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  1. Thanks Madon, much appreciated.
  2. cesus

    Rovers Fixtures 2018-19

    I remember the Stanley chairman discussing this last year and he said it was a long standing vote agreement between the FL clubs that to maximise attendances the long distance games would be used for midweek games. He said losing 100’s of potential local away fans due to midweek commitments wasn’t worth the risk weighted against the probability that long distance travelling teams wouldn’t bring too many anyway. I’d guess the voting for long distance midweek travel was probably weighted heavier in league one and two.
  3. Rehabilitate “troublesome” scousers if we want to be pedantic.
  4. My desire to rehabilitate scousers at this club crashed and burned after Bradley Orr!
  5. What do people reckon with these new contracts? I’d guess at payrises for Lenihan and Dack, potentially their agents looking at release fees inserted. Graham holding out for two years, maybe even testing the waters for another club offering similar remuneration as us but for two years. Conway offered a lower wage for a bit part contract due to Whittingham taking the role of well paid midfielder that time has caught up with.
  6. cesus

    Bradley Dack

    I might be talking rubbish but don’t most contracts have a release amount? I can see the desire to reward his performances but I can see a higher stress on raising a release fee.
  7. cesus

    Bradley Dack

    I remember Mowbray saying at the end of last season he was almost a little happy Dack picked up an injury towards the end of last season so they could keep an eye on him over summer. I do think he very much has the ability to be a good championship player he just needs to keep his mind on the game, he reminds me a lot of Dunny with the ball at feet and finishing ability but like Dunny seems to be a man who likes a beer, women and hasn’t been blessed with a natural athletic physique.
  8. cesus

    Charlie Mulgrew

    Well maybe after next season, my hope is Burnley get into the group stages and travel to Eastern Europe every other Thursday and it rips the already thin squad to the bare bones resulting in relegation. Only after that can we worry about the format!
  9. cesus

    Championship 2017/18

    I’m a little surprised that Cairney has kicked on so much. I was always alarmed at just how one footed he was, he may well have improved on that as I don’t watch much football other than Rovers now but I thought he struggled when pressured due to his one footed play.
  10. cesus

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    No premiership pledge ... I’m out 😊
  11. cesus

    Championship 2017/18

    £110m debt and rising I heard last night. Very hard to see where they will go from here, the manager hasn’t seemed to give them “the bounce” and they still look like they will be saddled with a few Premier League wages next season (Rodwell £70k p/w as one). Coleman still hasn’t spoke to the owners since his arrival so that never bodes well for club cohesion as we well know. To top it off Jason Steele is their goalkeeper! I just hate football at times like these that those huge earners who have been terrible for them on the pitch will still be creaming in millions of pounds a year still. If the club is lucky to actually offload them they won’t go anywhere until they get paid some cash to marry up their current ridiculous wage to their new one or you have to pay them cash to go away ala Murphy, Etuhu, Best, Orr ... the list goes on grrrr!
  12. cesus

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Agree with all the post bar the last point, we aren’t actually doing ourselves any favours. If we were winning every game and Shrewsbury and Wigan were (those two do seem to actually win more often than us!) then we could hope for favours but we aren’t actually holding up our side of the bargain by winning ourselves. Agree about the play offs, just don’t seem to have the consistency to put 3 top performances in a row together unfortunately. With this squad in this league that is pretty damn poor.
  13. cesus

    Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    I have to admit the Graham ear cupping does really hit a nerve with me! Before a ball was kicked any fan of any of team in the country would say if Rovers aren’t top two it’s a disaster ... we are as near the bottom teams than the top two in terms of points. Most fans and I’m pretty sure people at the club (including manager) would think Graham would clean up in this league ... he really hasn’t! So I’d say any criticism of anybody at Ewood is more than justified and actually the 10,000 that regularly turn up are the kind ones, the other 10,000 that were around at the start of the scum bags regime would have absolutely slaughtered the team and manager!
  14. cesus

    ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Another mind numbing performance from a team under no pressure whatsoever. Every team we play the opposing manager turns up and says this is a free hit as Rovers resources drown theirs, the problem we have is that Mowbray then gets interviewed and literally talks like we are playing Brazil. I listened to Radio Lancs on the way last night and Mowbray wax lyrical about Fleetwood and all the strengths they had, Gallagher still thought he was off air and said “Are they Premier League!”. We have dropped a league and all thought we would blitz this one but unfortunately the whole club seems just as weak and scared of a fight in this one. Mowbray should consider himself lucky to still be in a job, not on the back of last nights game but you can list probably a third of our games this season (minimum) have been absolute horror shows. I simply don’t believe that nobody can get this team steam rolling this league not because we are “ex Premier League Blackburn” but because these are actually very talented footballers for this level.
  15. cesus

    Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    How many times can I think "we are only playing" .... well that's easily been Southend, Doncaster, AFC Wimbledon, Oldham, Plymouth and we have been humbled in all those games so far. Maybe I should be think WE are only "league one Blackburn". The finishing tonight was conference never mind league one, embarrassing!!

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