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[Archived] Rovers 2 Boro 1

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Just an update regarding the collapsed supporter. I can reveal that the Police Officers who attended to him have probably saved his life. The gentleman was very poorly but after cpr was given he is now in a comfortable state in hospital.

Well done those two Officers :)

If thats the same guy who was supposed to have died then thats great news

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My Match Ratings

Friedel - 7 - Had little to do all game.

Neill - 7 - Brilliant pass for the first goal, but looked shakey at times and give away the penalty.

Oiijer - 8 - Did well against the physical strikeforce of Yakubu & Viduka

Todd - 7 - Steady performance

Emerton - 8 - A bit more composure and he could have scored in the first half. Got foward and caused trouble again from his RB postion

Pedersen - 8 - One of his better games this season, really came to life in the last ten minutes including some good work in the corner.

Savage - 9 - Thought he was brilliant. Just the sort of game Sav likes. Set-up the goal and he didn't get booked. More of the same please!

Tugay - 7 - As Hughesy said not his kind of game, but still played a couple of beautiful passes.

Bentley - 8 - Worked hard all game and but in a couple of superb crosses that one of the front two really should have been on the end of.

Nonda - 8 - A much improved performance from him. Took his goal perfectly but then missed an easier chance in the second half.

McCarthy - 9 - Came to life after his goal and killed off the game for us in the last ten minutes. Could have easily had an hat-trick on another day. If he learns how to stay on side he'd be even better.


Mokoena - 7 - Came on and helped steady the defence and allow other players to push foward.

Derbyshire - 8 - Showed brilliant pace and passing ability to set-up McCarthy who nearly made it three. Could have also had a goal for himself if it wasn't for a brilliant goal-line clearance.

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Well i for one am glad to see Rovers coming back to there winning ways. That pen by neill was was a little uncalled for ( ok a LOT uncalled for) I think he played great but that was a sour note for me and when i heard there was a pen my first thought...Oiijer! then it was Neill and i was like wow! Over all very good breakdown grizfoot and im very happy with the result now on to Wigin. :brfc:

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On Friday night (& after game on Sat) met a great bunch of the Rovers Norwegian supporters club. Had some beers with them & a good time was had by all.....i think? :unsure:

They are off to Liverpool for new years eve & then going to Wigan. Top lads. :tu:

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Stands for Absent WithOut Leave. Another Americanism.

We are nearly there now; the 53rd State. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

You're are still free to choose right?? Shouldn't you be more concerned about becoming an Asian Colony.

Did not see or listen to the game but glad we won. I am also glad I am still lousy at predictions. Before the Liverpool Match I had us picking up 2-4 points over the next month we now have 6 from 2 games. Was it Neill who gave the penalty away as the match report I read had Ooyah give the penalty.

Happy to read Matty is coming on, hope I get to see him play in the Wigan match.

I listened to Benni's interview, you can't help but like the fella, he is so upbeat an dpositive. I like the bit where he said about the teams above us and mentioned that how can they be there an us down here, we are better. I liked that. For all the knocks on him he's done outstanding, great half season goals tally and still coming to grips with life in the Prem, he admits that. I'll bet Chelsea wish their 30 Mil signing had scored half as many. He's on his way to becoming a Rovers hero is our Benni.

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Just seen the highlights of the Boro game, two terrific goals for us. Neill, what was he thinking? Also clear penalty, no doubt in my mind. Pogatetz completely took out Neill.

On a side note, saw the Prem highlights, I forget who, it was nice to see some consistancy in the reffing player sent off for last man challenge, bit accidental, like Toog's but I liked the fact he went.

Don't agree with the application of the rule as it stands but it was similar circumstances to Tugays and the ref did take the same action so fair enough.

Application of the rule should be reserved for the more cynical or "professional" type fouls. This is what the rule was intended for IMO

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Andy Neild starts a one man campaign to flog Benni to Chelsea. He really is a rubbish reporter- the only metaphor he can think of for excellence by a Rovers player or manager is by saying Chelsea/Mancs/Liverpool would want him.

I bet Nield cannot name half the Rovers' Premiership winning side. If he could he wouldn't be so stuck for similies and keep spouting utter tripe.

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"A minute later, Neill and Pogatetz clashed again, this time in the opposite penalty box, but Mr Atkinson correctly dismissed the Aussie's appeal for a spot-kick."

Obviously Andy Neild didn't bother to watch the replay. Pogatetz definitely clipped his leg.

Anyway folks rem Neild is only there cause the superb Peter White sadly passed away.

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