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[Archived] Feyenoord Thrown Out Of Uefa Cup

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Spurs have been awarded a bye.

Which in my opinion is totally wrong - they should have been forced to play Wisla.

They've got a hectic schedule with the CC SF second leg etc which is part and parcel of a good campaign, so why should they get to have holidays on 14th and 22nd of Feb, when the other 15 teams who will make it through the round are exhausting themselves??

All wrong :angry:

Totally agree Tris

Wonder what Wisla will make of it and their posters on here at the time?

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Stupid decision. Can you imagine if they go on and win the thing, there will be an uproar.

Its that stupid that all I can think is that they mad a mistake kicking feyenoord out and that they will be re-instated when they appeal.

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I can't believe the cheek of spurs asking for compensation (or perhaps since it's Spurs I can) since they have, as has been said, an easier schedule now and apparently a bigger share of any prize money because they are already in the next round.

Crocodile tears by the 'chancers' at the helm of THFC. Given their other committments if the ban is upheld they've had a right old result and they will know it!

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  • 6 years later...

Search function didn't reveal the original match thread, only this one.

SEVEN years ago tonight we played in Rotterdam against Feyenoord, which like today ended 0-0. But that`s where the similarities end really. The draw in Holland put us in Europe until February, qualifying for the last 32 of the UEFA Cup, with top players, a top manager and a well run club the envy of all but the top four.

My diary of the day.

Apologies to Twitter followers who already have this link.

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They can't take away the memories, what a fantastic trip and the support? Terrific, Amsterdam was like a night out in Blackburn back in the 80's.

I never thought it possible but my hatred of Venkys has just increased..

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After going hard at it the 1st night in Amsterdam, and staying up until about 6am with a Punk Band from Gloucester in the hostel, I wasn't in the best shape. I remember eating 2 plates of fried eggs and bacon and drinking something close to a gallon of strong coffee before I finally joined in on the matchday festivities.

Too much beer in and around the redlight district, and an amazing atmosphere in almost every bar provided by thousands of Rovers fans, taking over the karaoke machines and microphones to belt out chants and songs all day long got me right in the mood for the game.

The train journey was a bit of a dampner (which I guess is the idea), and then a mad dash to try and get in the ground without taking some kind of impact from a missile thrown by the Feyenoord fans lifted the adrenaline levels... then the poor beer, which ended up alover eachother rather than in our bellies... then the match, a bit of damp squib... but I don't really remember that much of the game.

The memories that live with me after the game were Tugay coming over to the fans, then when the players went out to warm down, and he came round again.

Then the food from the Wok2Walk shop after we got back to Amsterdam, this saved my life I think!!!

I loved it... and it may never happen again... I'm proud to have been to Europe to watch the Rovers and proud that I went with a group of top people and had a really good time.

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Yep. Walking in the grasshopper or the old sailor was like walking in Coconut Grove for those couple of days.

Great times.

Indeed they were. Was at the grasshopper as well. Remember being in a bar rammed with rovers fans singing to the tune 'too shy'. Tu tugay who I idolise. Never heard it at a game but that place was jumping to it.

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