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  1. Is it possible to get a refund from Stoke for the game of football we just missed out on?
  2. It appears that way but when you go to pay it is for the correct amount.
  3. Anyone know if it's currently possible to buy the shirts without the Watson and Ramsbottom Solicitors sponsor on the back?
  4. Pressure needs to be put on the owners by the town to invest in this squad and better questions need to be asked by the journos to find out what is being tried and where it's going wrong. There are fan expectations that need to be met or explained if they are not. The club is a mystery and we seem to have screwed up every transfer window since being owned by Venky's, cheap signings always seem overly complicated. Why? Maybe they have a good reason? Either way you can't run a successful football club this way and it's already become very tiresome. Eventually the better players will start lookin
  5. Best home kit and worst away kit for a while.
  6. Fully agree, the least we can do to support the club is buy the shirt. Everyone should order it!
  7. Best shirt we've had in years. The white collar is classier than the red imo. Also not sure why anyone would want the sponsor to be in red and stand out even more, looks cheap. Great shirt, discreet enough sponsor. Leave it alone ?
  8. Great timing whilst discussing personal terms! Presuming he has a meeting with Rovers tomorrow ?
  9. You don't "try", if you are a prem club and want him you get him. Simple as that.
  10. Similar standard I would say if not a bit lower there. Kemar Roofe the only example I can think of moving between the two. Kaminski being part of the top few teams and in the Europa league is enough for me to be quietly confident.
  11. Pretty sure Dack himself said he prefers Armstrong out on the left playing as an inside forward. During his ifollow commentary.
  12. He's been out for 14 months with a knee injury and then released.
  13. I expected some early business this summer because we've known what's needed for well over 2 years now. It had to be busy and is already going to waste. Not only that the positions we need players in are key and need time together. We're on course for a disaster of a summer yet again!!
  14. To put it simply there seems to be 2 reasons to use loans. Add extra quality/ competition to an established squad to achieve promotion (i.e. Leeds/ West Brom/ Fulham) or Plug holes where you can't find/ afford (or aren't permitted to sign) permanent players in order to survive or finish mid table (i.e. QPR/ Blackburn) It's hard to justify the latter as a good way to run a business, although yes as fans it's nice to get to watch better quality players. If this summer is spent loaning players to plug the same holes as last year, we won't achieve promotion and won't be any cl
  15. I second this, for me quality loans should compliment an established permanent core and be used to push for promotion. We don't have it. The only real winners in the Tosin deal were City and Tosin. Instead we use them to plug a few holes.
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