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  1. Question Now we have finally lost again, does this mean Emerton will be back in the starting line up?
  2. Errr... Bob that`s the Real Dwight Yorke!
  3. Why buy a season ticket? 1. If you are gonna go to every home game, then it may work out slightly cheaper. 2. To guarantee a seat at every game. 3. Erm, 4. Thats it, 1. £10, £15 special offers every season make this saving borderline, throw in holidays, illness and the unexpected then its doubtfull that you will save money 2. Guarantee a seat? Trust me , you are guaranteed a seat at Ewood for any match you want next season.
  4. It runs a little like this Cletus... It was on that famous Saturday, the second day of May We met a bunch of Swansea fans, on the motorway We said we`d win promotion, we said that we`d go up but on that famous Saturday, Preston f@cked it up!
  5. Have you ever seen The Swann With Two Necks?
  6. Why on earth would Rovers sack Souness That is absolutely, mind -numbingly the most stupid thing to do right now. Anyone who suggests this is a complete dunce. Stop even talking about.
  7. Why not take The Koran? Just dont put it in your hand luggage.
  8. Paul Wellers `Fly On The Wall` triple CD. Absolute magic, particulary as it only cost me 47pence. (WHSmith clubcard unused for five years paid the the rest).
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