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  1. He runs Red Herring pub in Coppull. Lost some weight years ago. Top lad.
  2. Arma's biggest asset is his pace. Probably Prem League level for this . Use this well and he will do ok. I'd rather we kept him, untested at the highest level, and is prob a downgrade on Danny Ings
  3. This was a fantastic listen
  4. The Trust released this statement within 24 hours of the news being leaked, seeking answers from the club. https://www.roverstrust.com/2021/02/20/press-release-200221-clubs-proposal-sell-land-brockhall-housing-developers/ The tone was one of push back.
  5. That was a brilliant day out. Those lads were in the main stand, and got booted out when we scored and sent to the side terrace where we were. Think this win set up the home tie against Southampton on BBC live
  6. Chorley have announced their prices. https://www.chorleyfc.com/2021/04/22/season-tickets-2021-22/
  7. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/april/training-centre-investment-project-update/
  8. Posting personally, as a co founder of the supporters Trust, and only ever present still serving member of the Trust board, Hell yeah.
  9. Some further interesting reading from Mel Morris on the subject of the sale of assets and wider issues on cash flow in a Championship club. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/pride-park-sale-mel-morris-3290644
  10. Assuming that the sale went ahead, and I am far from convinced it will, if Rovers got MORE than the book value ( not sure what it is currently) but the profit would certainly help with FFP https://www.sheffieldwednesday.news/news/multi-million-pound-sale-should-put-wednesday-in-clear-regarding-ffp-expert/
  11. If you mean what is the likely sale price of the land you are looking at circa £15 million.
  12. I asked Waggott a direct question " Whose baby is this?" He replied ...I think its an amalgamation...not India.they take their advice from us really..it started internally...its about player development..
  13. Our research done I think around 2017 may have been flawed/incomplete. You would have to assume with the sort of money involved that research the legals used by Rovers would be more likely to be correct. Basically there is only local opposition/ RVBC standing in the way of this from a legal aspect.
  14. There isn't one. Transcript from meeting released this evening .
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