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[Archived] New - Iphone 3gs

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The one small niggle I have with the iPhone is that you are tied in to iTunes and can't send tracks and pics by bluetooth. The bluetooth is just for things like hands free earpieces. At least it was.

Acutally, you can yuse the application 'Mover'.. quite good

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I have the iPhone 3g and it is definitely the business for me - I'm a Mac user at home with a Windows environment at work and have no problem syncing to my calendar and e-mail at work and at home. In addition, and nobody's mentioned so far, you can also open all MS Office files on the iPhone - this is a real benefit for me. Therefore, to me, I don't see how the OS matters as the device is equally functional on and across both. Must admit I'm looking forward to the iPhone 3 software as it delivers really useful functionality such as text cut and paste and a landscape keyboard further improving what is already a pretty good proposition.

In terms of alternatives, I had a really good look at the N97 as well as the iPhone and others when deciding to get a new 'phone and would fully understand why somebody would go for the N97 - it is a smart piece of kit across both platforms and delivers great functionality with the camera being markedly better than the iPhone. Depends what you want really ..........

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Oh stop your moaning - your worse than your wife too! ha ha

Il be getting one anyway - iv made up my mind. Although il have to wait until I get back from my hols because there is no opening early allowed.

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Guest Wen Y Hu

Glad you've made the decision!

You'll be particularly happy to know that AppleInsider posted an article to its site on Friday the 12th citing a study on smartphone use that suggests that "iPhone users are richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones".

Come on, Hughesy - is that you or is that you? :P

Oh, and by the way, AussieinUk's advice was spot on earlier, but I wouldn't take him too literally in his last post... :blush::D

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hughsey- i have the 3g and i have to say its awesome- you will not regret it.

switched form pc to mac last year, and the mac pro which i have is fantastic, and easy to sink with the iphone.

as for ringtones- mac users simply drag any tune from itunes or harddrive into garageband, and that lets you clip any bit of any song for a ringtone.

you just then transfer that to itunes.

so simple.

if you are a pc man, things like iringer (google it) will allow you to transfer songs into ringtones.

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Ok so bluetoothing items too and from isnt an issue if I download 'mover'?

What about playing your own ring tones?

You have to make your own ringtones, M4R. There are a lot of websites that can do it for you, just upload a song, and edit the bit you want. I can't remember the name but a simple search for 'iPhone ringtone maker' should do it.

Otherwise, the iPhone is a brilliant phone. I had to sell mine 4/5 months ago and have regretted it ever since. I decided to wait until the upgrade to see if it was worth me buying a new one, and I have decided it isn't. I am currently looking for a 8gb 3G, and will most likely get the new one next year(It will most likely be a bigger and better version of the iPhone. This upgrade isn't all that.

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I have the Apple iPhone 3G, had to jailbreak my phone though, in order to get free internet access through Wi-fi. After I did Jailbreak my phone, I have downloaded an Application that will allow me to download ANY app for free. If anyone wants details, PM me.

I haven't had a problem with the phone as of yet, and the new update means you can now send MMS and use bluetooth (but still can't send pics). You can also copy and paste on Safari.

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So I'm going to take the plunge with the iphone I think, but I was wondering if going for the 3Gs is really worth it? Basically I'd have to take a 24 month contract versus a 24 and also pay a bit for the phone? Worth the extra? There's a small chance that I may be moving after 12 months and phone contracts aren't exactly easy to get out of.

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Got it!

What apps have people got that they recommend?

Championship Manager is on there which is a good time pass.

I have the following:

Crash Bandicoot

Fast and Furios

Asphalt Racing

World Snooker




Bounce Om

Pac Man

Fastlane Racing


Wunder Radio

Out of them, I would say iCopter is the most addicting game and you can't get bored of it. Labryinth is a good game but requires a lot of concentration. Pac Man is Pac Man, top game. Snooker is also a good game but does get boring after a while. I could get all the games for free, so if you want me to download a certain game and give you my opinion on it, then feel free to ask :)

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What I have and all free


Simple RSS

Night Stand

Tube Satus

Tube Boards







Ihandy Level






Google Earth




















SP Photo Fix

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Sorry I should of said - im only looking at free stuff - not paying for any games or anything like that!

Remote is a good app. (I know I said I've got a Nokia but I've an ipod touch which if largely the same thing).

If you have a sound system attached to your pc, you can pretty much control what's played using the iPhone on your wifi network. You can also line up songs in DJ-like fashion which is good for parties and bbqs!

There are some good free games too:




Word Search




Labyrinth 3D

Tap Tap

(Some of these are demo versions but are adequate)

Other free apps


Google Earth


Last.fm (internet radio station)

Absolute Radio (ditto)




Sky News

TV Guide

Tip. Use the "top 25 free" tab on 'app store' and also search for something you fancy, very often there are freebies.

But there are some good apps under a quid too.


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