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[Archived] Rovers 2 Boro 1

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It's worth remembering that usually the sports writers are not fans of the team...even on local papers. Peter White was an exception. It'd may well serve their career more to 'break' some stories that get picked up by the nationals than to please the locals who'd buy the paper whatever.

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"A minute later, Neill and Pogatetz clashed again, this time in the opposite penalty box, but Mr Atkinson correctly dismissed the Aussie's appeal for a spot-kick."

Obviously Andy Neild didn't bother to watch the replay. Pogatetz definitely clipped his leg.

Anyway folks rem Neild is only there cause the superb Peter White sadly passed away.

Clipped his leg? I thought he bowled him over took Neill out with his thigh and hips. Water under the bridge, I'm still feeling warm and fuzzy with the 12 points from 15.

Andy Neild starts a one man campaign to flog Benni to Chelsea. He really is a rubbish reporter- the only metaphor he can think of for excellence by a Rovers player or manager is by saying Chelsea/Mancs/Liverpool would want him.

I bet Nield cannot name half the Rovers' Premiership winning side. If he could he wouldn't be so stuck for similies and keep spouting utter tripe.

Is this guy a dingle?

That's been asked before. There may be something in it!

he 100% is ...my mate knows him he is pure inbred

Maybe we should start a multi person campaign to get rid, if he's a dingle have him stick to dingle issues. Surely it can't be good PR to have a clarrot reporting on the Blackburn Team in the Blackburn paper. Some people believe what they read.

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Is this guy a dingle?

I'm fairly sure I was told years ago by someone who knows him that he's a Leeds fan.

Couldn't swear to it now though.

At least the "Benni for Chelsea" campaign might detract from the "Sparky for Man Ure" campaign for a week or two. :rolleyes:

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