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  1. Definitely. Truly the best performance as a lone striker you will ever see.
  2. Had an awesome 36 hours at Newcastle-took my lad-who is now 10 for Gods sake! His first proper big away stadium (he went Oldham away last year so that doesn`t count). He loved the atmosphere and was singing the Aberdeen song still going into school Monday morning.
  3. Burnley making improvements https://www.burnleyfootballclub.com/news/2018/october/new-giant-screen-installed/#.XCoMKI6r9U0.whatsapp
  4. I kind of agree with him. We are ok at getting the ball upto just inside their half, then nowt. Was similar last year, but with poorer defences to unpick we just found a way eventually. In this league there are too many well drilled , bigger, stronger and quicker defences. Derek Williams would get me so mad, wins the ball but then gives it straight back by a clueless half clipped ball into nowhere. When Armstrong plays, I cannot understand why he doesn't use his pace more. Just get one on one with the FB, push it pass him and run round-he has the pace to do this. Instead, he may do it once, then go all Brett Emerton and turn back and face in field, giving the defence time to get back. I'd get him bombing on, getting past their FB, then head for the box. Then shoot, cross or draw the foul for then pen. Pace frightens teams . Some sides have doubled up on him, which is fine as it gives more space for Dack etc on the middle. Footy is a simple game, cannot believe we don't use this more often.
  5. I couldn't go, so asked for an opinion on Rovers from Sheff Fan who did. "Didnt notice Brereton but thought Blackburn were a neat and tidy side playing open attractive keep possesion footbsll. Your problem was probably over passing, plenty of sideways passing with poor penetration in the final third. You looked a good team but apart from a few free kicks on the edge of the box there was very little goal threat, you offered very little up front (altho we did defend well) , also the teamcapitulation once we scored showed a mental fragility."
  6. Going in The newly refurbished Zetland pub pre match. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/zetland-back-renowned-pub-brought-15363354?utm_source=whatsapp.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  7. I assume this is as a reciprocal agreement has to be agreed with Norwich, who would be reluctant to give tickets away for our trip as its their last home game and may be up for promotion.
  8. Only here for a year, but David Speedie had a massive pivotal role in our fortunes. More a cult hero than legend?
  9. Can you provide a source for this info at all. ?
  10. Last weekend Rovers had the lowest attendance in the top two leagues, and as it was FA Cup 1st round day, the lowest league crowd in English league football.
  11. You could choose anywhere online. Went straight for block N in the middle
  12. Then they're doing something wrong elsewhere. And no we wouldn't. But we might need to re open upper BBE.
  13. There is a financial argument for some clubs to not bother with ticket fees at all, they make money without them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44850888 (I know this is Premier League) Paul I know you will remember John Williams' drive to fill Ewood via cheap tickets some years ago, he recognised the benefits of a large home crowd on team morale/performance. Ten years ago Bradford City launched their very aggressive ST price imitative to some success. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2009/jul/12/bradford-city-season-tickets-supporters "There is a drawback, of course. Because of the reduced prices Bradford are not making two or three times as much money as their rivals. Roughly speaking, they have dropped their prices by half and gained twice as many supporters, so income-wise they are little better off. Yet the matchday experience at Valley Parade is better for all concerned when there are 12,000 in the ground rather than 5,000 or 6,000, subsidiary revenue goes up and all the young spectators enticed in by the cheap rates are potentially Bradford supporters for the future." That article goes on to talk about changing the offer being important, which I agree with too. BOGOF was used by Bradford. Their gates have never dropped below 10k in the last ten years, whilst playing in the third and forth tiers. So whilst I agree that a constant devaluing of the product at Ewood does have a down side, there is a strong case for pursuing a more aggressive pricing of tickets at football matches.
  14. That was really good, with Ian reviving the role of Whispering Wen to excellent effect! Not impressed with the interviewer of TM who used F instead of TH too often but meh.
  15. My ''argument' is solely based on footballing abilities. His time on the pitch at Rovers is not enough to judge him on. You'd have to ask the guy who picks the team the second part of your post.
  16. How anyone can make a judgement on him based on his performances at Rovers so far baffles me. He's hardly touched the ball in few minutes he's had.
  17. Graham was my MOM. He never stopped working all night. Chased everything down and made it impossible for Mowbray to directly swap him for Brereton, hence why BB was played wide right
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