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  1. I've read about this August sum a few times on here, is it fact? I just can't quite understand how after being contracted up to 30th June (as the vast majority are) any club could be liable to owe any ex-employee any money. I could see the PFA maybe having something in place, to help say a league two player who will have a mortgage and be on probably no more than a police officer/firefighter but I can't quite see how a club can be liable after a contract has ceased.
  2. Cynical, nah. Experienced!
  3. This transfer seems to slowed down, on Tuesday the same LT reporter said on twitter the transfer was imminent and thought it would take place whilst he was in the air between Manchester and Salzburg. Now we are "trying to win the race for his signature". The whole article has no quotes from anybody at the club. Just find it strange we have gone from imminent signing to trying to win the race.
  4. Unfortunately it seems like it is going to be the case with the academy losing Cat 1, I would prefer that a plan is put into place now rather the usual way things have rolled out under the owners in that things are ignored until the last second and we have no plan. As Parson rightly says we are falling behind now, none of us are happy about it and we all know who are to blame, but should we continue to say this is the last of Jacks legacy to go or agree that we need to change tact i.e picking up players from other academies after they have pumped the big bucks into them. If the owners walked away tomorrow and we were saved by some white knights I would guess that the decision whether to keep the Cat 1 academy (we will still have an academy in some guise) would be one of, if not the biggest decisions they would face.
  5. Lock up your daughters!!
  6. Lancs telegraph reporter has confirmed this too. Though with the standard of reporting there these days he may have just read your post!
  7. I find the Mahoney move to Bournemouth (under 21s) bizarre. As he has been announced as an under 21 squad signing you would guess he wouldn't be learning from Eddie Howe in training daily and their youth squad is actually lower placed than ours. I'm not staying he should have stayed here (at all!) but first team football is what he needs not more youth. Good luck to him all the same!
  8. The club predicts (subject to change) 6 x Category A 15 x Category B 2 x Category C we will have to wait and see which games get the nod.
  9. By fleecing the away end, the home end also pay more. There should be no sliding scale in this league. Blackburn playing say Bradford could bring a decent away following so I should pay a premium for the privilege of watching Bradford. Business yes, do I agree. Hell no!
  10. I've decided not to bother for the first time in 20 years, whilst the early recruitment looks promising I just can't forget how most of my weekends were ruined last season watching half arsed football. I will probably just do a few walk ons which suit my shifts, although I was nearly tempted to renew from a financial point of view when I saw the club had a three tier category rating for prices next season. How the hell they can consider any game in league one a "category A" game is beyond me.
  11. I don't know too much (anything!) about Smallwood but I am happy with Whittingham. Given that in the last few years I would have carried any our midfielders on my back to any club of their choice, I am willing to give anybody a chance to come in and hopefully improve our midfield. Midfield being a position that we have been to put it kindly, horrific in during the last few years!!
  12. Not sure if it's been said anywhere but Joe Grayson, Stefan Mols and Charley Doyle have all signed two year pro deals. I'm not too clued up on the youth team so can't really comment on these lads.
  13. Unfortunately good owd Tony hasn't realised Danny is doing that in preparation to be fit for his medical when a new club comes calling!
  14. Me too, I was shocked at how high their prices seemed. They must feel there are some disenchanted Rovers fans in Clitheroe looking for a new club!
  15. I get all that but I think the hatred of the owners at our particular club allows players to act however they want when they've had enough, which angers me but fans feel that is fine. Give your all on the pitch and do your exit negotiations in private, not too much to ask for in my opinion.