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AS ......There lovely tho....but lets see who is the 1st one to it?

i propose hannah....shes back !!!!

Abbey, I'm really sorry I can't marry you!

I never went anywhere so how can I be back?

Just more time on my hands at the moment.

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And Abbey volunteers to take the pics (I would, but kinda tough from here - Abs, is she worth a flight over each time we win?). wink.gif  tongue.gif

To be fair, it won't cost you much in the way of airfares.

american....give the ladies over there a blue and white see thru nighty and we will say they love brad.

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Well, asked the wife last night, but she wasn't going for it. Even told her she didn't have to be "Rovers Lass" that I could just be "Rovers Pimp" but for some bizarre reason, she didn't go for that either. At least she got a good chuckle from the whole thing and I didn't get a smack.

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