize money, our friends down the road have made £277.4m in 3 seasons in the premiership. This season has made them circa of £109.5m alone. We literally fell away when survival season on season would have made them even richer and they could have actually made cash from the club, certainly more than any agent could have ever made them (unless we negotiated Paul Pogbas deal every season!)
  2. I've thought this a few times, whilst the owners have rightly been savaged over their tenure it hasn't half been a steady number to be a player at Ewood! The amount of inept performances we have witnessed from some of the best paid players in the league has been nothing short of disgraceful.
  3. No great shocks at all, as a few others have pointed out it appears to be quite telling that none of the youngsters offered terms have actually signed anything yet which would lead you to think they are being offered League 1 terms. For me Henley struggled massively from never getting games at a lower level on loan when he came through and always appeared to me to be a little soft when the going got tough. He has certainly been very well remunerated for his time here and will be interesting if his career drops or kicks on now. Jason Lowe is simply Jason Lowe, we will learn now whether as some say we didn't appreciate him or as others think he was a cart horse with very limited footballing abilities. He certainly leaves BRFC as a millionaire so can't be too unhappy!
  4. Whilst I totally agree with your point, Stokes has shown no signs of wanting to be here. I remember Cardiff away and a few other early games this season when we "made" Duffy play. Also look at what we were getting out of a very talented player in Marshall who also didn't want to be here, football stinks and players have all the power I'm sorry to say!
  5. Think it is literally a case of putting the feelers out North of the border of his availability and hope that a few clubs get into a battle offering him better terms. No way we will get any fee for him, the ridiculous thing which as IraC rightly points out, the aim now is for us is to get him to leave as cheaply as possible for us. Getting paid to leave your job for not doing your job ... I bloody hate football and what this club has become!!
  6. Really interesting stuff Dunnfc, thank you for taking the time to put it all in text for us. Really will be a tough season to get any sort of squad together. We have spent so many years even pre Venkys I dare say, paying huge wages that just hasn't been sustainable. It may be the reason that so many outgoing transfers over the years have been for "undisclosed" amounts, there could have been such vast differences in wages we have had to reach settlements with both exiting players and new clubs to move them on. To say we have been cutting costs for years, we still have been paying enormous wages to pretty poor players for a team before Sunday that has been languishing in the Championship.
  7. The line "teams have been relegated and come back stronger " ... you do know this is our second relegation under you don't you!?!? Again some ghost writers have written this, doubt a single owner has seen it!
  8. Whilst I had very little faith in Senior and couldn't see him as anything more than a silver tongued salesman, we are now left with the guys at the top of the tree who felt that Coyle was the best man for the job and with regards to signings one of our highest earners has spent more time in the dock than on the pitch in 2017!!!
  9. Think that may well explain how many current players want to stay, up against next years budget of zero!
  10. We are literally separated by one division from AFC Fylde next year that is for sure!
  11. I can't see us heading the queue for any up and coming league one starlets, these lads are so far from wages that we are used to in the top two leagues. These players have mortgages, bills etc that they feel every month. With the club on such weak footings could they guarantee their contracts would be honoured and they would be paid every month. If your son was signing for a club what would make you want him to head for Ewood, I'm struggling.
  12. Venkys won't be going anywhere, Cheston has been on the phone to India to inform them we are actually now entitled to take part in a new competition with home games so more revenue. We are now going to be entered into the checkatrade trophy. Jesus wept we will be in the checkatrade trophy next season
  13. We have dropped to the same league as AFC Wimbledon, formed and started at the bottom rung in the 2003-04 season. Screw you Venkys!!
  14. Jason Lowe didn't have a reverse pass so literally ran 10 yards with the ball out of play ... unbelievable
  15. The goal difference charge is on!!!!!