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[Archived] Tony Wilson - Rip

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I love well-placed arrogance, and few people had the right to be as arrogant as he did. A fantastic man, the culture of this country owes a lot to him. It's a shame he never lived into old age, if there was ever anyone made to rant about 'the good old days' and put the youth in their place then it was him.


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saw him on telly a while back, looked terrible (now i know why). hate to speak ill of the dead but, never liked the guy. just couldn`t warm to him. a nurse friend of mine treated his wife in a manchester hospital & said the guy was a complete #### with his ill wife & spoke to the hospital staff like they were something on his shoe. that`s not why i disliked him tho.

still, RIP all the same.

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A sad day. Yes he was arrogant, yes he was annoying, but he was also fantasically interesting and the impact he made on popular culture will be remembered for a long, long time.

Rather than waffle on myself, here's a piece cut and paste from Michael Taylor's excellent blog The Marple Leaf:

"Anthony Wilson 1950-2007

Well, he never made it. I rang Anthony Wilson this afternoon to say hello, because I was going on HIS radio programme this evening, he didn't pick up the phone. But the show went on. HIS programme. It always will be, with all respect to Andy Buckley, who was standing in so well tonight.

A sports programme on BBC Radio Manchester has to be opinionated, to have attitude, to slag off London and its Olympics, to get that spark going between City and United. And the reason it is so is because that is what the media in Manchester should be. And the reason the media in Manchester has to have that edge over anywhere else is because of great journalists like Tony Wilson who died today.

When I got to the studio at 6.30 I heard he'd been read the last rites earlier today. But be bold and do the show. Everyone has been expecting the call all day, but it's HIS show. And Tony, I hope we did you proud. We probably didn't. Had he been listening he'd have called me later and said - you ######!

The facts can be read here, but they don't tell you what a warm and affectionate friend he was. What a supportive and passionate journalist he was. He always teased me about living in Marple, where he grew up, happily, living on Strines Road, so he wouldn't fall in with bad guys in Salford. Now, there's an irony.

Every meeting with him was a joy. A flurry of inspiration and ideas and wonderful stories. I'll never forget an otherwise workaday meeting at the offices of the Mersey Basin Campaign where we were co-authors of a forthcoming book about the River Mersey. Some of the other writers were asking about "tone of voice". The voice of Tone intervened, and this is accurate: "When Sid Vicious was asked if he wrote for the man in the street, he said "I've met the man in the street and he's a c***." Write for who the f*** you want."

He did, and you will be able to read it later this year. His mark is on my bit too, but I pushed myself knowing a fine writer like Anthony Wilson was also contributing and I couldn't let the side down.

He always pushed me to think differently about things: Lancashire, Marxism, Catholicism, Islam, and music (where he utterly failed to get me to like some of his awful hip hop and rap).

Whenever we did shows together he always dragged up things to get the conversation going. He was a broadcasting genius. There will be a great deal written and spoken about Tony Wilson over the next few days and all of it will be true, because it was what people wanted to think about him. But he always maintained, even when there were film posters for 24 Hour Party People, bearing the legend Poet - Genius - T**t, he said his public persona had nothing to do with him. But it did. Even in the last sick few months he used his position as the faintly ridiculous "Mr Manchester" to rail at the injustice of the postcode lottery over his medication. Not for him, who had pals who funded his relief, but for those in Manchester who could not.

He was wonderfully close to Yvette, who I feel so bad for tonight.

He was a truly special person who I was honoured to count of as a friend. I will miss him, but his spirit will never be forgotten. All of us in media, and I dare say music, will feel the same."

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RIP Tony Wilson

A real pioneer of music, Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays et al not to mention the man who brought punk to TV and a mass audience. Founder of the Hacienda and all that it stood for at the time.

A visionary and a true professional northerner, albeit a red!

I will have to watch 24 hour party people again this week in memorial. Goodnight Antony H Wilson, and God bless

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From what I hear - nightmare businessman - genius music man and polite, shrewd personal man. Architect of Manchester scene which even us relative pups grew up on - RIP

New Order's Blue Monday remains the biggest selling 12" single of all time but Factory Records lost 2p for every copy sold because production costs were so high!

I last saw him in the bar ar The Lowry doing what he did best - holding centre stage over a group suits.

He leaves behind a girlfriend, Yvette Livesey. Tenuous Rovers link: her father used to run a business in two of the mills that Jack Walker vacated when he moved to Guide.


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I've studied AS's clip long and hard and imo it's 'cute arse' as in singular Don.

.........and it's a computer generated graphic image rather than the real thing :(

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I'm waiting for the eight page eulogy from Smithy !

Paul Morley has wrote a good article in today's Observer, Nick, about the Mancunian who could be both arrogant and charming. An ego-driven man of contradictions, but somebody who will go down in history as having played an important role in Manchester's music history.

Link to Morley's article HERE

Anybody who is interested in a video of Tony Wilson going on a little tour of Manchester with the music journalist David Hepworth , should click HERE and then click on the 'Watch Programme' icon.

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