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[Archived] Shirt Numbers

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It's got to be fair to say that 11 is being saved for a big name player, or at least a first team player. A little surprised Villanueva didn't get it, perhaps he's always worn 19? No idea. If Andrews does sign then yes 17 would probably be for him.

Has Jason Roberts always worn 30 in his career other than while being at Blackburn? Certainly wouldn't be my choice of number.

23 has always been my lucky number and one of my personal favourites, just to excite you all that is what Fowler used to wear at Liverpool back in the day so that could be an indication that he will be given a contract....

Let the hate begin!

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Dunn and the number 8 seems logical given that he's been made vice captain. He's obviously going to be a big part of Ince's plans.

Tugay retaining the number 5 seems a wee bit unusual, probably sentimental reasons, can't see him being a first teamer.

Not sure what the point was in reid and vogel swapping numbers, encouraging to see Judge get a squad number, and can see why the chillian lad was given the number 19 shirt. Nice to see a couple of gaps too, indicating that we may well be bringing in a few new faces.

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