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[Archived] Comet Headed To Earth.

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I'm listening to Talksport and James Whale is on.

And according to him a meteor that NASA was tracking has dissapeared.

But it's supposebly due to hit us on the 28th of this month with a 0% survival chance.And NASA not to cause mass panic and hysteria have removed all information of the net.

I have looked and cant find out on the net.

So are we doomed or not?

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"Well that's great, that's just fu$%in' great, man. Now what the f$%k are we supposed to do? We're in some real pretty sh#t now man...

That's it man, game over man, game over! What the f$%k are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?

Game over man... Game over!"


*All quotes used with kind permission of Private Hudson.*


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:rover: After reading this topic i noticed a program on BBCi player that was on comets and mentioned some interesting things. The main issue i have with the claim it's going to his us is that NASA say there is a window of 2years - around 4 months in which any comet/asteroid is visible (reflecting 4% of light that hits it). I don't know how the time factor is worked out.

Anyway so they are saying that NASA have just not bothered to do anything about a comet that has a minimal risk of hitting us. If they had a chance they would send something up to collect data from it or land Bruce Willis on it.

Only bugger about this is if we do get hit on 29th Jan it will be before payday. How rubbish, mind you the stock market is crashing anyway. Dooms Day is upon us :xmas:

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