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[Archived] How About A Thread On Ryan Nelsen?

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Didn't he sign a 18 month contract?

Wold be a gamble on Rovers part if he cold be sent home next January wouldn't it?

Besides, I don't think a work permit will be a problem, as joey_big_nose says, i think that when you are established you are in.

There are many options open to him visa-wise, now that he is in the UK... he wont go... wink.gif

Why doesn't he just marry an english bird.

With his unquestionable looks, his burly frame and chiselled jaw line, i;m sure he could find......... ohhh..... ok , ok

Even with his questionable looks, it's not like there won't be a woman out there who would say no to, perhaps, £10k to wed him to grant him citizenship.

I'm no cynic ph34r.gif

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NZ legend Rufer talks about Nelsen

Starts off very well by saying he should be the New Zealand sportsman of the year...but then goes on to say that he's too good for us and suggests Arsenal as potential new employers.

As good as he's been...he's a long way off being too good for us, if he's still in this form at the end of next season then maybe...but after 2 months? Pish.

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Nelsen reminds me of a younger version of Short.

Though he has been excellent, there have been a few occasions in recent matches where the general lack of pace of the opposition forwards has meant that he hasn't been too exposed - though there have been a few last ditch challenges.

The matches against Arsenal and United will show just how good he is. I am especially looking forward to seeing how he copes with Henry.

If he does as well in these matches, as he has done in others - get his contract extended quickly biggrin.gif . Though you do hope that as Hughes gave him a chance when no-one else would that he will show at least some loyality to Rovers. rover.gif

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gotta love soccernet.com

Giving us the most important information like:

However, there is one aspect of Lancashire life he does not believe he will ever get used to - mushy peas.

He said: "These squashed-up peas are the most disgusting things I've ever seen.

"They are just rotten and the people at the club now know not to put that anywhere near my plate.''

Nelsen is hughes best signing

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