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  1. cesus

    FFP Trouble

    I’m sorry but how can anybody be in any way surprised that this is on the horizon, the management of the club have amassed a playing / coaching staff which costs 140 god damn % of income. Whilst amassing a hideous wage bill the club has a playing staff with one major asset (now injured) and a couple that could provide sticky plasters to prevent a FFP breach. Financially the writing is on the wall, I’m sorry but that is an absolute fact! Football has allowed clubs to get into these positions with rogue owners and they have absolutely no answers to it. We are on our own!
  2. cesus

    Preston (home)

    I’ve been the same for a few years, but for me the most hurtful thing is that the club is on life support financially, paying 140% of turnover to wages for the pleasure too!!
  3. cesus

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    This is the huge failing for me, we could all see it and he could see it yet didn't act after saying he would. We have to watch that, and now weekly watch strikers playing on the wing and listen to him saying we can't carry our aging striker (the only one that can score) as he isn't mobile enough for our new system ... the system Mowbray chose to implement. Oh and we don't appear to be very good at carrying out said new system of play with or without Danny Graham.
  4. cesus

    Championship season 2019-20

    That’s my point, Rodwell at Sunderland is my thought. We will never know for fact whether he did or didn’t refuse to play but if he did then surely that forms gross misconduct and with this as a test case could Sunderland have looked to sack.
  5. cesus

    Championship season 2019-20

    Wonder if this starts the ball rolling for clubs being able to sack players that refuse to play or other in house discipline breaches.
  6. cesus

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Regardless of being worried about who the next appointment would be, I simply cannot get away from the fact that nobody in the away end, on this message board or just a Rovers fan in general was in anyway shocked that we blew a 2-0 half time lead. That should scream alarm bells to anybody connected to this club. It proves there is a mentality issue, it proves the manager has had an inability to see and react to the opponent managers tactics. It’s not a one off!
  7. cesus

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The whole episode is fast turning into the horror shows of previous regimes we have had in charge here under the owners, a boys club running the whole thing. We are hard working honest folk around these parts and really don’t take too kindly to being lied to! Mowbray simply cannot hide behind his “football experience” to say that our transfer policy hasn’t been anything short of appalling, the defence needed improving (he said so himself), we don’t score enough (he said so himself) so he spent fortunes on non scoring forwards and not enough defenders. We haven’t uncovered any hidden gems like most other clubs in this league. The man cannot get away from the fact he has been given more cash than anybody would have expected over the last two years, and I would rather confidently say we have a better Academy than half of the Premier League never mind this league ... what have we to show for it? The buck stops with Mowbray no ifs no buts!
  8. cesus

    QPR Away

    They are 4 of the weakest, spineless goals you will see defensively. Awful all around and Mowbray has some big questions to answer, he won’t need to answer any though as his mate is the chief exec and the owners couldn’t give two hoots!
  9. cesus

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Sums our set plays up, we have a corner and 6 seconds later it’s back with our keeper without Forest touching the ball.
  10. cesus

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Watching our strikers trying to cross has a similar feeling to hearing somebody drag their nails down a blackboard (chalk board for the kids!)
  11. cesus

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Just so frustrating to watch, really struggle to see what Gallagher must do in training to look like he has any ability to play out wide. Dack has been shocking too. Whilst I don’t miss his woeful defending I think we are missing some of Mulgrews set plays!
  12. The Neville's can't do anything due to their Salford ties.
  13. Bolton given another 14 days.
  14. cesus

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    I'd have preferred far less first teamers playing if he did.
  15. cesus


    After watching tonight all I can confirm is that we have spent nearly £15m on Brereton, Gallagher and Armstrong but they surely can’t come close to starting before a combo of Graham and Dack. Oh and we can’t defend or make saves!

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