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[Archived] Rovers In Germany

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Official site reporting that warnock has gotten injured :(

Step up Bruno Berner, if the injury is serious enough to keep Warnock out for a few weeks heres his chance to prove he's got what it takes.

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1-1 eigler

That's it. We're doomed. Hughes out. We need to spend some money - we don't need Beattie we need someone really expensive I've never heard of before. Why aren't we in for Ronaldinho? Newcastle have signed him haven't they? What were we doing? Is Williams still on holiday? Where's this American fella from Lancaster with his cheque book? I tell you we're in a relegation scrap and it's not even August. I've been saying this would happen for years and would anyone listen?

As for McCarthy - he's always offside. He'll never score ever again.

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33 mins - McCarthy offside....

That's got to be a first! :rolleyes:

Rigters and Gally are on the bench, there was a mistake on the team sheet.

That's it. We're doomed. Hughes out.

Too right Bob, his heart isn't in it. We should be at least 10 goals up by now against this school team. :P Get Souness back!

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First thing Danny Williams has to do is give Hughes as much money as possible for a new centre back! Last two games has seen us concede soft goals.

We should be hammering teams like this if we are going to finish in the top 4 and win the Uefa cup.

Come on lads.


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